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Life is unpredictable and one cannot always be happy or sad or angry or progressive. When we are delighted, we like to spread the news, and it’s quite easy and quick to share the good news. But when the news or a conversation is upsetting or sad, it gets difficult to break in the news to the concerned person. 

And when it comes to the loved ones, it’s even more saddening to deliver the sad conversation. There could be arguments, fights, sorrows, and disappointments, or maybe the conversation will just blow up!

To avoid all the misery, we must prepare ourselves first and be clearheaded to get good energy and figure out the best possible way to convey the message. One must look out for better communication strategies before starting any sensitive conversation.


Now the question rises, how to prepare yourself ? The first step would be to make yourself present emotionally and physically. Focus only on the ways that are not hurtful as you are going to deal with difficult energy. Take time, think, relax, and find a support system or network for easier conversations.


A tarot spread is the positioning of cards that tell you how to put a conversation forward. It gives you the clarity to move forward in conveying the difficult conversations. Your confidence will boost up and will give you an insight into other person’s energy so that you can deal easily.

The cards pulled out for a spread give you a lot of questions that support clarity to the insight of a person’s behavior. It becomes easier to carry the conversation forward. You can add as many questions as you want and cards can be pulled accordingly. Retrieve more information by putting in more questions.

 Shuffle the card deck and draw cards to support the spread you thought of. There can be a simple reading or a more complex reading to support the layout of cards. 

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It is also important that you prepare yourself for the reading. Channelize your energies in one direction. Sometimes some questions need to be answered before the questions you want to ask. Find the missing links and then start the reading. You should limit the distractions during the reading. There should be silence or light music in the background but no TV or louder voices. Cleanse the room with incense sticks so that positive energies can place in the room. Trust your instincts and intuitions and try to stick to the reading. It might take a lot of time sometimes to get to the end. Be patient and calm and trust yourself.


There can be a variety of spreads when it comes to reading. Here we are discussing the difficult conversations with a simple reading spread of 4 cards. Though more cards can be pulled out if more clarity is needed.

Card 1: the first card will get the initial reaction. How the person will react when the not-so-comfortable conversation starts. They can be frustrated, angry, or might completely shut off the conversation. Initial reactions are challenging because it’s difficult to sink in the bad news at first.

Card 2: the second card brings the second reaction when the information sinks in and the person has sunk in the news. The first reactions are difficult but the second ones are different which gives different attitudes and energy to move forward. One may not be aggressive but understanding. A better attitude leads to better conversation and hence solutions are easier to find.

Card 3: the third card is the result-oriented card. This also tells you what not to talk about or the things that should not be disclosed. Any gains or losses or what comes after revealing the information will come out. It’s a decision-maker card and is an important one!

Card 4: the fourth card tells you what influence outer forces have! They are out of your control and may affect the intensity of the spread in upcoming levels. It represents the energy you will leave the conversation with, or in plainer terms, the outcome. This can also be modified to be “where to end”.

The spread is more insightful, empathetic and a guiding force throughout the reading. It helps to identify the core of the problem. How the problem originates. The spread also reveals many aspects that we cannot see and what we should not see. Why do difficult situations come into our lives? What we need to learn from this and what lesson it wants to teach us. Cards strengthen your inner self and give you the power you need within. The outcome can be altered by your actions and advice from your reader.

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Different tarot readers suggest different spreads that guide a person to deal with tough talks and conversations. To be a successful tarot reader and better knowledge of tarot card decks one must complete a learn tarot card reading. Tarot enlightens us when we feel lost and cannot decide where or how to go further. Tarot guides you through difficult times and events. So, whenever you start doubting yourself and struggling in life, tarot can show you the way. Makes you more positive!

One must know that tarot is all about instincts and energies around. Sometimes we don’t get the answers to what we are looking for. There is no need to get disheartened in that situation. More focus and more involvement in the cards and energies will give you powerful and life-changing solutions and advice. Tarot never solves a problem but gives you an insight into actions. It provides more courage and confidence so that you don’t feel lost and notice some light at the end of the tunnel. Time and energies are the most important factors in any tarot reading.

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