Sun- Cosmic splendour

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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S – Soul, Self, Status, Spontaneity

U – Unprecedented glory, Upcoming, Upward

Cosmic Splendour

N – Noble, Natural, Nourishing

Among all the planets Sun is the only planet who takes the credit of beginning the day. Every morning its innumerable rays in different hues ( sahasranshu), appear in the eastern horizon & dispel the darkness ( Timiromanthay), & slowly envelope the entire sky ( Vyomnathaya), like a king. Sun is known as the ‘King’ in the planetary cabinet.

The Sun is the star at the centre of our Solar system, around which the earth & planets revolve. In Indian astrology Sun is called Surya & represents the soul, kingship, highly placed people, & father. Like a soulful & dutiful father, He is there every day to spread light and warmth, nurturing us throughout & makes the universe move on. The entire living organism on this earth needs Sun’s light & energy for survival.

In Western astrology Sun’s position on a person’s birth-day determines his sun sign. The Sun presents the conscious ego, the self and its expression, personal power, pride, authority, leadership qualities, creativity, spontaneity, health & vitality and the life force. In KALPURUSH kundli Sun rules the 5th house- sign Leo, exalts in sign Aries, & debilitates in Libra. 5th house signifies creativity, progeny, recognition, higher education, speculation. A well placed Sun in a horoscope enhances all these factors in a native’s life.

The Sun is an important factor when considering the health of a person. In medicine sun is associated with heart, head, bones, eyes & circulatory system. Debilitated sun in Libra, when weak, gives poor eye sight, migraine, heart trouble, dental problems, problems in bone structure, high fever, blood pressure, baldness, bone cancer & weak immune system. It rules Vitamin A & D, minerals, iodine & magnesium. A strong Sun in horoscope exemplifies the cosmic wonders.

However, an exalted Sun in the horoscope makes the person an egoist & gives superiority complex, as status, high position, authority, victory, individuality, energy are all Sun’s domain. Lord Rama worshipped this splendid planet before He Set forth for battle with Ravana to get victory. However, to get the positive results from this divinity, one must recite – Surya’s Dwadshnam Strotra regularly-

‘Adityah’ prathamam nam, dwityam tu ‘Diwakarah’

Trityam ‘Bhaskarh’ proktam, chaturtham tu ‘Prabhakarah’,

Panchamam tu ‘Sahasranshu’, Shashtam ‘Trilokyalochana’

Saptamam ‘Haridashvashch’, ashtamam ch ‘Vibhavasuh’

Navamam ‘Dinkarah’ Proktam, dashmam ‘Dwadshatmakhai’,

Ekadasham ‘Triyomurthih’, dwadasham ‘Surya’ Aiv ch.

Akadasham Triyomurti, dwadasham Surya aiv ch