Houses-Their significations and significators

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Earth is moving on its axis from West to East. If we see towards horizon, we find that signs of Zodiac rise one by one. Any particular sign of the Zodiac will reappear at the east horizon after approximately 24 hours. Ascendant is the sign of zodiac which is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of occurrence of an event. The Ascendant is also known as first house of the horoscope.

Second house means the second counted from first and so on.

Each house of the horoscope signifies certain aspects of life which are as under:-

First House :

Body, appearance, personality, face, health, character, temperament, intellect, longevity, fortune, honour, dignity, prosperity.

Second House :

Wealth, family, speech, right eye, nail, tongue, nose, teeth, ambition, food, imagination, power of observation, jewelry, precious stones, unnatural sex, loss by cheating and violence between life partners.

Third House :

Younger brothers and sisters, cousins, relatives, neighbors, courage, firmness, valour, chest, right ear, hands, short journeys, nervous system, communication, writing – editing books, reporting to newspapers, education, intellect.

Fourth House :

Mother, conveyance, relatives, domestic environment, treasure, land, house, education, landed property, hereditary tendencies, later portion of life, hidden treasure, private love affairs, chest, interference in married life by parents-in laws and family, ornaments, clothes.

Fifth House :

Progeny, intelligence, fame, position, stomach, love affairs, pleasures, and amusements, speculation, past birth, soul, position in life, artistic talent, heart and back, proficiency in games, success in competition.

Sixth House :

Disease, debt, disputes, miseries, injuries, maternal aunt or uncle, enemies, service, food, clothes, theft, ill fame, pet animals, subordinates, tenants, waist.



Seventh House :

Spouse, personality of spouse, relations between life partners, desires, partnership, open enemies, recovery, journey, litigation, danger to life, influence in foreign countries and fame, relations between self and public, sexual or urinary disease.

Eighth House :

Longevity, kind of death, sexual organs, obstacles, accident, unearned wealth, inheritance, legacy, will, insurance, pension and gratuity, theft, robbery, worries, delay, battles, enemies, inheritance of money, mental affliction, extramarital life.

Ninth House :

Fortune, religion, character, grand parents, long journeys, grandson, devotion towards elders and god, spiritual initiation, dreams, higher education, wife’s younger brother, brother’s wife, visit to holy places, philosophy, communication with spirits.

Tenth House :

Profession, fame, power, position, authority, honour, success, status, knees, character, karmas, ambition in life, father, employers and superiors, relationship between self and superiors, success in business, promotion, recognition from government.

Eleventh House :

Gains, prosperity, fulfillment of desires, friends, elder brother, ankles, left ear, advisers, favorites, recovery of illness, expectation, son’s wife, wishes, success in undertakings.

Twelfth House :

Harm, punishment, confinement, expenditure, donations (given), marriage, work related to water resorts, vedic sacrifice, fines paid, sexual enjoyment outside wedlock, contacting sexually transmitted disease, weakness in sexual act, sleeping comforts, enjoying luxuries, loss of spouse, losses in marriage, termination of employment, separation from own people, long journeys, settlement in foreign land.

Significators of Houses

The significators or karakas of various houses are as under:-

1st House Sun

2nd “ Jupiter

3rd “ Mars, Mercury

4th “ Moon, Venus

5th “ Jupiter

6th “ Mars, Saturn

7th “ Venus

8th “ Saturn

9th “ Sun, Jupiter

10th “ Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn

11th “ Jupiter

12th “ Saturn

Significations of Planets

Sun - Father, influence, energy

Moon - Mother, mind

Mars - Brothers, courage

Mercury - Profession, speech, education,

Jupiter - Progeny, wealth, prosperity wisdom

Venus - Marriage, material comforts, pleasures

Saturn - Longevity, sorrows, delays

Rahu - Maternal relations

Ketu - Paternal relations


Ascendant Planets Favourable Planets Unfavourable Planets

Aries Jupiter, Sun Mercury, Venus

Taurus Saturn Jupiter, Venus, Moon

Gemini Venus Mars, Jupiter, Sun

Cancer Jupiter, Mars Venus, Mercury

Leo Mars Saturn, Venus

Virgo Venus Mars

Libra Saturn Jupiter, Sun, Mars

Scorpio Jupiter Mercury, Venus

Sagittarius Mars Venus

Capricorn Venus Mars, Jupiter

Aquarius Venus Jupiter, Moon

Pisces Mars, Moon Sun, Venus, Saturn

Grouping of Houses

Angles or Kendra Houses : 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th

Trines or Trikona Houses : 1st, 5th and 9th

Succedent or Panapara Houses : 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th

Cadent or Apoklima Houses : 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th

Upachaya or Favourable Houses : 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th

Evil or Trik Houses : 6th, 8th, and 12th

Death inflicting or Marak Houses : 2nd and 7th

The twelve houses are known an Tanu (Physique), Dhana (Wealth), Sahaja (Younger brother/ Sister), Matru (Mother), Putra (Progeny), Ari (Enemies), Kalatra (Spouse), Ayur (Longevity), Dharma (Religion), Karma (Livelihood), Labha (Gains) and Vyay (Losses)

In terns of native’s life, the Kendras denote childhood, the panaparas denote middle age and A poklimas denote old age. The 1st to 8th house relate to one’s marital life, the 9th to 11th pertain to religious or moral beliefs and 12th house deals with other world i.e. Moksha.