Successful Business By The Wisdom of Vedic Astrology & Vastu

Indian Astrology | 10-Feb-2021

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People are always enamoured by the idea of business as compared to that of pursuing a job. This is simply because business offers freedom from subordination and an open sky territory when it comes to earnings or making profits. A business makes a person his/her own boss and offers the luxury of even making his/her own working hours. A business owner does not have to report to anyone and as far as the business operations are concerned, the person is the sole decision maker.

However, while a business offers great earning opportunities, the risk factors associated with a business are also huge. One must understand that a business always carries uncertainty with respect to capital requirement, order execution, manufacturing or retail challenges, marketing complexities, client satisfaction, sudden regulatory changes, competition, market dynamics etc.

Therefore, one must always foray into the field of business only after making sure that he/she has the necessary resources and fully understands the line of business that he/she wants to get into.

But there is something far more crucial that ultimately decides the fate of a business. Yes, we are talking about the powerful role of planets in phenomenally affecting every aspect of our lives including business/profession.

A person must choose a line of business that is signified by those planets of his/her Horoscope that are favourably placed and offer him/her incredibly powerful cosmic support to excel in the underlying business. 

There are also specific business related houses in a person’s Horoscope that must be strong and free from any negative influence of certain malefic planets in order for the person to successfully run a business with a consistent positive growth & decent profit trajectory.

This is why countless people consult with Astrologers to get the necessary astrological guidance that would ward off from hurdles from their businesses and ensure smooth operational functioning leading to great profits!

Astrological Factors Affecting a Business       

There are many astrological factors that must be taken into account while evaluating the business domain of one’s life. In fact, Vedic Astrology is the science that helps to even determine the specific fields of business for a person that are poised to offer him/her maximum opportunities of growth & success. 

Therefore, if you are planning to enter into a particular field of business then make sure that you Talk to Astrologer well in advance to know whether that particular field of business holds promising prospects for you or not.

So what does an Astrologer look at while analyzing the Horoscope or Kundli of a person with respect to business?

There are numerous astrological scenarios that can be present in a person’s Birth Horoscope or Janam Kundli that can reveal the ultimate trajectory of business in his/her life and only a thorough & comprehensive analysis by an Astrologer can lead to a final conclusion.

It is for this reason, when it comes to a highly uncertain & dynamic sphere of life such as business, we urge you to consult with the Best Astrologer in India and get immensely beneficial astrological guidance that can help your business to grow & prosper.

However, let us look at some basic & initial astrological analysis that an Astrologer performs while decoding the Horoscope of a person with respect to the domain of business in his/her life.

2nd House

This is the house that represents Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance. It is very crucial to ascertain the kind of financial state that a person is likely to command in life.

6th House

It represents Enemies, Competition, Loan and Litigation. Hence, this house must be favourable for a person so that his/her business remains shielded from various hurdles & obstacles that could emerge from time to time.

7th House

This is the Primary House of Business and it also signifies Partnership in Business. Therefore, it must be free from any negative planetary influences in order to succeed in a business.

10th House

It is the primary house of Profession/Career and signifies Authority, Name & Fame. A strong 10th house plays a key role in positively affecting retail & marketing driven businesses and attracts great gains & profits.

11th House

This is the house that signifies Gains & Realization of Desires hence, a strong 11th house in the Horoscope of a person ensures strong profits and gains in business income.

12th House

It represents Expenditure and holds high relevance in determining the financial aspect of a business.

Last but not the least, Vastu is the divine architectural science that deals with the effect of cosmic energies upon a structure as per its architecture and hence it plays a key role in determining whether a business will attract prosperous cosmic energies or not depending on the architecture of the place where it is functioning.

Therefore, consult with the Best Vastu Consultant and know the Vastu based Tips & Remedies that would help you to attract growth & success promoting positive comsoc energies into your business!   

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