Planetary Effects on Marriage

Indian Astrology | 16-Feb-2021

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As per the ancient & sacred occult science of Vedic Astrology,  planets play an incredibly significant role in determining a person’s destiny.

So, Does Astrology affect Marriage ?


One must understand that planets based on their placements in the Horoscope or Kundli of a person, literally decide how various aspects of that person’s life including marriage, will ultimately pan out.

The effects that planets exert upon the marital domain of a person’s life are so great that the person can enjoy a blissful marriage if he/she has the overall strong & positive influence of planets upon the marriage related houses of his/her Horoscope. 

Similarly, if the houses that are linked to the marital domain of one’s life are negatively affected by ill placed planets in his/her Horoscope then the native undergoes serious marriage related issues & problems in life.

Therefore, it is always recommended to Talk to Astrologer if you are either facing difficulties in getting married or are going through turbulent times post your marriage to get powerful Astrological Remedies for Marriage Problems based on the planetary positions in your Natal Horoscope or Janam Kundli.

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Planets that Cast Maximum Impact Upon the Marital Aspect of a Person’s Life  

All nine planets play a huge role in determining the ultimate fate of various aspects or domains of our lives. However, while anlyzing the Horoscope of a person to decode the marital aspect of his/her life, an Astrologer pays special attention to certain planets that are known to significantly impact the marital domain of a person as per their positioning in that person’s Horoscope.

Let us briefly look at various planets that exert major impact upon the marriage or married life of a person!


Venus is the natural significator planet of marriage. One must have a strong and positively placed Venus in his/her Horoscope to enjoy a blissful marriage in life.


Jupiter is a planet that symbolizes husband for women as far as the marital domain of their life is concerned. Jupiter also promotes childbirth and hence the role of this naturally benefic planet is huge in deciding the course of a marriage.


Sun is a ‘Cruel Planet’ which signifies authority, dominance, power and position in life. Hence, it is very important that a person or for that matter a couple must not have an ill placed Sun in their individual Horoscopes which would negatively impact their marital relationship, mutual understanding and harmony.


Mars is a highly volatile planet that signifies anger, arguments, quarrels and accidents. With respect to marriage, Mars wreaks a havoc in the married life of a person or couple if negatively placed in their Native Horoscopes. Mangal Dosha or Mangalik Dosh is a planetary flaw that is formed in the Horoscope due to an ill placed Mars and is known to destroy the marital bliss & happiness in the lives of married couples if not treated timely & properly with Vedic Remedial Measures as per prescribed in Vedic Astrology.


Saturn is a naturally malefic planet that causes delays in getting married and creates dullness in relationship among the couple post marriage. This planet results in loss of trust between the couple and results into emotional distancing in their marriage.


Rahu or the North Node of the Moon is a ‘Shadow Planet’ that is know to cause confusions & distrust between a married couple. For unmarried people, Rahu often results in sudden break ups of relationships or engagements and in case of married couples, this is the planet that has the most negative contribution when it comes to divorces. So, if you ask- “Which Planet causes Divorce ?”, the immediate and in-general answer would be- Rahu.


Ketu or the South Node of the Moon is also a ‘Shadow Planet’ that moves 180 Degrees in sync with Rahu. Ketu is known to cause dissatisfaction in a marital relationship and a person having his/her Horoscope affected by the malefic influence of Ketu witnesses the element of love & romance diminish in his/her married life.        

This was a very basic analysis about the effects of various planets upon the marital domain of a person’s life. 

If you want a detailed Astrological Analysis about how different planets are affecting the marital domain of your life as per their placements in your Horoscope and what are the remedies that you can adopt to ward off marriage related problems as well as attract love, bliss and harmony in your married life, then consult with the highly experienced & talented Astrologers of Future Point and make a conscious & result oriented effort towards ensuring a happy & fulfilling married life ahead! 

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