Spiritual life about type of Food

Raju Gupta | 31-Dec-2014

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There has been a lot of confusion among all of us and especially among people who are seeking spiritual life about type of food we should consume.

Chapter 17 of Gita deals with this matter and clearly states that we should eat Satwik food so as our actions and thought process is also satwik so as to get Moksha.

If we eat Rajasik food, it will lead to lust and desireful creation and which is bondage and we will be unable to get Moksha.

Tamsik food should be totally forbidden as it leads to fall of the divine soul.

But if we go by the dictum of Satwik food as described in Gita then Cow milk attained before the Calf is satisfied is also tamsik . More over Satwik food should be sweet in taste and should not be prepared more than three hours back.

Further salty , acidic pungent food is also rajsik in nature.

Now what to do in this kali yuga ? We can’t get milk from cow if we let its calf to get satisfied first from its mother’s milk.

What about packed food and salty food which we all eat daily ? We can’t leave it. More over Sweets are the least used in kali yuga.

Then there is also hard climatic conditions which forces to eat tamsik food.

Although no where there is description of prohibition on consumption of meat , onions , tomatoes , garlic etc. Only the attributes of Satwik , Rajsik and Tamsik nature are described in Gita.

Interestingly tomatoes , potatoes , garlic , onions etc came to Indian Sub Continent some 500 to 700 years back and Gita was spoken by god way back 5151 years from now.

Further in Chapter 17 of Gita it is said that if there is no satwik food as presently in kali yuga and only Rajsik and Tamsik food are available then what one should do ?

The answer is :-

  • Offer any type of food you get first to GOD . Offering to GOD makes any type of food consumable for humans.
  • Eat food in quiet and calm atmosphere .
  • Neither eat too little or too heavy so that your hand never goes to stomach for rubbing the belly.

So friends in this kali yuga follow the above mentioned 3 golden rules and live happily on this earth without bothering about the nature of food .