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    1. Method of Preparation of Ascendant Horoscope of the World

In the new year when Sun enters Aries (Aries Ingress), the horoscope prepared on the basis of

it's time as ascendant is called Universal Horoscope. The good-bad events of the world are analyzed on the basis of this horoscope.

If in ascendant of this horoscope, there are benefic planets or ascendant is aspected by benefics then crops of all things are good.

The twelve houses of universal horoscope indicate 12 months of samvat as is depicted in illustrated horoscope.

The good-bad results are known by the planets situated in various houses of horoscope. The house having benefics is considered lucky.

The malefics indicate unlucky results. The results are predicted on the basis of good-bad properties of planets. The presence of malefics-Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu in 7th house of universal horoscope damages the ripe crops.

If there are benefics in 2nd, 12th or quadrant houses in own sign or friendly sign then good crops are indicated and prices come down. Otherwise high prices or drought are likely.

Example : We wish to prepare the universal horoscope of 2059. By ephemeris it is found that Sun is entering Aries at 05.49 hrs on 14th April. The horoscope based on this time is as shown.

In this horoscope there are malefics in 3rd and 9th houses. Therefore unlucky events are predicted for Jyeshtha and Margsheersh.

    1. Method of Preparation of Annual Horoscope and its Results

When Chaitra Shukla Pratipada begins, at that time when amavasya ends, the horoscope prepared for that time is considered as New Year Entry Horoscope. The good/bad results of world are predicted for the year on the basis of this horoscope.

      Example : Suppose the new year horoscope is to be prepared for samvat 2059. For this we should look at Samvat 2058 Chaitra Krishna amavasya Friday i.e 12 April 2002 at 47 ghati 01 pal ie midnight time. On this basis the change over time is 13th April 2002 at 00.41 hrs. This is the time for New Year entry and its ascendant was Sagittarius. On this basis the horoscope prepared is as illustrated.
    1. The Results of 12 Ascendants of New Year Horoscope

      • Aries:

There is unrest or drought in the East. In South the crops are good. The rains are more and ghee-oil are costly. In North the crops are good but rulers remain restless. In middle provinces the rains and crops are good.

      • Taurus:

There is drought in the West, mutiny in East, poor crops in North and South too has drought.

      • Gemini:

There are wars between nations. The crops are destroyed in East. In North and South, rains and crops are good. In West rains are less and rulers are changed. In middle provinces the crops yield is half and cattles suffer due to diseases.

      • Cancer :

There is prosperity in Eastern states, the Northern states have turmoils while there is drought in West.

      • Leo :

There is danger of floods etc. in Southern states, the grains are cheap. Half of the year is comfortable and prosperous. In Western states all metallic goods and fruits are expensive. There are excessive rains in North and people live with comforts and prosperity. Crops are poor in Eastern states but last 5 months are prosperous. There is revolt in middle provinces for five months.

      • Virgo :

The situation is normal in Eastern states. Ghee prices are high. In South, there is drought. There is revolt in Easterm states. The West witnesses riots and grains are expensive. The North-Eastern provinces experience riots. In middle provinces the ghee is cheap, people are dissatisfied and democracy is dissolved.

      • Libra:

There is unrest in people in middle provinces and government is dissolved. In East too the administration is disbanded and riots spread widely. The rains are less. The strong winds cause losses. There is drought. In West, there could be war in two states. Goods are costly. The South witnesses prosperity but there could be rebellion for two months in West.

      • Scorpio :

There is drought for nine months in West. In North the crops yield is half, the metals are cheap. In East the rulers have acrimony, people suffer for 3 months but later on live comfortably. In middle provinces the crops of grains are destroyed. In South, the rains are more. The government is changed. The metals are profitable.

      • Sagittarius:

There is prosperity in North-East. The middle provinces suffer due to floods etc. There is danger of drought and diseases. In West, the grains and ghee are expensive. There is prosperity in South, but cattles suffer.

      • Capricorn :

There is loss of lives and wealth due to natural calamities in North. In West, the crops are good and life is comfortable. In middle provinces the crops are poor and grains costly. There are rains after a spell of drought. The areas of other directions have normal life.

      • Aquarius :

There is prosperity in East while the North suffers due to drought. The people in West remain dissatisfied due to high prices. There is violence in South but middle provinces have prosperity.

      • Pisces:

There is prosperity in South but few places witness change in government. In middle provinces the crops are damaged. In other directions life is comfortable and affluent.

  1. Samvat Stambha

The existence of entire world is dependent on Water, Air, Grains and Herbal planets. The good-bad results of an year also depend on these elements and so are the well being of human beings and advancement of a nation. Each samvat has four stambhas:

I. Jal Stambha (Water Column)

II. Trin Stambha (Grass Column)

III. Vayu Stambha (Air Column)

IV. Anna Stambha (Grain Column)

The material that symbolizes the stambh is abundantly available in the samvat. The more the stambhas, the better it is. If stambhas are less, the result is medium. Absence of stambhas indicates bad period.

Method of Determination of Samvat Stambha and Result

1. Jal Stambha : If there is Revti constellation on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada the Jal Stambha is formed.

Result: The rains are more in that year.

2. Trin Stambha: The Bharni constellation on Baisakh Shukla Pratipada forms Trin Stambha.

Result : During that year medicinal plants grow more.

3. Vayu Stambha : The Mrigshira constellation on Jyeshtha Shukla Pratipada indicates Vayu Stambha.

Result: The wind speed is more in that year.

4. Anna Stambha: Punarvasu constellation on Aashadh Shukla Pratipada forms Anna Stambha.

Result: The grains production is high during that year.

Now we shall discuss how percentage of a stambh for a samvat is calculated. For this, duration of the constellation in dates (tithis) mentioned above is taken and on its basis the percentage of stambh is calculated.

Suppose we wish to analyse the jal stambha of 2059.

From ephemeris we find that Revti Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 13 April 2002 beginning 00.51 hrs to 14th April 02.53 hrs. Therefore total duration of Pratipada is 26 hours 02 minutes = 1562 minutes. Now Revti constellation is present on 13th April 2002 only till 03.13 hrs.

Therefore Revti was in Pratipada for only 2 hours 22 minutes = 142 minutes. This is 9% of total duration of 1562 minutes.

Therefore Jal Stambha is 9% Similarly percentages of other stambhas are determined.

An year comprising of all 4 stambhas is lucky and prosperous. An year, devoid of all stambhas is unlucky and painful.

Suppose in any samvat there are only Trin stambha and Anna stambha. Therefore the result for that year will be medium. In that samvat there will be sufficient Grasses, medicinal plants and grains will be available at proper time. However absence of Jal Stambha and Vayu stambha will result in lack of rains. Therefore above mentioned good results will be only medium and two stambhas present in the year will not be able to render full benefic results.