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    1. To draw Koorma Chakra and Result :

In mundane astrology the results of countries, cities, villages, good-bad events, rains, earthquakes, natural calamities, progress, downfall etc. are analysed on the basis of koorma chakra. In this chart, a drawing of tortoise is made and is marked by 27 constellations.

On the Back of Tortoise ie. in the middle of drawing: Krithika, Rohini, Mrigshira.

Towards Mouth (In East) : Ardra, Punarvasu and Pushya.

Front Foot (Right) (South-East) : Aashlesha, Magha, Poorvaphalguni.

Right side Stomach (South): Uttaraphalguni, Hast, Chitra.

Back Right Foot (South-West): Swati, Anuradha, Vishakha.

Tail (West): Jyeshtha, Mool, Poorvashadh.

Back Left Foot (North-West): Uttarashadh, Shravan, Dhanishtha.

Left Stomach (North) : Shatbhisha, Poorva-bhadrapad, Uttarabhadrapad.

Front Left Foot (North-East): Revti, Ashwini, Bharani.

To determine the good-bad events or results for a piece of land, village, city, district, province, country etc. the Tortoise chart is established on it.

Thus 5 Tortoise charts are made.

1. On the map of world.

2. On the map of country.

3. On the map of province.

4. On the map of district or city.

5. On the map of city.

The way you are observing the overlapping of Koorma Chakra constellations on map of India, similarly it can be done on the map of world, province, city or village.

Whenever a constellation has vedha of malefics or that constellation has malefic or is aspected by a malefic, the area represented by that constellation will suffer.

Similarly the presence, vedha or aspect of a benefic on the constellation will indicate bliss and prosperity in the area represented by that constellation.

The Vedha constellation of a planet can be known by Sarvatobhhadra chakra.

The Signification and Nature of Planets

1. Sun belongs to fire element. Sun being the lord of all planets represents kings, administrators, president of the country, ministers, judges etc. Sun is significator of forests, medicines etc. Sun being a traveller causes changes in atmosphere.

2. Moon is water element. Moon is significator of common people and their affairs, females, foods, crops, medicines and plantations. Moon has a placid nature.

3. Mars belongs to fire element. It represents generals, army chief, armed forces, arms and ammunitions, fires, surgery, accidents, wars etc.

4. The Mercury is of earth element and represents ambassadors, trade, business, newspapers, literature, mental work, sports, air pollution etc.

5. The Jupiter is the planet of ether (airy) element.. The business management, bank employees, teachers, jurists, lawyers, religion etc. are represented by Jupiter.

6. Venus belongs to water element. It represents females, singers, artists, birthrate, population, affection and beauty.

7. Saturn is of ether element. He represents farmers and workers, producers of minerals, agriculturists, diseases and miseries.

8. Rahu represents sudden accidents, loss of cattles etc. destructive elements.

9. Ketu gives results like Rahu and fulfills the job of taking a result (incident) to its completion.

10. Uranus influences public institutions, social organizations, gas, water supplies, riots etc.

11.Pluto represents scientific discoveries, explosions, piloting of planes, incidents of rebellions etc.

12. Neptune represents rebellions, cheating, fake companies, corruption etc.

    1. The Signs of Various Countries and States

The names of countries and areas represented by 12 signs are as below.

1. Aries : England, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Philistine, Syria, Japan, Madras, Nepal, SriLanka.

2. Taurus: Ireland, Iran, Poland, Georgia, Cyprus, White Russia, Madhya Pradesh, Australia, Germany.

3. Gemini: North America, Belgium, Norway, Lower part of Egypt, Western part of Britain, Armenia, Tripoli, Wales, Africa, Jaipur, Haryana.

4. Cancer : Scotland, Holland, Newzealand, West Africa, Mauritius, Sindh, China, Canada.

5. Leo : France, Italy, Bohemia, Cicily, Northern part of Romania, Sidal and Tapar areas in Alps, Kabul, Vindhyachal.

6. Virgo: Turkey, West Indies, Switzerland, Few areas of Greece, Virginia, Brazil, Malwa area, Pakistan, Baghdad.

7. Libra : Austria, Indo-china, China, Tibet, Areas adjoining Caspian, Upper part of Egypt, Upper China, Myenmar, Argentina, Kashmir, Marwar, Japan, America, Australia.

8. Scorpio : Algeria, Morocco, Norway, North Syria, Queensland, Surat, Brazil, Washington.

9. Sagittarius : Arab countries, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Provinces of France, Madagascar, Toronto, Uttar Pradesh.

10. Capricorn : India, Afghanistan, Albania, Greece, Syria, Mexico, Punjab, Bangladesh, West Bengal.

11. Aquarius : Arab countries, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Sweden and Abysenia.

12. Pisces: Portugal, Normandy, Sahara dezert, Himachal, Egypt etc.

    1. The 12 Houses in Mundane Astrology

As in the horoscope of an individual the 12 houses represent different areas, in mundane astrology too various things are analyzed by study of 12 houses as below:

1. First House: The first house of the horoscope indicates common people and their health, ruler, parliament, atmosphere, climate, internal affairs, general condition of country etc.

2. Second House: Share market, national exchequer, import-export, banks, commercial activities etc.

3. Third House : Transport, railways and related affairs, posts, telegraphs, telephones, means of transport, news-papers, literary events etc.

4. Fourth House: Agriculture, crops department, mines, public institutions, religious and educational institutions, opposition parties etc.

5. Fifth House: Birth rate, places of entertainment, primary education, administrative wisdom, auditoriums etc.

6. Sixth House: Might of land army and navy, war ships, events related to an attack, public health and diseases etc.

7. Seventh House: International relations and disputes, international trade, conspiracies and rebellions etc.

8. Eighth House: Death rate, suicides, natural calamities, accidents, contagious diseases.

9. Ninth House : Courts, judges, religious places, airforce, science and technology.

10. Tenth House: President of country, rulers, the power to rule, discipline etc.

11. Eleventh House: Prime minister, members of parliament, trade, law, taxes etc.

12. Twelfth House: Hospitals, prisons, secret service, secret forces, attack by foreigners etc.


  • Influence of Eclipses on Earth


In every year there are solar and lunar eclipses. These have immense influence on countries and areas. Now we shall discuss the eclipses in details.

Effects of Solar and Lunar eclipses during 12 months

Chaitra : If there is solar or lunar eclipse in Chaitra then at few places rains are excessive. There is drought at few places or floods elsewhere. The rains may come with interruptions. The intellectuals, traders, actors, writers, artists etc suffer.

Baisakh: The eclipse in baisakh indicates good crops ahead. However armed forces suffer.

Jyeshtha: The governments are changed in states. The senior executives of government, very important persons and rioters suffer.

Aashadh : The eclipse in Aashadh indicates less rains. The rivers-drains change their course. There is scarcity of water in the country.

Shravan: There is peace and comforts every where except Kashmir, Bhutan, Nagaland, Kurukshetra and Madhya Pradesh.

Bhadrapad: An eclipse in this month indicates sufferings to ladies of Saurashtra, Bangladesh etc.

Ashwini: The surgeons suffer.

Kartik: The persons working near fire (goldsmith/blacksmith etc) suffer. The people of Bihar, Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi too suffer.

Margsheersh : The crops are good but religious people suffer. There are also miseries at borders.

Paush : The scholars and generals suffer. The rains are scantly.

Maagh: The students and scholars have difficult days.

Phalgun: The actors, artists, musicians and yogis face hardships.

Result of Eclipses in Different signs

1. Aries : If eclipse takes place in Aries then persons engaged in fire related jobs and armed persons suffer. There are riots in Punjab, Orissa, Mathura etc.

2. Taurus: The very important persons and people engaged in milk related activities suffer.

3. Gemini: Rulers, government employees and artists suffer, The People residing near Yamuna river suffer due to natural calamities.

4. Cancer : The eclipse in Cancer is detrimental for Tribals, wrestlers and handicapped persons.

5. Leo: Political parties, officials of ruling and opposition parties suffer.

6. Virgo : Writers, singers, scholars and farmers suffer.

7. Libra: The traders suffer. There could be riots in Rajasthan, Kachcha and Ujjain provinces.

8. Scorpio: Users of poison or chemicals, southern provinces and army officers suffer.

9. Sagittarius: The eclipse in Sagittarius causes sufferings to rulers, doctors, vaidyas, businessmen and technologists.

10. Capricorn: Families of very important persons, ministers, medicine manufacturers and intellectuals suffer.

11. Aquarius: Workers, western provinces, high altitude mountaineous provinces and border areas suffer.

12. Pisces: The eclipse in Pisces causes miseries to intellectuals and persons engaged in water related work.

The Influence of Aspect of Planets on Solar / Lunar Eclipse

1. The aspect of Mars on solar or lunar eclipse results in fires, smuggling, war clouds at few places.

2. The aspect of Mercury causes bitterness amongst rulers.

3. The aspect of Jupiter destroys bad effects of eclipse.

4. Aspect of Venus causes turmoils in the country. The ripe crops are destroyed.

5. Due to aspect of Saturn drought, thefts etc take place, the rains are scarce.

The Results of Solar Eclipse after Lunar Eclipse

If Lunar eclipse is followed after 15 days by Solar eclipse then rulers become tyrants. The mutual love of married persons is reduced.

If Solar eclipse is followed by Lunar eclipse after a fortnight then religious sentiments of people increase. The masses live happily.