Selection of a Building and Adjoining Area

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Feng Shui is as beneficial for houses or buildings as for other places. It is true that normally the residents of a building are not able to select a location nor they can design it. However, they can make minor alterations. However if someone is able to choose a building according to Feng Shui, he is fortunate.

Whenever you move into a new house or apartment, inspect its adjoining areas carefully. The building should be free from mountains or other buildings in the back. There should not be any Sha nearby.

The adjoining buildings should not be higher than your building. A wall, board, electric pole or high mountain facing the main door may affect Chi and try to prevent it from blowing inside. Your building should be in harmony with nearby buildings.

There should be gardens and lawns in sufficient area nearby so that Chi may be accumulated.

However if you are constructing your own house its design should be homogenous with your birth element.

Situation of a House on Road

Situation of a house on the road influences Chi considerably. If the house is affected by negative influences, it can be rectified by remedies of Feng Shui.

If the house is situated at a place where the road terminates, it is unlucky. Following remedies are helpful for making it prosperous.

  • Fix a mirror in the house facing the road .

  • Plant trees starting from end of road to middle of house.

If the house is situated near a sharp curve of road, it is inauspicious. To avoid its ill effects plant trees in front of the house.

Atmosphere of Areas Adjacent to House

Water, particularly the natural water in nearby areas of the home is regarded as auspicious. A river, lake or pond is very lucky. A fountain before the house is also auspicious. Chi generated here is beneficial for residents.

A pool oval or round in shape is lucky. A rectangular or square pool generates Sha. The water should be clean. Trees and plants in nearby areas generate Chi. Empty space in front of house is also beneficial as Chi is accumulated here.

The house must be situated near greenery for prosperity. If a gutter is flowing nearby, it must be covered.

It is essential that a graveyard or burial place is not situated near the house. If this is not avoidable, then a line of trees should be planted in front of the house.

There should be no ruins of a building, temple, mosque or a church in front of house. If it is present, trees should be planted in front of the house.