Planets and Deaf and Dumb

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Ears are very important sense organs of our body, associated with the sense of hearing. In a Nativity, the 3rd house and sign Gemini (3rd house of natural zodiac) are connected with hearing; and Aakash Tattva, governed by Jupiter, is responsible for manifesting the Sound, which the ears can hear. The 2nd house and sign Taurus (the 2nd house of natural zodiac) is connected with organs of speech (Larynx and Vocal Cords etc). The planet Mercury is karaka of expression and communication. Any affliction to the planets Jupiter and Mercury, 2nd and 3rd house of the nativity and Gemini and Taurus at the time of cause the problem of hearing and speech. Mercury governs the nervous system and nerves. Damage to speech and hearing is due to sensory loss or afflicted nerves responsible for these functions. And finally, Lagna and Lagna-lord should be associated with these afflictions.

If Mercury is conjuncted or aspected or square or opposition with Saturn or eclipsed creates deformity with speech such as stammering, because Mercury is 6th lord of natural zodiac. If Mercury is afflicted as above by Mars or Saturn in watery sign, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, also known as Mute sign, the native will suffer from impediments in speech. If Mercury is in first dreshkon of Scorpio and in opposition of Moon, the native has impediments in speech. Mercury in 6th along with lord of the lagna and conjuncted or afflicted by Sun or Mars or Saturn it causes impediments in Speech.

If Saturn is posited in any Chatushpada sign, Aries, Taurus, Leo, first half of Capricorn and 2nd half of Sagittarius, or watery sign, it causes impediments in speech and hearing.

It is also to be noted that if the planet is posited in Mrityu bhaga of the sign such as Gemini- Sagittarius 14 to 18 degrees the planet will be treated as afflicted.

Airy sign, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, if afflicted cause impediments in hearing.

We should not forget that 6th house is the house of diseases and 8th and 12th houses are included in trik houses. The planets posited in these houses and the position of the lord of the these houses in any house or association or aspect of the lord of these houses with the lord of other houses destroy the signification of that house whose lord is associated or aspected. More over dasha and bhukti should also be of related planets.

If the afflicted planets are under the influence of benefic planet, there will be some protection to the native. The eclipse during the birth of child may cause impediment of speech if Mercury is afflicted. The retrograde planet, even retrograde Jupiter in lagna, does not give protection.

The native was born in the dasha of Mars/Venus. The Mars is posited in 2nd house in enemy sign with Moon and Jupiter. Jupiter is 8th lord. So 2nd house is afflicted. 3rd house is occupied by Saturn and Venus, the dasha nath, posited in enemy sign. The both signs are airy and watery. Venus is lagna lord also. There is no benefic aspect to the planet. Mercury is retrograde. Lagna is aspected by Rahu also. Sign Gemini and Taurus are also afflicted.

In Navamsha, Venus is posited with Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius and aspected by Saturn. Saturn is aspected by Rahu. Mercury is posited in 6th.

So we find that lord of dasha and bhukti, 2nd and 3rd house and sign Gemini and Taurus are afflicted at the time of birth and the native was deaf and dumb.

The native was born in Venus/Ketu. The lagna lord Moon is posited in 2nd house and aspected by Jupiter, the 6th lord. Lagna is aspected by Ketu, the lord of bhukti. The 3rd Mercury is retrograde and posited in enemy sign and aspected by 6th lord, Jupiter and Saturn, the 8th lord. The 2nd lord Sun is posited with enemy Venus, the dispositor of Rahu. All the airy and watery signs are afflicted.

In Navamsha, Venus is lagna lord and aspected by Saturn and Ketu is posited in 2nd house.

The lord of Dasha and bhukti at birth, 2nd and 3rd lord and house and Taurus and Gemini are afflicted. The native is deaf and dumb.

The native was born in the dasha of Saturn/Ketu. The Saturn is yoga karaka for the lagna, but posited in enemy sign with Rahu. Ketu is posited in 5th house aspected by Saturn. Lagna is aspected by 7th lord Mars and lagna lord Venus is associated with Mars and posited in neutral sign. The 2nd and 7th lord Mars is posited in 7th with Venus. 3rd lord Jupiter is exalted in 10th with Moon, but aspected by Mars. Ketu is in Airy sign. Taurus and Gemini are also afflicted.

In Navamsha lagna is afflicted by Mars and Rahu, 2nd lord Mars is afflicted by Rahu and 3rd lord Venus is posited in 8th.

As the Jupiter is exalted and posited in the strongest Kendra 10th with Moon, so the native improved after the dasha.

The native was born in Mars/Moon/Ketu. Mars is 2nd and 7th lord, Maraka and is debilitated in strongest Kendra 10th. The Jupiter is exalted. Therefore there is cancellation of debilitation. But lagna lord Venus is posited in enemy sign with Mars, and aspected by retrograde Saturn. Moon and lagna is aspected by Ketu. Moon is also aspected by Mars. 2nd house is aspected by Sun and 3rd house is occupied by Rahu and 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter is associated with lagna lord Venus and Mars. The Taurus and Gemini are also afflicted.

In Navamsha, lagna is occupied by Sun, Taurus and Gemini are afflicted.2nd lord Moon is in 6th, Venus is posited in enemy sign in 3rd.

We find all the factors are afflicted in the chart. The native was deaf and dumb.

The readers are advised to see the chart of the natives born on 18.6.1985, at Khara, Raj,

23.6.1986, at 14.15, at Jaipur, 27.1.1985, at 05.55 at Jaipur. The readers will find that all the factors are afflicted and natives are deaf and dumb.