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Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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Good and bad events in life of human being are very truths governed by mysterious forces. Every thing else in horoscope of a native is an illusion or a delusion of the fate and acts of the native. Infect, we are forced to run away on the pavements allotted by some One High Power. Is it a truth that we get mirror image of the pavements allotted to us by Almighty in the form of horoscope? Yes, we can get. How?

The significant feature of a chart is that quadrants and trines are auspicious places which augment the efficacy of the native to boost him to dizzle height of name, fame and prosperity. A horoscope is full of strength and hence fortunate enough if these qadrants and trine places are free from any affliction by malefic planets. However, quadrant and trine places are distinguished by the fact that benefic planets owning quadrant do not produce benefics to the native while malefic planets if own either quadrant or trine, they bestow benefics in the material realm and worldly pleasures, instead of affliction. A generalisation about monetary gain is described by Sage Ramanuja in his famous creation Bhavartha Ratanakara -

"Should there be an exchange between the lords of 2nd house (wealth) and 5th house (a trine) or an exchange between the lords of 2nd (wealth) and 11th house (gain) or an exchange between the lords of 5th and 9th houses (both trine), the native earns a lot of wealth." Although all these houses are auspicious for earnings and accumulation of money yet this is to note that the exchange between the lords of 2nd and 9th houses has been ignored because there will be an antagonistic position of 6 and 8. Instead, exchange between the lords of 1st (ascendant) and 5th or 9th house (trines) is favourable for comforts of life and monetary gain.

Chart 1 of Sagittarius ascendant of industrialist Dhiru Bhai Ambani is a best example regarding the earning and accumulation of wealth as such the lord of 2nd (ie, Saturn) owns its house, lord of 5th occupies 9th, lord of 9th occupies 1st and lord of 1st occupies 10th house, a quadrant, an another auspicious place. This is an admirable chart as its strength triggered the native trimly from ground to high sky of name, fame and wealth.

It is bizzare that benefic planets must occupy quadrants but must not own them, as in such position they cause an affliction of Kendra-Adhipatya dosha producing good results of much low magnitude. Thus, Jupiter for Gemini ascendant being owner of 7th and 10th houses, for Virgo ascendant being owner of 4th and 7th houses, for Sagittarius ascendant being owner of 1st and 4th houses and for Pisces ascendant being owner of 1st and 10th houses as quadrant is responsible to produce malefic effects due to so called Kendra-Adhipatya dosha. Since ascendant is also a trine in addition to a quad rant, its owner Jupiter for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants is not as malefic as for Gemini and Virgo ascendants. Lord of ascendant whether it is a benefic or malefic planet. is considered fruitful to bestow good to the native.

Chart 2 of Virgo ascendant shows 4th house afflicted by two inimical planets - Mars as lord of 3rd and 8th and Saturn as lord of 6th. The native could not construct his own home even after good earnings from his retail business of fertiliser. We know that 4th house of a chart shows home, vehicles ( movable), and landed ( immovable) property for which this house must be occupied by benefics and/or its lord be disposited in any of auspicious places, ie, either a quadrant or a trine. In this example chart Jupiter owns his 4th house and produces highly auspicious and benedictive Hamsa Yoga, one of the Pancha-Mahapurusha Yoga. Natural ruler of 4th house is the Moon which occupies 5th house, a trine place. But, where are the prospective results of such a pious Yoga? The native could not avail happiness from movable and immovable property and even from parental property. A strong 4th house reveals mental peace and a general peaceful life. The native never get mental peace as he has been involved in pseudo charges and lost a lot of his earnings in court cases and in the treatment of his wife's ailment. Although it is said in Mansagari -

"That even a single naturally benefic planet like Mercury, Jupiter and Venus occupying quadrant is able to cure all the afflictions of a chart". Is this dictum true for this example? What has Hamsa Yoga played its beneficial role?

Chart 3 of Virgo ascendant pertaining to a well educated (MSc. Math) male person reveals a financial apple cart because of obnoxious planetary configuration. The native began his livelihood by joining a service but after few years he left the job and started his own business of pasteurisation of milk and its distribution in the period of Jupiter-Venus. The chart is fortified by Gaja-Kesari Yoga. He earned money to contentment as he touched a turn-over of about Rs.10 crores per annum. He enjoyed success monetarily untill the major period of Saturn, a lord of 5th and 6th houses. He had suffered a loss of heavy amount of about 1 crore along with immovable property by selling to get rid of heavy debt in the period of Saturn-Mercury started from 28.10.2005.

Thus we can say that in addition to auspicious places, a chart is contaminated by 6th, 8th and 12th houses. Sage Parashar also considered 11th house along with them. All these impugn houses are called evil places and planets owning them are called inimical or hostile planets because of their adverse characteristics like loss, debt, disease, struggle, sorrow, sufferings, miseries, and misfortunes. Planets occupying these places lose their potential and those own any of these places destroy the good characteristics of other auspicious places. Therefore, planets related to these places, if conjoin the lords of quadrants or trines also destroy their good properties and in this way all become inauspicious to the native in their periods. Eighth house is considered as the most adverse, sixth is the next lower to it and then twelveth. It is also a truth that the adverse places are bestowed with few good qualities and, therefore, Sage Parashar called Upachaya (ie, expansion and progress) to a group of 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses. Infact, no one can touch the height of progress without struggle, tension and worries. Thus, these places are indicative of hard working, concentration of mind to the target, firm determination to achieve the goal and not to get distress while struggle, even then in their major or sub periods they give financial apple cart to the natives particularly who are involved in business work.

At present, we consider progress in materialism rather than spiritualism. For the persons living in material world, the three houses, ie, 6th, 8th and 12th are treated most adverse because whenever the major or sub period of any of these houses commences, the native certainly losses his name, fame and dignity and thus he submerges in tidals of financial crisis. It has been observed that such natives may suffer accident, injuries, wound, any kind of disease, loss of faith in their well-wishers and develop several opponents and enemies who squeeze the potential of the native. Naturally, opposition kills the enthusiasm and leads to obstacles, struggle, mental agitation, humiliation, distress and disappointments.

The native of chart 4 is a businessman of chemicals who has been intending to stand with industrialists since long. He was fortunate enough in the major period of Moon (lord of 5th house occupies 2nd house) from September 1991 to September 2001 and in the major period of Mars (lord of 2nd house occupies 4th house) from September 2001 to August 2006 for good monetary gain and good reputation in market. In the period of Mars-Venus-Venus from August 2006 to on wards he purchased a factory of chemical manufacture after taking a heavy Bank loan. After few months the factory stopped production due to power crisis and hence suffered a financial crunch. Now the native is under strains of worries, tensions, disappointments and disgrace in market. This is to note that the native purchased and started the factory in the sub period of Venus, a lord of 8th house indicative of loss. The Venus occupies 9th house and hence destroy its auspicious properties.

One may observe that,

  1. If lord of ascendant is weak in a chart, the native should care of not only himself but also his business because a weak ascendant and its lord cannot bear adverse effects imparted by malefics.

  2. For Aries ascendant Mercury as lord of 3rd and 6th is inimical, but if it is associated to Sun, then its malefic nature is diminished. Mars as a lord of 8th is not considered bad because of its lordship of ascendant which provides extra strength. However, Mars-Mercury association is harmful for monetary and health gain. As a lord of 12th house Jupiter plays his role according to auspicious 9th house.

  3. For Tauras ascendant Venus as a lord of 2nd and 6th appears inimical because she will act primarily as a lord of 6th. Thus Venus in strong state is not conducive for monetary gain. Jupiter as a lord of 8th and 11th will behave as neutral because it tries to lower the bad effects of 8th and 12th houses.

  4. For Gemini ascendant Mars is very hostile to the native and hence it does not excuse the native for his/her even a little carelessness and hence put the slap of dismay, distress and financial crunch. Saturn and Venus are not proved horrible to the native. But if there is aspect or combine relationship between Mars and Saturn then horrible and terrible results may be observed.

  5. For Cancer ascendant although Jupiter is a lord of 9th yet it is not favourable for monetary gain because it behaves primarily as a lord of 6th. This is amazing that Mercury even after the lord of 3rd and 12th houses is proved best for earnings and accumulation of wealth.

  6. For Leo ascendant Saturn as a lord of 6th and 7th, Jupiter as a lord of 5th and 8th and Moon as a lord of 12th houses are not much inimical to the native and hence do not affect financial status of the native. However, one must take care of unsocial, criminal or immoral act, for which financial apple cart may appear in their periods.

  7. For Virgo ascendant, Mars as a lord of 3rd and 8th houses and Saturn as a lord of 6th house are very hostile and hence are not conducive to business persons who are prone to face a financial set back in their periods. Mars - Saturn association by aspect or association is a bomb explosion to finance. In Chart 3, Ascendant lord Mercury is hemmed by two malefic planets - the Sun ( lord of house of expenses, ie, 12th house) and Mars (lord of sink, ie, 8th house). The native is very prone to financial crunch in the periods of Mars and Saturn.

  8. For Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants there is no planet hostile to native. Financial loss or gain depends upon planetary configuration of the individual chart.

  9. For Sagittarius ascendant Venus as a lord of 6th and 11th is inimical for the native who is prone to develop debt, disease and enemy. In the period of Venus the native experiences agitation in his/her conscious mind and is prone to loss its vitality. This is better for Sagittarians if Venus is conjoined to Sun.

  10. For Pisces ascendant Venus as a lord of 3rd and 8th and Saturn as a lord of 11th and 12th houses is very inimical to the native for financial crisis. Persons born in this ascendant have very sensitive super conscious mind. They are excessively impressionable and hence prone to be influenced by the advices of their nears and dears who are greedy and extract the native for their benefits. The native must take care of every corner in the periods of Venus and Saturn. As an example chart 4 may be studied.

Therefore, one may conclude that the obnoxious loss of name, fame, money and prosperity is very prone if houses of wealth (1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th) and their lords are influenced by the houses of loss (6th, 8th and 12th) or their lords. During the period of the lords of houses of loss business persons may take care to avoid the decisions for the new plans and hence it is better that they continue their involvement in the work of routine.