Moon-A mindful planet

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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mindful planet

M – Mother, Mind, Moods

O – Ocean (water), ovaries

O – Optimism, obedience

N – Nurse, Nurture

Moon is the only natural satellite of the planet earth, where a human has set foot upon. The Moon is the second luminary in astrology, the other being the Sun. If Sun is masculine & cruel, karaka of father and the king of planetary cabinet, Moon is feminine, cool & benefic, karaka of mother and the queen of planetary cabinet. Besides the Sun, the Moon is the brightest object in the sky though it radiates because of the light of the Sun & can be very easily seen with the naked eyes.

If Sun is the soulful planet, Moon is the mindful planet in Indian astrology. If Sun’s energy works as a life force, Moon’s cool & benefic temperament maintains the balance & controls the rate of flow of vital energy. Moon is called ‘chandra’ or ‘Soma’ & represents Monday. The famous Vedic verse Purush Sukta describing the Cosmic man, states- ‘Chandrama Manso Jatak’. Moon was born from the mind of the Cosmic man i.e. Kal Purush. Moon is the presiding deity of the element water. The Sun has governance over all those places like temples, mosques, & churches etc. The Moon has her domain in bathrooms, inside & outside the house, over tanks, wells, seas, rivers & any other water bodies

Moon plays a central role; or rather you can say the pivotal role in Indian astrology. As from starting making the horoscope to the prediction, muhurats for all occasions, festivals as well as in Mundane astrology, we follow Moon & take into consideration Moon’s position at that particular time. Moon sign or the sign in which moon is placed at the time of the birth is of utmost importance. Moon sign is neither the Zodiac sign nor the ascendant, which it has been mistaken for. The prediction is done on the basis of the Janam Rasi or the sign in which Moon is placed in the birth chart. The star constellation in which Moon is placed is called Janma Nakshatra.

Moon governs the 4th house of Kalpurush kundali & owns the sign Cancer. Moon exalts at 3 degree Taurus and is in deep debilitation at 3 degree Scorpio. Its mooltrikona sign is Taurus. When the Sun & Moon are in the same rashi, it is called Amavasya. When the Sun & Moon are in the exact opposite signs or 180 degrees apart it is called Purnima or full Moon day. Moon is the fastest moving planet which stays in one sign in two to two & half days, & completes the Zodiac in 28 days.

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