Mangal-The lord of strength

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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M- motivation, Movement, Masculinity

A- Action, aggression, Accident, Ambition

R- Rashness, Ruthlessness

S-Strength, Stamina, Sports

Mars as we know is fiery, cruel, masculine, ruling & vigorous planet. Mars is the commander in chief in planetary cabinet, hence is considered a ruling planet and often commands one to stand up & get things done. Mars is called the action planet of zodiac, God of war.

In Indian astrology mars has been given several names like Mangal (auspicious), Angarak (one who is red in color), Bhauma (son of Bhumi and so on. It is considered a malefic of the highest order.

Mars takes nearly two years to complete its orbit in the Zodiac. This fiery & masculine energy rules Aries & Scorpio in the First and Eight house of Kalpurush kundali, exalts in Saturn’s sign Capricorn, debilitates in moon sign Cancer. In a way Mars is the Lord of birth and death, as first house of the Zodiac from where the life begins and the eight house where it ends.

When we talk about its traits, Mars is responsible for building the energy, passion and determination in a person’s life. A strong and well placed Mars in birth chart indicates - a person with surmountable will power to fight the difficulties & enemies of life, courage, lack of fear, initiation to start a venture, control over the own body, aggressiveness, & spiritual warrior, as Mars is known as the protector of the righteous. Mars also presents brothers, technology, technical skills, mathematic, computing, medicine, sports, blood pressure, police, military people, dictators, fire & explosions.

So a benefic Mars in the horoscope can drive the person to climb the Mount Everest, or it can produce a good sports person like boxer Mohammed Ali & tennis star Sania Mirza. Mohammed Ali had powerful Mars in 10th house in Aries. Whereas Sania Mirza’s Mars is exalted & posited in Ascendent, bestowing her untiring stamina required for the sport. Mars is like the volcano of vitality inside us which must be released & channeled properly. Otherwise we have the example of negative & ruthlessness of this energy used by Adolf Hitler, which made him the dictator of the highest order. His Mars though strongly posited in 7th house in Aries, was aspected by malefic Ketu, which made his Mars unpredictable with unbounded energy for fighting & violence.

Whereas benefic influence on Mars, aspected by Jupiter, Moon or Venus not only makes an expert fighter, but Venus Moon influence means, fighting would be appreciated for its aesthetic side. Bruce lee became famous for his Kung Fu in movies. So it is the placement of Mars in the horoscope which decides it’s true traits whether good or bad for the person. The conclusion is, if fire of Mars is not there in the natal chart, the native will be a dreamer only, will be lacking the practical initiation & brilliance needed for success.

Cuts, wounds, sore eyes, boils, burns, piles, sores, bone fracture, jaundice, oozing blood, tumours & epilepsy diseases are caused by this planet. To ward off the evil effects & for the blessings of Mars one should worship Pawansut Hanuman, Ganpati & Kartikay. One should donate- copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, sandal wood, red masoor dal (on Tuesday, within 48 minutes before sunset and recite this mantra-

Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Se Bhomaye namah (10000 times in 20 days).