These magical Vastu tips can resolve the Financial Problems in Business

Future Point | 08-Nov-2018

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Finance is the heart and soul of every business. Everyone needs astrology or vastu help to attract the money and opportunities in business. Vastu tips play an important role in the life of a businessman as they can easily attract positive powers and money. Life is all about loss and profit. There is no guarantee that you will always gain profit in your business. The loss is the second face of a coin in business. If you are suffering from a financial loss in business or want to increase your earnings, Vastu Shastra can help you and guide you. Also, tell you some important vastu tips to deal with financial problems in profession and business.


Finace Astrology

Vastu tips for handling finance

  • If you want to get some financial support then concentrate on North West zone of your office. If there is a bathroom in this direction, you will feel that destiny is not with you in increasing your wealth.
  • Presence of green color in the office can create an imbalance of five elements. It makes your wealth unstable and you will face continuous problems in professional life.
  • For getting healthy financial support, you must clean the North West zone. You can place painting or sculpture which symbolizes financial support. It will draw the necessary support for your business from banks, people and other financial institutions.
  • Do not put waste products or materials in the east direction in your office. It can give you problems with government departments and influential persons. It is not good for your financial growth.
  • If you want to execute and implement your plans more efficiently and effectively then management professionals are advised to sit in the west vastu zone facing east. Do not use red or green color for seat covers and accessories.
  • Put a money plant in a green vase in the north zone. You can hang scenery showing a lush field or thick forest in this place. This will attract wealth and money opportunities for you.
  • You must decorate the entrance of the office as it brings happiness and prosperity and increases your value in the society. If it is sloppy and unkempt one, troubles will hound you.
  • According to Vastu, if the entrance of the office is in south-west direction then it will bring debts, financial problems and loans etc. entrance in North direction will bring good career opportunities and money. The west entrance brings wealth and prosperity in business and south entrance is also good for finance in a career.

Owner’s room direction

Business owner’s room should be in the south-west direction. His face should be towards the north direction, so place his desk accordingly. There should be a solid wall behind the desk and avoid a window or a glass structure. If your office is in the home then ideal location is south-west part of a home.

Reception area

Reception is the most auspicious place in the office. This should be a positive and relaxing space that puts them at ease. East or northeast direction is good for the reception area.

Open the centre part

If you want to attract maximum prosperity then left the central part of the office open. You can manage an indoor garden or lounge in this part. It will enhance the profitability and provides an area for employees to recharge their energies.

Staff seating directions

The desks of employees should be designed so that they face either the north or the east to increase productivity and wealth.

How to increase financial stability

Northwest is the ideal direction to attract finance and prosperity in business. You can place your marketing team in this direction as they are the ones responsible for bringing in more business to increase revenue. Make sure that this area should be free of any negative elements.

Furniture for the office

Try to use the square or rectangular desks or workstations for the office. Avoid irregularly shaped desks or even L shaped furniture to maximize the positive energy area.

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Cash flow

The best location for the locker in the office is in the south-west direction. Ensure that the locker door opens towards the north direction. Never install structures like pipes, poles and other obstructions in front of your office. This will stop the inflow of positive vibrations. If you want to earn the maximum amount of profits for your business, then avoid placing boulders and poles in front of your office building. Make sure that mirrors and crystal items should be clean on time. Avoid dust and dirt as it will obstruct your way.

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