Mercury Transit in Libra 2022 – How Lucky You Will Be This Festive Season!

Indian Astrology | 19-Oct-2022

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The planet Mercury will transit in the Libra sign on Wednesday, 26th October 2022. The transit of planets is an important astrological event. We get affected by the planets in two ways- permanent and temporary. We are born with specific planetary placements in our birth chart, which affect us throughout life.

This is our natal chart that decides our personality and natural traits. The transits of the planets have temporary effects on our personality and life with their stay in different signs and houses of the horoscope.

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of intellect, logic, communication, finance, mathematics, wisdom, and friendship. The favorable placement of Mercury makes a native gain through its signification.

The person is influential in speech, has bright eyes, and looks younger. Weak Mercury causes speech, skin, and nerve diseases and problems in the ears, throat, and nose problems.

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Effects of Mercury transit in Libra on different zodiac signs


Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth houses for Aries natives. Mercury will transit in the seventh house, the house of marriage, business partner, and spouse. The transit of Mercury will be favorable for you.

Many natives may travel for business, while others may have problems with their spouses. But any issue can be easily resolved with communication. There would be an enhancement in your communication skills and creativity. Those planning to start a business partnership may go ahead. Time is suitable for business and trading. Your relationship with your siblings will also be good.


For Taurus natives, Mercury rules the second and fifth houses. Mercury will stay in the sixth house, which is the house of diseases, enemies, and debts. Mercury will bring positive results with some differences. 

Mercury will be beneficial for my career and job. There will be good opportunities for promotion and you may pay off your old debts. However, there will be an increase in expenses. Time is good for winning any competitive exam. You can influence people at your workplace and defeat your enemies while making friendly relations with them. 


Mercury is the lord of the ascendant and the fourth house. Here, in the fifth house, Mercury will bring beneficial results. You will get some good news from your children and enhance your creativity and skills. Mother will support you and you will enjoy a good time at home with your family. Time is favorable for the students and those involved in Mercury-related professions like journalism, teaching, finance, publishing and communication services, etc. 

Mercury in Libra will help you establish new social relations, and many of your desires will be fulfilled. Mercury in the house of fun and entertainment, however, may introduce new love relations, and you may wish to have fun around. But we suggest you stay focused and fulfill your goals. 


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Mercury rules the twelfth and third houses for Cancer natives. The transit will be in the fourth house. Mercury here will bring beneficial results. The financial situation will improve when you strictly monitor your expenses. 

The home environment will be peaceful, bringing joy to the family. Mercury in Libra will also bring positive results in my career with its aspect on the 10th house. You will get praise for your communication and creative skills. Your seniors will praise you while you may get a better post or other perks at work. The business people will earn a good income and may start some new ventures. 


Mercury rules the eleventh and second houses of the zodiac. The transit will take place in the third house. Mercury in Libra will boost your courage and communication style. You will maintain mental balance while aiming high in life. Your relationships with your younger siblings will also improve. Luck will support it, and there is a possibility of indulging in religious activities. Good sources of income will come your way. Take your father's advice seriously to make considerable gains through the transit of Mercury.

But at the same time, watch your expenses on traveling and entertainment as it may bother you later.


Mercury rules the tenth and first houses of the zodiac. Mercury will transit in the second house. Mercury in the second house will improve your financial status. There would be more savings, and you could influence others with your effective speech. Mercury transit in Libra will bring harmony to the family. 

There will be growth in a career with Mercury at a comfortable position in the zodiac. Goals will get completed, and you will gain recognition and fame for your work. There are chances of sudden gains or inheritance. Financially, the transit is exceptionally favorable. Mercury may cause sudden health issues, so you must take care of accidents and diseases. 


Mercury rules the ninth and twelfth houses, and the transit will take place in the first house. Mercury transit in Libra is significant for the natives as it will have a strong impact on their personality of the native. The 12th lord in the first house may make you spend more than expected. However, luck will support you, and you will manage to overcome any hardships with the help of Mercury. 

We suggest you avoid investment in new business ventures or property. You may need to spend on the medical bills of the spouse or other family member. Take control of your anger throughout this period. Those in the job will get the benefits of transfer or promotions. Students need to put in more hard work to gain the desired results. Talk nicely with the family members to avoid arguments and fights.


Mercury rules the eighth and eleventh houses of the zodiac. The transit will take place in the twelfth house of losses which is not desirable. Mercury transit in Libra will prove bad for the natives. There are chances of huge expenses or losses. Don't invest money unwisely, and think before spending. Else financial crunches may appear. 

Many may travel abroad for studies and business. Mercury in Libra may give differences with your co-workers. There are chances of conspiracies against you at the workplace. Take good care of your health than before, and visit a doctor immediately if you face any health issues. 


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Mercury rules the seventh and tenth houses for Sagittarius. The transit of Mercury will be in the eleventh house. Mercury transit in Libra will fulfill your desires, and you will make new friends. Time is good for making good financial gains. Your performance at work will improve, and you will get recognition. 

You will make good money during this time with new opportunities in hand. There are chances of getting stuck money back. The family life will be good. Students will perform better, and it's time to get the fruits of your hard work in academics. Mercury may establish new love relations, or those already in relationships will have a good time together. Many may also take their relationship forward. 


Mercury rules the sixth and ninth houses of the zodiac. The transit will be in the 10th house, bringing beneficial results. Mercury transit in Libra will energize you and help you perform better at your workplace. There are chances of gaining recognition and fame. The investments will be beneficial, and many may purchase the property. 

Mercury will bring prosperity and happiness to your family life. The health of your mother will remain good. You may buy a vehicle or home during this time.


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Mercury rules the fifth and eighth houses of the zodiac. The transit of Mercury will occur in the ninth house. Mercury transit in Libra will cause a decline in religious beliefs. The father's health may deteriorate during this time. Luck may not favor you, and you must struggle more to get even the smallest things. Take care of your children's health. 

You will face more dissatisfaction and sadness during this time. Expenses may rise, giving you stress. Mercury would aspect the third house, which may create differences between siblings and friends. 


For Pisces natives, Mercury rules the fourth and seventh houses of the zodiac. Mercury transit in Libra will occur in the 8th house, giving mixed results. Mercury's placement in this house may negatively impact your mother's health. 

Many may find interest in occult studies and research. You may gather information on deep subjects like astrology. Mercury in the 8th house gives a good speech, and the person makes sudden gains. There are chances of gain through inheritance as well. Take care of accidents and health issues. Avoid junk food and drive carefully. 


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