Magh Gupt Navratri Special Durga Puja 21 Jan to 28 Jan 2015

Indian Astrology | 19-Jan-2015

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Magha Navratri Gupt Navratri .

In a year, Navratri is celebrated four times. The four types of Navratri are - Ashad, Ashwin, Magh and Vasanth Navratri. Out of these, the people are aware about the Ashwin and Vasanth Navratra. The other two are known are the Gupt navratra. These are meant especially for sadhaks and for performing special powerful tantric rituals like Shatkarma Tantrik Prayog (Shantikaran, Vashikaran, Uchatan, Videshan, Stambhan and Maran).

During these days, widespread prayers are offered to the Goddess Durga to get her blessings. The Vedic texts (Shri DurgaSaptshati, Shrimad-Devi-Bhagwat, and Devi Mahatamya) involved in invoking the Goddess Durga are recited during these nine days.

Magh Navratri will start from 21 Jan 2015 and will end after nine days i.e. on 28 Jan 2015. Te Magh Naratra is observed in the Shukla Paksha of the Magh (February) month. For the people who want to resolve the materialistic problems and for the Sadhaks & tantriks these days are highly beneficial. By observing fasts and chanting shlokas people show their devotion to the Goddess Durga.

Navgrah Mandir is 600 years which holds the anusthan of Shri Durga Saptashati samput path. Devi Path, Chandi yagya, Maha Kali Puja and other auspicious Vedic pujas are performed to invoke the Maa Druga.

Benefits of Navratri Puja

Gupt Navratra Puja is famous in several parts of the country. It is basically celebrated to propitiate the Shakti and get blessed by the prosperity, knowledge and wealth. Goddess Durga is known for the removal of suffering and showering kindness to the people. Every day a particular incarnation of Goddess Durga is worshipped. One should recite the Navarna Mantra "Aim hreem kleem chaamundaayai vichche". The devotees keep fast on all nine days or atleast on the starting and eighth day.

Samput Path

Samput refers to the explicit and clear sue of the words, shlokas, or mantras. They are used with a specified path in the beginning, middle or in the end. Samput makes the manta more intense and stronger. The path with the Samput Path becomes thousand times more effective.

With the different scared scriptures, a different samput vidhi is used. In the Durga Saptashati path the Samput mantra holds a very special significance.

Samput Path of Durga Saptashati

On the eve on the Gupt Navratra the Navgraha Mandir conducts a special Durga saptashati samput path. During the nine days of Gupt Navratri the chants of Durga Saptashati are done which are a part of the Markendeya Purana. The mantra show the power of the Goddess Durga and their effectiveness with the story of their weapons and how she slaughtered the demons.

Benefits of Samput Path of Durga Saptashati

Following are the benefits, which one can get from the recitation of the Samput path of Durga Saptashati:

  • Eradicate the lack of wealth and prosperity
  • Remove the enormous amount of debt, which may force an individual to poverty
  • Barriers in the smooth running of the business
  • Removes the hindrance in getting the monetary benefits
  • Removes the obstacles in the way of acquiring the ancestral wealth
  • Eradicates loses and lack of success in the education and career field
  • Removes the obstruction in the way of career
  • Improves the marriage life and fulfills the wishes to get a desired partner

The Smaput path also helps in removing the sins and wrong deeds of an individual and helps him or her in achieving the success in their life.

Important Days of Gupt Navratri

On the Ashtmi of the Magh Navratra special pooja is performed in all the Shakti Peeths of India. The next day is observed as the Maha Navmi. On the last day, a grand havan is observed in which the Durga Sapatshati is recited. On the tenth day, nine girls below the age of 12 years are worshipped as embodiment of Goddess Durga. They are served food and presented new clothes. At Navgrah Mandir we also conduct the Shree Navaran yantra poojanam.