Chara Karaka in Astrology

Raju Gupta | 20-Jan-2015

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In Parashari system of astrology, we use Sthira Karaka. Sthira means Fixed i.e. the Karaka (Significator of a particular thing) is fixed in Parashari system.

In Jaimini system of astrology, we use Chara Karaka’s where Chara means Movable i.e. the Karaka can vary from chart to chart.

There has been a constant debate about use of 7 or 8 karakas . In 7 karakas the rahu is excluded but in 8 karaka method the rahu is included and degrees of rahu are calculated by subtracting it from 30, as rahu is always retrograde so the distance covered in a particular sign by rahu is from the end of that sign.

As rahu and ketu are shadow planets and actually are intersection points of moon so considering them as planet for the purpose of karaka is not correct.

As they do not have any mass and shadow always depend upon the relative position of Sun, Moon and Earth, so that’s why also it is not correct to use them in karaka.

Rahu and ketu are boundaries of moon, our mind in relation to our Atma the Sun, and Lagna our Physical Body, which depending upon the placement of Moon, Sun and Earth and rahu acts as controller which lets the amount of light from Sun to fall on our mind the Moon.

Similarly 5 other planets also acts in similar way with rahu and ketu. When at particular point the light of other planets are allowed to fall fully on Moon, Earth and Sun, then we say these planets are out of rahu ketu effect. In another word we can say rahu ketu works as exposure sutter of a camera which controls the amount of light . If the light is fully passing through this intersection point of rahu that is when rahu has the full effect .

More over GK Gnati Karaka represents 6th House and its significations in a horoscope, then in 8 karaka scheme it is 7th which is also illogical .

Further Pik is the sphuta the bringer of Atma to this world which if we think exhausts as the mother is conceived, then had no existence, and if we consider its existence as a jeeva, then it is equivalent to Atma and is Atmakaraka, so how can there be two representations for the same thing.

So I think we should use 7 karakas instead of 8 karaka scheme.

Following is a brief description about the karakas :-

1. Atma Karaka (AK):

The planet which attains the highest degree of longitude in the natal chart becomes the Atma Karaka of the horoscope. Here “Atma” means Soul and is the most important feature in a person’s life. What we are living here on earth is nothing but the one journey in 84 lacks yoni Journey of Soul which is depicted in a horoscope by AK.

AK is related to the 1st house of the horoscope. AK represents all the significations of the ascendant like Body, Physique, Appearance, Complexion, Intellect, Character, General Health, Longevity etc.

2. Amatya Karaka (AmK):

The planet which attains the Second highest degree of longitude in the natal chart becomes the Amatya Karaka. “Amatya” means Minister or highest advisor i.e. a person at high post in your kingdom. By looking at AmK we can judge the significations of 2nd House of the horoscope i.e. Financial Status, Livelihood/Profession, Speech, Family, Food Habits etc.

Significations of 10th House are also under the purview of AmK i.e. Career, Honor, Royalty and Pilgrimage, etc.

3. Bhratri Karaka (BK):

The planet which attains the Third highest degree of longitude is Bhratri Karaka. “Bhratri” means Brothers and BK can be used to judge the significations for 3rd house i.e. Younger Siblings, Neighbor’s, Short-journeys, Courage, Hobbies, Ability etc.

The significations for 11th House of horoscope i.e. Fulfillment of Desire, Elder brother & sisters, Gains, Friends, Expectations, fruits of karma etc can also be judged.

4. Matri Karaka (MK):

The planet which attains the Fourth highest degree of longitude is Matri Karaka. “Matri” means Mother. We see the significations of the 4th House like Mother, Property, Vehicles, Happiness, Land & Agriculture and Throne, etc from MK.

5. Putra Karaka (PK):

The planet which attains the Fifth Highest degree of longitude becomes the Putra Karaka. “Putra” means Son. We judge the significations of the 5th House from PK i.e. Children, Education, Wisdom, Romance, Intellect, Speculation & Lottery, Mantra, Pregnancy, Creativity, etc. We also see the significations of 9th House, as 9th is 5th from 5th .

6. Gnati Karaka (GK):

The planet which comes Sixth highest degree of longitude in descending order from AK becomes the Gnati Karaka. “Gnati” means Relations. It represents 6th House and its significations in a horoscope i.e. Enemies, Maternal-Relatives, Diseases, Debts, Disagreements, Competitions, Legal Proceedings, Servitude, etc. Similarly, we also examine the significations of 8th & 12th house from GK.

7. Dara Karaka (DK):

The Seventh and the last in order of the longitude becomes the Dara Karaka. “Dara” means Wife. All the significations of the 7th House comes under the purview of DK like Spouse, Relationships, Business-Partner, Trade, Foreign Travel, etc.