Lal Kitab methods for all major life problems

Future Point | 23-Aug-2018

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As one would know, the origin of Vedic astrology dates back to over 5000 year back. It was introduced to the Mankind through the ancient text of Vedas. Thus, the origin of Vedas and astrology dates side by side. Again, Vedas considered astrology as its eyes. Since the science of astrology had more of predictive patterns to foretell the future of an individual, the importance of astrology kept on growing. But as one would move ahead in the time, astrology had to provide remedial measures to any problems faced by an individual.

No doubt, Vedas did provide remedies to us, however, they were exhaustive and sometime even expensive. For instance: Chanting of Mantra with the help of a Purohit, or Havan pooja, gemology and many more. However, it would have not been possible for the masses to pursue any of these remedial measures in a simple and easy way, since, to practise the same one would need the help of another expert. Hence an easy and alternative method had to be prescribed. It is here that Lal-Kitab methods come in handy!

The origin of Lal-Kitab:

Lal kitab has been a recent addition in the remedial measures of Occult science, especially astrology. Though one school of though states that the origin of Lal-Kitab was invented by Ravana. Ravana, was a scholar in all forms of Occult science during his era, and It so happened that he had documented all of them and their remedial measures accordingly. However, due to his arrogance he lost everything, including the books of Lal-Kitab.

But, it later resurfaced in a place called Aad in Arabia, where it is said that the Lal-Kitab was translated into Persia and called The Red Book. Also, once translated, the Arabians claimed it to be part of their culture and religion. However, the Hindu scholars beg to differ here, since Lal-Kitab had the references of Nav-graha and claimed it to be part of Jyotish shastra. They kept on challenging the foreign genesis and claimed its roots in India.

Though not much is known about the history there after, but the traces of this book were back in the late 1930’s by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi who brought his version of the book called Lal-Kitab. Though he confessed, that this is an assimilation of tents from various Hindu text, establishing the fact that Lal-Kitab is of an Indian origin.

Therefore, we at Indian Astrology, a team of expert astrologers have brought some of the solutions from Lal-Kitab for the benefit of our readers. In fact, our team of astrologer are experts for the past three decades and their experience has been partially brought down here for the benefit of our readers. However, since these remedies are exhaustive, we have documented some of the important ones only.

Lal kitab remedies for wealth: Wealth is important along with health. The following are the two remedies which can be easily practised for better results.

  • Eat a piece of jaggery each day before leaving the house for work. Do this after completing your daily prayers and before you step out of the house. This remedy will give you success in all your endeavours.
  • Starting from the first Saturday of Shukla Paksha, begin the distribution of Poori Bhaji to poor people for 11 continuous Saturdays. This will ensure that your income multiples and is continuous too.

Lal kitab remedies for job: Job shall mean Good career in this case. Following will be the remedial measures for good job.

  • As soon as one wakes up in the morning native should look at both the palms. It is believed that it gives wealth because Goddess Lakshmi resides in the palms.
  • Gayathri mantra and Mahamrithyunjay Mantra should be recited daily for at least 31 times each.

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Lal kitab remedies for happy married life: Marriage is a union ship between two individuals. It is believed that if one is not happy with their married life, then they are not happy in life at all. Following are the two remedies for happy married life.

  • One can chant Vishnu Sahasranamam once or 108 Gayathri Mantra every day. This will keep the negative energies at bay for the couples.
  • Fasting on Fridays will please goddess Lakshmi. Both the couples can practise the same. This will sweeten the relationship.

Lal kitab remedies for eye problems: These days even children have eye related problems at an early age. Thankfully Lal-Kitab has remedies for this too. Following are the remedies for eye problems in Lal-kitab.

  • One can use honey under the eye which will remove the dryness and give good eight sight (8/8).
  • Children whose Saturn is weak they can add honey in a warm water and use it under the eyes. Their sight will improve gradually.

Lal kitab remedies to attract money: Irrespective what role one would pursue to earn money, one would need to attract money. This will be either in the form of business or through service. Following are the remedies mentioned.

  • Drawing a swastika Rangoli with the help of saffron or turmeric paste can also act as remedies for business growth, there by attract money.
  • One can keep a mirror in fort of cash box, facing the East as the reflection on Mirror will improve your earnings completely.

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Lal kitab remedies for property disputes: With growing aspirations in the society one would also see in family disputes too. Especially about disputes in family property.

  • Feeding a cow with jaggery each Sunday is considered favourable when you are trying to resolve family disputes amicably. As Cow is considered Kamadhenu, pleasing them will end property disputes.
  • Worshipping Kshetrapal (Lord Shiva) is also a much-advised solution to ending family disputes.

Lal kitab tips for good luck: One may work hard, may even invest good amount of time, however may not get the desired results. For this, one would need good luck. Following are the remedies usually recommended.

  • Pour a bowl full of water to Tulsi plant daily.
  • If one can spend money for the treatment of elders in their family or with in relatives. It is believed that lord Saturn get easily pleased with this and ensure the protection of one’s luck.

Lal kitab remedies for money recovery: As a good human being, when we lend money to a needy, we expect the return of the same in a future date. In case if there is any delay, then one would turn anxious. The following remedies will help in money recovery.

  • Do give dhan to a poor brahmin. Their grace will improve your fortunes to get back your money.
  • Offer water to lord Sun every day in the morning. This will ward off any obstacle in your life to get back your money recovery.

Thus, the above are some of the remedies mentioned in Lal-Kitab for various situations. To know more, readers can write to us.

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