Ketu in 12 houses

Dr. Arun Bansal | 15-Apr-2015

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First House

Near relations suffer, fear from wicked, knowledge of many languages, gastric problems, ingratitude, backbiter, gains, dark colour, back pain, pain in stomach, sweating on palm, tells lie. If in Scorpio sign – wealthy, happy, hard working. If in Gemini sign – short life, poor. If Ketu is benefic or in Aquarius sign – gains, progeny. If in Cancer or Pisces sign – benefic. If in Capricorn or Aquarius sign – immovable property, progeny. If with lagn lord – short life. If with Venus – always have an eye on females.

In female horoscope – intelligent, successful in research, gets upset on being unsuccessful in any undertaking, angry, ill health, husband suffers, aspected by benefic or with benefics planets – happiness of son, gastric problems.

Second House

Ailments of mouth, no inheritance, no respect, fond of fish, gains due to own efforts, sudden gains, suffers from jaundice, opponent, involved in financial scandals, fear of government, opposition from family and spouse, loss by wealth in its own dasha and sub – dasha, harsh, lack of education. If in Gemini, Virgo or Pisces sign – very happy.

If in Sagittarius sign – more gains even with less efforts, fond of listening music. If in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, or Scorpio signs – stomach ailments. If in its own sign or benefic – always happy, wealthy. If with Venus and Jupiter – prosperous. If in Leo, Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarius signs – benefic, loss of wealth and father at the age of 12.

In female horoscope – prosperity, away from place of birth, eye problems, opposition from family members, mouth ailments. If in Gemini or Virgo sign – all comforts.

Third House

Destroyer of enemies, wealth, comforts, fame, worries, devotee of ghosts, brave, playful, clever, no happiness from co – born, loss of one brother, arguments with other but victorious, deceived by some friends but no harm done, Ear, throat and teeth problems, yog – karak during main and sub – periods, pain in the arms, relations with enemy’s wife. If malefic – defame, quarrelsome, ear problems, deaf. If in Pisces sign – spiritual. If in Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, signs – prosperous. If with benefics – mark on throat. If in own sign – great warrior.

In female horoscope – settles on foreign land, weak hands, pain in the hands, fearful, confusion, restlessness, worries but brave, victorious over enemies, capable issues, happiness from younger brothers, loss of friends.

Fourth House

Devoid of happiness from parents, loss of inherited property, settles on a foreign land, gets nervous, weak heart, problems of blood pressure, worries, devoid of happiness from property/ brothers, stays in other’s house, leaves motherland, educated wife, fortunate wife, advice of wife on important matters very useful, mental tensions, inferiority complex, arguments with mother, suffers during old age.

If exalted – helpful to brothers. If in Sagittarius sign – educated wife who is good advisor If exalted or in own sign – happiness from co – borns. If in Aries or Scorpio sign – problem of blood pressure. If in Leo sign – fear from poison (if Sun is with Ketu definitely takes poison)

In female horoscope – sufferings to mother, ill health, devoid of happiness from mother, either mother is always ill or death of mother during childhood, sufferings during young age, loss of wealth of father, devoid of vehicle comfort, stays away from motherland. If in Sagittarius or Pisces sign – happiness from co – borns, If in Aries or Scorpio sign, problem of blood pressure. If in Leo sign – fear from poison.

Fifth House

Sufferings from co – born, gastric problems, loss in illegal jobs, brave but slave, fond of wandering, good habits, stomach ailments, loss of son, dispute with sons, settles on a foreign land, more female issues, obstacles in education, fear from water, worries, eager, knowledge of mantra – tantra, inauspicious in its own period and sub – period. If in Aries or Cancer sign – more female issues. If in Gemini sign – falls from height. If with Moon – shivering problem. If with benefics – service, changes in the profession.

In female horoscope – intelligent, less sons, sufferings to the co –borns, obstacles in education, sufferings to brother either due to injury from arms or gastric problems. If aspected by benefics – auspicious.

Sixth House

Defamed by maternal uncle, happiness from animals, narrow minded, quarrelsome, head injury due to animal vehicle, sufferings to maternal uncle, head of society, destroyer of enemies, brave, ailments of teeth and lips, famous due to higher education. If with Moon – relations with rich females, embezzlement of money.

If with Mars – eager to do some daring work. If afflicted by malefics – wicked, deceitful. In female horoscope – destroyer of enemies, Raj yog, good health, owner of agricultural land, prosperous, does not have cordial relations with mother.

Seventh House:

Worries, loss of wealth, danger from water, sufferings from spouse and sons, difference of opinion with spouse, gambler, adulterer, insulted by others, relations with wicked females, intestinal disease, unsatisfied in marital life, settles on foreign land, wicked wife, dental problems, postponement of journeys, genital problems.

If in Cancer or Scorpio sign – gains. If in Capricorn sign – wife suffering from ill health and is deceitful. In female horoscope – opposition from husband, widow, always desirous of making journeys, danger from enemies and ill health, sufferings to husband, mentally disturbed, loss in profession, danger from water, adulterer if Ketu in Scorpio sign.

Eighth House

Devoid of wealth, accident (vehicle), genital disease, piles, swelling, sexual, wicked, injury by arms, short lived, separation from own people, get deceived, loss of wealth, disliked by others, malefic at the age of 25, dental problems, danger of falling from vehicle, extra marital relations, financial gains through vehicles, signs of small pox on face, head injury, irritable, does not get any help from co – borns and near relations, harsh wife, chastity of wife is doubtful, always worried about finances. If in Aries, Virgo or Scorpio signs – financial gains, stomach problems, constipation. If in Gemini, Cancer – gains from vehicles.

If with benefics – malefic at the age of 25. If exalted or with strong planets – long life. If with Sun – gains from foreign country, financial gains. In female horoscope – injury in accident, injury in lower portion of back, deceitful, smuggler, gambler, speculator, sudden gain, problems of genital organs, sufferings to husband, piles (definite). If in Gemini, Taurus, Virgo signs – financial gains.

Ninth House

Fortunate financial gains from wicked, fear from brothers, loss of wealth, pleasure seeker, problems in arms, angry, malefic in its main and sub – periods. If in Gemini sign – having doubtful character. If in Sagittarius sign – fortunate, intelligent. If in Libra sign – number of marriages, death of wife at the time of delivery. If with benefics – high status in government.

In female horoscope – theist, loving sons, no enemy or disease, gains from lower caste people, donor, sufferings from brothers, problems in arms.

Tenth House

Fortunate, always suffers, sufferings to father, injury due to fall from horse, ugly, Raj yog, leader, respect of preceptor, sufferings to wife, brave, piles, benefic after the age of 48, even praised by enemies, throat problem, extramarital relations, fear of theft, successful in business, irritable, no help from coborns and near relations, wife harsh and her chastity doubtful.

If in Aries, Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio signs – destroyer of enemies, malefic. If in Sagittarius sign – involved in social work. If with Moon – full Raj yog. In female horoscope – devoid of happiness from father, problems in profession.

Eleventh House

Auspicious from all points of view, fortunate, intelligent, good qualities, famous, unlucky children, stomach ailments, number of female issues, piles, successful in all ventures, having positions of authority, gains of finances and sons at the age of 45, friends are not reliable, unsuccessful in service, injury from animals, journeys and travel, handsome, simpler and sweet voice, popular. If in Gemini sign – poor and ill health. If in Sagittarius sign – wealthy. If in own sign or with benefic planets-multimillionaire. In female horoscope – prosperous, financial gains from deceiving others, fortunate, sweet in speech, beautiful, intelligent, stomach ailments.

Twelfth House

Enjoys like king, position of authority, famous, expenditure in good deeds, decision of court cases favourable, fear from poisonous substances, genital problems, eyes troubles, playful, uses spectacles, not praised by people, relations with other’s wife, always suffers from chronic disease, independent business, writer, loss from servants, ailments in portion below navel, devoid of happiness from maternal uncle, always winner in debate, beautiful eyes, settles on foreign land, salvation, ascetic, benevolent. If with Venus or Moon – adulterer. If with Mercury or Jupiter – gains business, ascetic.

In female horoscope – Raj yog, not extravagant, settles on foreign land. If with malefic or aspected by malefic planet- foreign travel definite, ailments of legs and eyes, sufferings to husband, genital problems.