Janmashtami 2023: Story, Importance, Fast & Worship Rituals

Indian Astrology | 31-Jul-2023

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In Hinduism, Janmashtami is considered a major festival as it celebrates the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna.  As per the holy Hindu scriptures, Lord Krishna incarnated as the 8th son of Shri Devaki & Shri Vasudev in the jail of a cruel King Kansa of Mathura who also happened to be Shri Devaki’s brother. Since Lord Krishna was born on the ‘Ashtami Tithi’ or the 8th Date, his birthday is referred to as ‘Janmashtami’ meaning- Birthday on the 8th! Krishna devotees all across the world and especially in India celebrate Janmashtami with utmost devotion, immense joy and an unparalleled festive spirit.


Janmashtami 2023: Panchang Based Date & Timings


In the year 2023, Janmashtami will be observed on the 6th and 7th of September.

Deriving the exact date and auspicious time for various rituals on Janmashtami in 2023 would require us to look at the panchang in detail. We have provided that information below in a simple to understand language. Use a Vedic Astrology Software to further explore the intricacies of planetary movement and arrive at the most accurate Muhurat for spiritual practices.

Lord Shri Krishna's birth occurred during the midnight of Bhadrapada Krishna Ashtami, under the Rohini Nakshatra. As a result, Krishna's birthday celebration takes place at midnight around 12 AM.

According to the Hindu Panchang, Janmashtami in 2023 will be celebrated for two days, i.e., on the 6th and 7th of September. Specifically, the Ashtami Tithi will begin on the night of 6th September and continue until the midnight of 7th September. Due to this, followers of the Smarta tradition and the Vaishnava tradition will celebrate Janmashtami on different days.

The Smarta tradition observes Janmashtami on the Ashtami Tithi during the midnight, while the Vaishnava tradition celebrates it according to the sunrise on the next day.

Therefore, in 2023, those following the Smarta tradition or householders should celebrate Janmashtami on 6th September, and the followers of the Vaishnava tradition should celebrate it on 7th September, following the auspicious timings.


Janmashtami Auspicious Timings and Date for 2023:


Janmashtami 2023: 6th/7th September 2023, Thursday

Nishita Puja Time: From 1:06 AM on 6th September 2023 to 1:48 AM on 7th September 2023

Midnight Moment (Birth of Lord Krishna): 1:27 AM on 7th September 2023

Chandrodaya (Moonrise): 10:06 PM on 6th September 2023

Ashtami Tithi Begins: 5:07 PM on 6th September 2023

Ashtami Tithi Ends: 5:44 PM on 7th September 2023

Rohini Nakshatra Begins: 10:50 AM on 6th September 2023

Rohini Nakshatra Ends: 11:55 AM on 7th September 2023


Perform Bhagwan Shri Krishna's Puja with this Ritual to Please Him on Janmashtami 2023:


Follow these steps to perform the puja of Lord Krishna or Bhagwan Shri Krishna on Janmashtami:

  • Wake up early in the morning on Janmashtami and take a bath (Snan).
  • After bathing, clean the puja room/altar thoroughly.
  • Prepare flowers, a lamp (diya), and incense (Dhup) for the puja.
  • Now, clean the idol or picture of Bhagwan Shri Krishna.
  • Greet Lord Krishna and offer flowers to Him.
  • Light incense and the lamp in front of Lord Krishna and present two coconuts to Him as an offering.
  • Now, offer prasad (sacred food) to Lord Krishna.
  • Observe a fast (vrat) on Janmashtami and maintain it until the completion of the puja.

Additionally, you can worship Lord Krishna by wearing a Rudraksha mala during the puja.

By following these steps and performing the puja with devotion, you can propitiate Bhagwan Shri Krishna on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami 2023.

In case you find it difficult to perform the puja on your own then get the Krishna Janmashtami Puja being performed in your name and receive the phenomenally powerful & auspicious blessings of Lord Krishna!


Fasting on Janmashtami brings these benefits according to Hindu beliefs:


Mental Peace: Observing the fast on Janmashtami brings inner peace to the mind and helps in gaining control over thoughts.

Spiritual Progress: Worshipping Lord Krishna on Janmashtami leads to spiritual advancement, and devotees receive blessings from the divine power.

Health Benefits: Fasting on Janmashtami keeps the body healthy. It maintains body equilibrium and improves overall health.

Improvement in Actions: Observing the Janmashtami fast allows individuals to reflect on their actions and make positive changes in their behavior.

Success in Endeavors: Fasting on Janmashtami is believed to bring success and prosperity in all endeavors undertaken by the devotee.




The Mystical Tale Related to Lord Krishna's Birth:

According to the Hindu scriptures, Devaki, the sister of King Kansa, got married to Vasudeva, a member of the Yadava clan. Kansa loved his sister so much that he decided to drive her chariot himself while she was going to her husband's house. On the way, a divine message from the sky echoed that he is transporting the mother of his own death as Devaki’s 8th son will kill him.

Hearing this Kansa got enraged and moved ahead to kill Devaki. Knowing how powerful Kansa is, Vasudev intervened and promised Kansa that he would hand over the 8th baby to him and pleaded that he should let his sister live.

Vasudeva tried to reason with Kansa, telling him that he need not fear his own sister and that their eighth child was the real threat. Despite Vasudeva's plea, Kansa kept Devaki and Vasudeva locked up and heartlessly killed each of their newborn children except the 7th one who was transferred to another womb by occult yogic practices and Kansa thought that the 7th baby died as a result of a miscarriage.

As soon as Lord Krishna in the form of the 8th child took birth on the Ashtami Tithi (8th Date) of the Krishna Paksha (Waning Phase of the Moon) in the month of Bhadrapada, the prison doors magically opened, allowing Vasudeva to carry the baby to Gokul and leave him in the care of Nanda, a cowherd. In exchange, Vasudeva brought back a baby girl to the prison, whom Kansa attempted to kill as well. However, the girl transformed into a divine form and warned Kansa about the imminent arrival of Lord Krishna.

Kansa, determined to eliminate Lord Krishna, sent several demons to Gokul. But, using His divine powers, Krishna effortlessly vanquished all the demons and eventually killed Kansa.

This remarkable tale portrays the divine interventions and miraculous events that took place surrounding the birth of Lord Krishna and His destiny to confront and defeat the tyrannical Kansa.


Things to Keep in Mind on Janmashtami:


On Janmashtami 2023, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Perform the puja of Lord Krishna.
  • Meditate on Lord Krishna.
  • Recite mantras and stories (kathas) related to Lord Krishna.
  • Observe fasting and adhere to all the rules of the vrat (fast).
  • It is considered good to offer donations and help others on Janmashtami.
  • Maintain a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere at home.
  • Avoid consuming meat or eggs on Janmashtami.
  • Stay away from impure environments and refrain from consuming impure substances.
  • Avoid lying and engaging in conflicts with others.

Effective Astrological Remedies for Janmashtami:


On Janmashtami 2023, perform these remedies:

Worship: On this day, worship Lord Krishna. By doing so, you can receive blessings of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. The worship should include fasting, meditation, and chanting of bhajans (devotional songs).

Recite Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Read or recite the teachings of Lord Krishna in the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, which hold great importance for success and prosperity in life. Follow the teachings of Lord Krishna on Janmashtami.

Chanting: On Janmashtami, chant the name of Lord Krishna using prayer beads (mala) to attain peace and happiness.

Charity: On this auspicious day, offer charity and help others in need.


Offerings for Lord Krishna based on Ascendant Signs:


Aries: Offer barfi, besan ke laddoo, and makhane (lotus seeds).

Taurus: Offer laddoo, mishti doi, peda, and milk.

Gemini: Offer rasgulla and kalakand.

Cancer: Offer laddoo, rasgulla, milk, and almonds.

Leo: Offer mithai, milk-based firni, besan ke laddoo, and almond barfi.

Virgo: Offer laddoo, peda, and milk.

Libra: Offer laddoo, jalebi, milk, and almonds.

Scorpio: Offer doda barfi, boondi ke laddoo, and makhane (lotus seeds).

Sagittarius: Offer ras malai, rajbhog, milk, and almonds.

Capricorn: Offer laddoo, firni and kheer.

Aquarius: Offer jalebi, milk and makhane (lotus seeds).

Pisces: Offer peds, milk, kheer and almonds.

By performing these remedies and offerings based on your ascendant sign, you can seek the blessings and grace of Lord Krishna on Janmashtami.

We wish you a Very Happy & Prosperous Janmashtami 2023!