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A clear and direct knowing from within, also referred to as a hunch, a gut feeling, a gut response, and even luck. Intuition is a knowingness that comes without explanation as to how or why. It is a right brain function involving extra sensory perception. (ESP) but much broader it functions on physical, emotional mental and spiritual levels. Each individual experiences intuition differently. There may be physical sensations such as tingling of the skin or a feeling leaden weights in the stomach, clairaudient or inner voices. Seemingly inexplicable attractions or aversions to newly met people inspirational solutions to problems feeling of closeness to god or the divine force mental imagery or clues from the environment such as circumstances that alter plans.

Some definitions of intuition include visions, as well as the transmission of information from spirit guides or entities, though these broad definitions may be disputed by some.

In her studies of ESP, American Parapsychologist Louisa Rhine identifies intuition as one of four forms in which ESP messages enter the consciousness the other three are hallucination (Aspirations) realistic dreams and unrealistic (highly Symbolic) dreams an estimated 30 percent of ESP messages come through intuition, and concern both events happening at the moment as well as the impressions about the future. Rhine specifically excluded hallucinations from intuition. But said that hallucinations can accompany intuition.

Intuition is highly active in children and adolescents, but by adulthood often becomes repressed in favour of left brain, analytic thinking. Yet it invariably proves to be right. ESP studies of business executives have shown that highly successful executives have a stronger sense of intuition and rely upon it more than others who are less successful. Individuals in the creative arts, who give freer reiqn to fantasy and imagination, also tend to be highly intuitive. Intuition is integral to all forms of deviation and psychic consultation.

All individuals possess intuition though some are more highly developed intuitively than others in western culture women have been conditioned to permit its manifestation more than men. The more a person recognizes and acts upon intuition, the stronger it becomes an individual may cultivate and strengthen intuition by paying closer attention to whole body responses to information people and situations by relaxing both body and mind through Diet, Exercise, Yoga, Meditation and prayer by working with dreams and by becoming attuned to spiritual forces. Intuition also develops in close personal relationships. Edgar Cayce, who lived in a constant flow of intuition, said one must know thyself be close to the maker, and trust what comes from within. Cayce said that impressions obtained from the physical/mental self, rather than the spiritual self, were not intuition.

According to William Kautz, Founder (1979), and director of the centre for applied intuition in San Francisco, intuitive information comes from the super conscious mind. To reach the conscious mind, it must travel through the subcinscious, where it may be distorted by fears, memories, and impressions stored there. By cultivating intuitive growth through processes previously mentioned, the sub conscious obstacles can be reduced or eliminated.

Environmental factors can enhance or inhibit intuition an ideal intuition stimulating room is painted light green aqua, or chartreuse. Lit with natural Sunlight, and warmed to between 70 Degrees or 73 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity between 60 percent and 70 percent. Music aids receptivity to intuition by stimulating a relaxed state triggering memories, and causing right and left brain hemispheres to work in greater unity. The presence of plants helps to keep air clean of irritating pollutants.

Intuition, along with other psychic skills, Has been applied on an increasing basis since the early 1970s to a wide range of scientific and business endeavours. Kautz developed a technique called intuitive consensus in which highly skilled channelers and psychics are given questions related to problems or situation the information is validated as much as possible by empirical methods. the process has been shown to be effective and save time and money over traditional methods of validating hypotheses. Similar programmes have been employed in California by the Stanford research institute of San Francisco (SRI) and the Mobius group of LOS Angeles.The importance of intuition in the business world also has received greater recognition since the 1970s as a vital tool to complete and to assess an everincreasing flood of data.

Intuition and Psychology and Mysticism Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung described intuition in psychological types (1923) as a perception of realities which are not known to the consciousness, and which goes via the unconscious. Intuition, he said, is not merely a perception, but a creative process with the capacity to inspire. Intellect requires intuition for maximum performance, and dream symbols cannot be interpreted without intuition and imagination.

Jung said human beings orient themselves to the world with four functions sensation, feeling, thinking , and intuition, the latter of which gives information about both future possibilities and the atmosphere surrounding all experiences archetypes are inborn forms of intuition. Jung used these four types to classify the psychological types. He described extroverted intuitive types as natural risk takers who tend to have little respect for custom, law, or the feelings of others they squander their energies and liver in the world of reality. Introverted intuitive types tend to be artists, mystics, seers, and prophets and live with the collective unconscious they may seem strange and odd to others.

Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli founder of psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology, said only intuition gives a true psychological understanding of oneself and others,in an immediate and holistic sort of way.Assagioli distinguished between day to day intuition and spiritual intuition. He said intuition may be activated by using the will to quiet the mind.