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Future Point | 13-Jan-2016

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Ravinder Pal Singh

Now-a-days every aspect of the day-to-day life is influenced in one way or the other by the computers. Astrology is also not left unturned. Computers had provided a major & drastic change in the field of astrology. Many computer giants along with many renowned astrologers had developed many astrological software to make the astrological calculations as a Childs play. Accurate calculations are a boon to astrology. More accurate the calculations, more accurate are the predictions. As to err is to human so many astrologers are relying on computers.

The greatest giant of the IT industry, INTERNET, is also not left unturned. There are so many astrological sites on the net that surfing of which if not impossible is a very tedious & time consuming job. To lessen your efforts to do so, we are providing herewith you a comprehensive list of few very good astrological sites. The noteworthy among are

www.1horoscope.com1Horoscope online www site came to life in April 1996 in Croatia (Central Europe). The core of the team consists of two persons, to bring out this site, Nenad ZeZlina & Danko Josic, respectively. Any information about the site can be obtained by mailing at [email protected]. The main features of the site are :

  • Free Natal Chart

  • Free Light Natal Horoscope

  • Big Natal Horoscope

  • Astrology for Fun

  • Weekly Horoscope

  • Biorhythm

  • Software & Offers

  • Searching of Geographic Coordinates

This site is originated & conceived by K.K. Nair on behalf of M/s Express Newspapers Ltd., Express Estates, Chennai, India. The site is designed and maintained by Mahesh Networks.The main features of the site are :

Life Predictions

  • Voice of Sankara

  • Instant Remedies

  • Marital Problems

  • Personal Problems

  • Dream Analysis

  • Signature Analysis

  • Cards & Your Destiny

  • Compatibility Report

  • Matrimonial Columns, etc.

This site is maintained by Cyber Astro (P) Ltd., New Delhi. The site is designed by VIA & hosted by Cyber India Online. This site is based on the inputs from the books "How to Judge a Horoscope by B.V. Raman; Elements of Vedic Astrology & Essentials of Medical Astrology by Dr. K.S. Charak; The Astrology of Seers by David Frawley; Ayurveda, Life, Health & Longevity by Robert E. Suoboda. The shobla & Translation for this site is done by Jean Lee Mee. More infor-mation about this site can be obtained from [email protected]. The main features of the site are :

Yearly Predictions

  • Life Predictions

  • Relationship Analysis

  • Your Month Ahead

  • Astrological Healing

  • Free Horoscope

  • FAQ on Vedic Astrology, etc.