Importance and Benefits of Parad Shri Yantra

Future Point | 31-Oct-2018

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Astrology has been an ancient science which has been providing future prediction to the native and also suggesting any remedial measures if necessary. Therefore, Vedic astrology has always been considered as the eyes of the Vedas. In fact, astrology has been such a divine subject that a native can find answers to any of their question or problems with the help of the horoscope or Kundali that is prepared in astrology.

In a Kundali, the twelve zodiac signs, an ascendant or lagan, and the nine planets are recorded as per their position at the time of charting the birth chart.

With this, the native is able to find their future and any shortcomings, if any, that would need astrological remedies. If any short coming is found, then it would require a remedy.

Why type of remedies?

When any shortcoming is witnessed, then remedies can be in the form of any Vedic pooja offered to the deity or the plant which is creating any shortcoming. This can also include wearing a Gemstone to overcome the shortcomings by strengthening the weaker planet in the horoscope.

In certain cases, these remedies may not be enough to overcome the shortcomings. In that case a Tantrik method is used. One of the Tantrik method is to worship Yantra.

What is a Yantra?

A Yantra is a Sanskrit word, which is a conjunction of two words, Yan - which means to control and tra - meaning an instruments or device. A Yantra is a cosmic device that demonstrate Scared geometry figure or object which when energised through various mantras and poojas will emit positive energy. These Yantras are a sacred medium and archetypal which will ward off any negative energy, creating obstacles in a native’s life. Therefore, only a learnt and expert astrologer will be able to recommend Yantras as a solution to a problem.

These Yantras have specific geometric shapes and patterns with either in the form Square, Rectangle, Circles and Floral pattern. Sometimes, the yantra has a combination of these patterns inscribed in an object or a drawing is printed in canvass. Thus, the complex pattern energises the strength in the yantra and is placed in the house or shop or offices to ward off negative energy and to bring prosperity.

Again, Yantras are of various types to name a few: Sri Shukra Yantra, Akarshan Yantra, Bagulamukhi Yantra, Ganpati Yantra, Hanuman Yantra, Kaalsarp Yantra and many more.

There is one more Yantra which has not been mentioned above. It has great significance since, this yantra was also worshiped by God and Goddess in the Vedic age It is called Parad Shri Yantra.

What is Parad Sri Yantra and its benefits?

Parad Shri Yantra is one of the most positive, energetic and significant yantras of its type. This divine Parad Shri Yantra is made of solidified mercury and has various positive impacts on worshipper. Hence, it is considered vey auspicious.

In Shri Yantra, Shri means wealth and Yantra means instrument that controls. In this case, it would be wealth. Hence it is also known as Instrument of prosperity or Wealth.

In Hindu Mythology it be believed that Lord Brahma, (creator of cosmos) proposed and created this Shri Yantra and was praised by Lord Vishnu, (the God of protection). Thus, Shri Yantra is most auspicious, fortunate.

Now, a Parad Shri Yantra is an extreme source of energy and has significant magnetic power. Due to its rarely found properties, Indian Astrologers and other priests often recommend this Parad Shri Yantra to be worshiped.

Therefore, a Parad Shri Yantra proves beneficial and also comes with divine grace in every walks of life. Parad Shri Yantra fulfils all your wishes and is a great source of attaining all desires via inner power and cosmic strength.

Thus, an original Parad Sri Yantra will be made of 100% pure Mercury, condensed and given a design and share accordingly. Only if an Original Parad Sri Yantra is worshiped, then it will carry prosperity, name, glory and brings luck factor. This Parad Shri Yantra curtails all bad effects and keeps the negatives away from us.

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