Crystal Ball Readings: Accurate or Entertaining?

Future Point | 31-Oct-2018

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Over the years, crystal ball readings have been so popular with people wanting to peek in to their future. But, on the other hand, it is also very unfortunate that the way it is being promoted on an entertainment level, like in movies or T.V, it is deteriorating the reputation of the crystal ball readings. For the same reason, people are now taking it as a new mode of entertainment with no seriousness involved. However, just like tarot reading, an answer can still be found with an accurate crystal ball reading for a particular problem or situation in life. To make out a true opinion of whether crystal ball readings are accurate or just another medium of entertainment, one may have to look at the various aspects involved in its overall process:

The working mechanism behind crystal ball reading:

It is of extreme difficulty and doubt to fully trust a thing or a person without completely knowing who they are and how they work (things). Crystal balls have been used to predict future or foretell someone’s upcoming and important life events, thousands of years ago as well. So, to believe the fact the crystal ball can have some accurate and precise predictions about one’ life and future cannot be taken as a very farfetched idea. For a layman, who doesn’t know much about the different kinds of crystals and how they should be used to predict a reading, it can be tough to gauge on what is going on at the very first instance. But a crystal ball reader or an expert will know that every crystal has a unique formation, composition, and colour and thus it invokes and promotes different kinds of readings as based on an individual’s destiny and future to be foretold. The lead crystal, quartz, clear glass of the crystal in use doesn’t necessarily always speak for the situation of the person in question, there has to be a need to make sync between the two and the desire and question of the concerned person.

All about the reading (crystal):

Now, this is something only the crystal ball experts and readers could only do. This is not a child’s play. It is only the crystal ball reader who can see the magic and forecast happening while the other person sitting in front could see nothing miraculous and extraordinary happening. Just as similar in tarot readings for future, the crystal ball psychics, gazers and readers just peek in to the crystal ball for some long time and will come out with the reading. What the other person sitting at the front sees is some pictures or vague images appearing in the crystal ball, whereas the crystal ball reader sees years of intense training and skills acquired over the years of practice.

The exception of the rule:

The first and only time when a crystal ball reading is used for the sake of entertainment is when it is being for the first time and when the crystal ball reader is new. After this, all they are required is to practice hard and hone their reading skills to the maximum of their reading capabilities. The toughest thing for a new reader is to instantly see an image coming up on the surface of the crystal ball, which is at the same time, proves to be discouraging for them to unfollow and quit the practice. This makes it true that crystal ball accurate readings requires a lot of patience and practice to possess and is not made for amateurs.


Taking all these above points in consideration, it can be said that there is no validity if a crystal ball reading should only be taken up as an entertainment source. There is a lot of seriousness, practice and skills required to predict an accurate and precise reading of a particular situation in the concerned person’s life. However, it can also not be fully negated that over the years, just as everything, people are actually taking this to just add some fun and entertainment at an event. It entirely depends on the nature of event along with the years of experience and skills acquired by the psychic or the crystal ball reader in the recent span of years.