How can horoscope solve your property disputes?

Future Point | 03-Nov-2018

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When it comes to wealth and income, one can always see, happiness and delight one’s heart and minds. But at the same time, when on accumulates wealth, they do envy others too. In fact, it is not the mistake, of the native who accumulates wealth. It is the short comings of those who are unable to accumulate and they are jealous of other’s achievements. This is very come when it comes to Property disputes within family. Therefore, Property disputes solutions are usually sought by these individuals within the family.

How can one resolve property disputes?

At first, why does one indulge in property disputes within the family? Especially when one would see that the family is happy to live with each other and suddenly they are entangled in a property dispute. Though social science would give multiple reasons for such disputes, the Vedic science called astrology has a pertinent reason to the same. In astrology it states that such sudden disputes with in the family is not just personal envy over these individuals, however there has been instances of bad omen which does not allow the family to live together and lead a happy and peaceful life.

Sometimes, out of rage, those who are envious may resort to evil activities such as black magic or voodoo on these individuals. In this case, Astrology Remedies for Property Disputes is the only reliable solution which will help the native to overcome such disputes. Thus, the science of Astrology, is not only vast in identifying the true nature of problem but also provide remedies accordingly. Though these remedies will be case by case, however, there ae some of the remedies mentioned below are general and can be helpful to one and all. These remedies would not need the help of a professional astrologer o even examine the Horoscope of an individual. In fact, these remedies have been developed by professional astrologer, but at the same time, they have been pieced together and will give you some.

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  • Feeding a cow with jaggery each Sunday is considered favourable when you are trying to buy a house of your own. Also, feeding a hungry person on every Friday can also bring your good luck when it comes to owing a property without disputes.
  • Mars and Saturn often club together to cause malefic issues over property in an individual’s life. The average person might be facing issues of a weak Saturn or Mars, which in turn causes problems in terms of property.
  • In case these planets are causing problems, then you can actually donate material things in their name.
  • Worshipping Kshetrapal is also a much-advised solution, that could stop issues connected to land loss.
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi is also suggested if you want to be free from disputes of property as well as gain from the same.
  • There are certain Poojas performed specifically for erasing away property disputes. These are best advised according to your specific case, by an experienced astrologer.
  • On a Tuesday of Shukal Paksh, tie some honey with stone in a piece of cloth. Float this away on a stream of dig some ground and place the same in a pot underground. This remedy helps you experience fewer property disputes and also clear the chances of owning your own house.
  • Alternatively, start chanting the Durga mantra on the first day of Navratri. You need to imagine goddess Durga and sit in a calm corner of your home.
  • The mantra goes like - Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah. The mantra must be chanted on each of the nine nights, 108 times, with four beads of the rosary.
  • The remedies are effective when done peacefully and in the right mode.

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