Heal your mind and body with crystals

Indian Astrology | 07-Dec-2021

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Whenever we mention about the world of alternate therapies, the usage of healing crystals probably comes at the top of the list. Crystals or fossilized minerals are known to have several healing properties. From bringing peace to the mind to alleviating stress, the list continues to add many other benefits. 

Crystals have gained prominence amongst page 3 people and they all go gaga about their efficacy. Crystal healing was used as a medical treatment in ancient days. It is a widely used mean for balancing chakras of body too. And now, use of crystals for self-care and also in beauty care is gaining immense popularity amongst masses. However, the healing has no scientific proof but still using healing crystals prove incredibly relaxing as they induce soothing vibes in the environment. 

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Why Crystal healing is a need of the hour?

In uncertain times when nothing seems to work, we tend to get stressed and aggressive. Negative emotions crawl up our surroundings giving us constant frustration.

At such times, the soothing and calming effects of crystals may save us from going into depression or other undesirable situations. Crystals come in various shapes and variety and can be used by anyone knowing his/her purpose of use.

The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly cover areas of mental wellness, tranquility, positivity and enhanced focus, as well as tremendous boost in immunity and pain reduction.

Individual crystals are believed to have their own unique energies that align to different areas of your life, with their shape and colour - as well as their type - affecting their influence. We just need to know what purpose we wish to attain through the use of crystals and the purpose is achieved in no time with the help of crystal healing.

How do Crystals work?

Experts state that crystals act as reservoir of healing energies as they allow the flow of positive energy into the body and at the same time remove negative or toxic energies.

Just like other forms of alternative therapy, crystals channelize someone’s energy levels, thereby, work through healing a body from the inside. Crystals also exert placebo effect in the body, which is scientific method of giving medical treatment. 

These healing rocks and crystals contain specific vibration and frequency arising through their molecular composition.

These energies when come in contact with the body help in uplifting our mood, mind, and health in a considerably, often in the same way as essential oils and aromatherapy work.

They act like a magnet and absorb all the negativity of the body cleansing and filling the body with fresh vibes.

Crystals are extracted naturally and thus garner natural healing energies of the Sun, moon, and oceans for our well being.

When you place or hold a crystal near your body, it vibrates the body's chakras and improves physical and mental wellbeing.

If used in a specific way, they may also bring great amount of concentration to the mind. Crystals promote physical, emotional and spiritual cleanliness.

The vibration frequencies of crystals and humans match wonderfully and thus may maximize the healing properties.

It is this matching frequency that helps in attaining calm and ease in the body. They effectively balance misaligned energy levels of our body if any.

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Why should one learn Crystal healing?

Since we know the benefits and healing properties of crystals in details, it is easier now to understand how beneficial it is to learn crystal healing.

There is so much information available on crystal healing and knowing it is an asset.  Even learning basic crystal healing skills can be overwhelming.

Learning crystal healing is a simple process as it comes natural to us when we talk about our body and pains associated with it. Anyone looking for alternate method of healing may certainly opt for crystal healing. 

  • Not just we can use the knowledge for our own benefit but can also relieve our loved ones from stress and pain bringing peace and harmony in their lives. 
  • Moreover, crystal healing provides a great career option. You may earn decent amount through carrying crystal healing as profession. You may become financially independent while serving the masses.
  • You get mental satisfaction while getting engaged in such philanthropic profession. There is nothing more satisfactory than filling happiness in others’ lives.  

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Crystal healing course at Future Point

A pioneer institute in occult science, Future Point has marked its excellence in various branches like Astrology, Vastu, Crystal healing, Tarot card, palmistry and Lal Kitab etc. Crystal healing is one of their fields of mastery and they strive to teach crystal healing to the students in most detailed yet simplest manner. You will get the following benefits:

  • Receive a Crystal Healing Certificate of Completion
  • Learn why crystals are able to assist with healing
  • Understand how crystals are able to bolster healing
  • Learn the basics of Chakras and their associated crystals
  • Choose the right crystals and know where to place them
  • Use crystals to assist with healing
  • Understand why and how to cleanse healing crystals
  • Learn the wide range of crystals connected to each Chakra and their respective healing qualities/affects
  • Classes are conducted online
  • Detailed study material and ppts are provided to the students