Govardhan Puja

Indian Astrology | 24-Oct-2019

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As per Indian Astrology, Goverdhan Puja is considered as an auspicious festival in the Hindu religion. The festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik, a day after Diwali. The festival is also known as Bali Pratipada, as the devotees worship Lord Krishna on the occasion. One can seek direct blessings from Lord Krishna on this day. Lord Krishna bestows his worshippers with a harmonious and glorious life. As per Hindu mythology, the pooja marks the victory of Lord Krishna over the arrogance of Lord Indra. The individuals on this day also worship the pile of grain considering it as Goverdhan mountain.

Govardhan Puja 2019 Date

The festival of Goverdhan Puja or Annakut Puja will be celebrated on 28th October 2019, a day after Diwali which will be celebrated on 27th October 2019.

It is highly recommended that you perform the pujan in correct Goverdhan Puja Muhurat to receive the grace of Lord Krishna in your life.

Deities to be worshipped on Govardhan Puja

In the Hindu religion, the Goverdhan festival is considered as an auspicious festival which is celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna. On this day Lord Krishna gains victory over the arrogance of Lord Indra. According to Indian Astrology, Lord Krishna is considered the most beloved Hindu God worldwide, who plays an important role in the fight of Mahabharta. It is said, that the individual who worships Lord Krishna on this day can seek his blessings. Lord Krishna prevents the natives from all types of dangers and offers a peaceful life to him/her. The festival fills the person’s life full of prosperity and happiness.

The story behind Goverdhan Puja

As per ancient scriptures, the puja is celebrated due to the incident when Lord Krishna lifts the Goverdhan mountain to provide the shelters to the villagers from heavy rain and storm. The whole incident occurs when Lord Krishna denies the farmers to provide or offer meals to Lord Indra. The villagers of Vrindavan used to offer lavish meals to the god of rain, Lord Indra, as he brings the rain in the village so the farmers could harvest their barren land.

When Lord Krishna finds all this happening in the village he asked everyone to stop because he doesn't find it right as poor villagers have to suffer a lot. Somehow child Lord Krishna convinced the villagers to discontinue the practice. When Lord Indra came to know about the whole thing, he became really mad on the villagers of Vrindavan and in anger, he sent too much rain and thunderstorm to Vrindavan. Folks of Vrindavan got worried after this and directly approached Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna advised every villager to proceed to the Govardhan Hill. When everyone gathered there, Lord Krishna lifted the whole mountain with his little finger. First people got afraid but in order to save themselves, they got under it. As Lord Indra is too fierce at that time, it rains continuously for seven days. Lord Krishna holds the hill for seven days and in the end, Lord Indra had to bow in front of mighty Lord Krishna and he stopped the rain. After this incidence, women of Vrindavan cooked 56 dishes for Lord Krishna. It is said, that Krishna took 8 meals a day. As he had stood there for seven days without any food, the women decided to make a lavish Chappan bhog (a meal consisting of 56 items like halwa, laddoos, mishri and peda). From then it is believed that God will protect all devotees. After that only, the individuals start offering food to the mountain as it represents God.

Annakoot Puja Vidhi

Govardhan Puja is also known as Annakoot puja. In order to please God, an individual prepare Chappan Bhog, 56 varieties of food on this day. To worship the Govardhan Puja one can also place pictures of Goverdhan hill. The things that are required on the Goverdhan puja are Cow dung or swamp, sugarcanes, Curd, unboiled milk, batashe, laddoo, pede, Roll, rice, Clay Deepak and matchsticks, and One silver coin.

To seek the blessing, it's very necessary to follow the rituals as Govardhan Puja is Important. By following it one can have a plethora of benefits in life. The proper procedure to perform Puja is given below:

  • One should always begin the puja after offering 2 sticks of sugarcane to the picture of Govardhan.
  • After it offers Curd, unboiled milk, batasha, laddoo and peda to the picture of the hill.
  • Light a Deepak or lamp and offer roli and rice.
  • After offering the above things, pray to Govardhan hill and ask for all the desires that he/she wants in life.
  • After performing puja, leave Sone batasha in thali gave that thali to somebody else along with some money.
  • One should read Laxmi Katha in the puja.
  • As Dakshina, the individual should give the silver coins to the person who reads the Laxmi Katha.
  • After the puja, one should put the kajal from the kajlota of Deepavali puja.
  • According to Indian Astrology, it is said that the women of the house should eat first and should start their meal by eating something sweet.

If the individual is facing problems in life then it’s high time now, he/she should consider Goverdhan Puja. Puja makes Individual life stable and peaceful. It rids off all the negative effects of the native’s life. To perform puja properly, one should always prefer learned saints, as they will perform the puja with full rituals.