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Indian Astrology | 02-Apr-2020

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People right from their academic days, narrow down on a career field and exhaust themselves in order to become qualified and get a job in that field. 

However, the moment they enter into the professional sphere, they realize that they have to face numerous challenges on a daily basis and how hard it is to get a promotion, salary hike or even have a modest growth in their career with all the cut-throat competition around.

Interestingly, the thing that would immediately become evident if one looks hard enough in the professional world out there is that- only a handful of people engaged in any particular career field are really successful while ironically, everyone else is working & striving equally hard in the same field.

Have you ever wondered- “Why is that?” 

Everyone who begins his/her career as a fresher has fundamentally the same educational qualifications and without any doubt works hard as well after getting recruited. Still, why is that only a few carve out real success for themselves from their careers while others just manage somehow to barely stay in the game?

This is simply because in order to succeed in a career field, one needs to choose a career that has the subtle yet immensely powerful support of the planets that are well placed in his/her Career Horoscope.

Make no mistake, working hard in a direction that has blockades created by planets that are ill placed in our horoscope, is like swimming against the tide. Sooner or later, one “will” get exhausted and drown eventually.

Role of Astrology in ensuring a Booming Career

Astrology is a sacred science that makes it possible to know how different planets as per their placements in the horoscope of a native, are affecting various domains of the native’s life.

Also, this ancient science offers incredibly effective remedies that have the potential of warding off the negative planetary effects from the life of a native and significantly increasing the positive ones to bring unparalleled success & prosperity in the native’s life.

The reason why astrological remedial measures are highly effective & result oriented is simply because in astrology, things work as per the cosmic arithmetic which says that a planet gives good or bad results as per its positioning in the horoscope of a native. If an aggravated planet is pacified through remedies, then the native starts to get relief from problems originally signified by that planet and if a planet that is positively positioned in the horoscope is strengthened, then the native gets success naturally!

So when it comes to having a successful career, it is imperative to choose a career that is represented by a well positioned planet in your career horoscope

However, if you have unknowingly chosen a career that is represented by a planet which is negative for you, then without any delay, adopt the remedial measures that Career Astrology prescribes to nullify or at least minimize the negative planetary effects that are refraining you from being successful and at the same time enhance the strength of the planet/s that are fundamentally conducive to the career that you are currently in. 

This is the only smart way to start moving ahead in career and begin clocking professional gains in terms of promotion & pay hikes!

Therefore, it is extremely crucial that one must consult with an experienced astrologer in order to get a proper, specific and critical career guidance that would ultimately ensure a prosperous career.

Planets and the Careers they Represent

Different planets represent different careers and it is recommended that an individual should enter into a career/profession that is backed by a planet which is “Positively Positioned” in that individual’s career horoscope or pacify the “Aggravated Planet” whose career field the individual have accidently entered, alongside strengthening the ones that are anyway beneficial for the individual’s career.

Let us look at the career fields/lines that certain planets represent.

Sun: Government Job, Wheat, Chemicals, Medicine and Administrative Positions.

Moon: Government Job, Shipping Department, Water Supply Department, Navy, Fish, Corals, Pearls, Fruit Farming, Milk Products and Nurses.

Mars: Military, Police, Private Security, Barbers, Chemists, Butchers, Dentists, Arms & Ammunition and Smith’s Industry.

Mercury: Journalism, Publishing, Editing, Law, Banks, Speculation, Mathematics, Literature, Trading, Income Tax, Sales Tax and Treasury.

Jupiter: Religion, Administrative Positions, Law, Finance, Education, Preaching, Judge and Teaching.

Venus: Poetry, Arts, Painting, Music, Acting, Silk Embroidery, Perfumes, Exotic Articles, Antiques, Diamonds and Jewellery.

Saturn: Real Estate, Coal, Mining, Jail, Lead, Cremation, Coolly, Oil, Gas, Steel and Iron.

Timing of Promotion and or Salary Hike as per Astrology

In-general, planets give results of the house that they are placed in and also of the houses that they own on the basis of Sign Lordship  in a particular horoscope. 

It is the combination of these houses and their cumulative result that decide the ultimate effect that a particular planet will have on a native. 

Also, one must remember that a planet exerts the majority of its influence on a native “only” when it is in operation as per the “Vimshottari Dasha” in the life of that native. 

Therefore, to know the fructification of an event in life (in this case- Promotion and or Salary Hike), one must consult with an astrologer to know the exact time of operation of the planet that is signifying that event in his/her life.

Same goes with adopting remedies to nullify a planetary problem that is slated to appear in the future. An astrologer after identifying a planet that is signifying a problem at a later stage in the life of a person, recommends remedies that pacify the aggravated planet and thus negates the problem that was originally slated to come in that person’s life at a later time.   

Therefore, to know the exact timings when the chances of promotion and or pay hike are maximum in your life, you should consult with an astrologer.

But what if someone wants an early promotion? Is such a thing possible?

Rather than making fancy statements, we would say that if planets that are currently in operation in your life or coming into operation soon are strengthened- if they are already positive or calmed down- if they are negative, then your chances of getting your desires realized are increased manifold.  

Therefore, we at Future Point offer you the opportunity to consult with the Best Astrologer for Early Promotion.

Having a successful career guarantees peace of mind, joy, wealth and happiness in life. Hence, it is only prudent to take the help of astrology and make your career a reflection of success!

In this digital age, we urge every professional or an aspiring professional to go for an online astrologer consultation and know what you can do to make the best out of your career.

Consult with the best astrologer to improve income and bring much deserved wealth and affluence in your life.

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