Fengshuitaboos for Renovation

Future Point | 13-Jan-2016

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The direction to check every year is the direction of the deadly Five Yellows. This also moves around the changes each year. This is a direction that cause a great deal of problems and it must be strongly dealt with each year.

The best way to counter the bad luck and misfortunes of the 5 Yellows is to use a 5 rod 11 inches golden wind chime. There should also be tiny bells to dissolve the bad energy of the 5 yellows. The locations of the 5 yellows is summarized in the table.


The guideline on the 5 yellows is that you must not undertake any renovations where it is located. Thus if you are planning to have a new kitchen and the Five yellows is located in the kitchen. It is best to postpone the renovation until the following year when the Five Yellows has flown into another grid. In the lunar year 2001 the location of this harmful manifestation of bad energy is the south west. This also means that the south-west is generally afflicted during the year. use a wind chime to overcome it. Please not that if you are making massive renovations that involve the entire house then the taboos on all three manifestations the Grand Duke, the Three Killings and the Five Yellows no longer apply.

The Grand Duke Jupiter


If you are thinking of making renovations to your house that involve banging and breaking down walls you should take note of the Grand Duke Jupiter. His place of residence each year changes but wherever he is it is important that you should not disturb him with loud banging and construction Upsetting the grand Duke brings bad luck. Thus the first thing to take note of is to find out where he is located in each lunar year.

There are specific guidelines on how one can improve one's Feng Shui if one is able to garner the support and assistance of the Grand Duke. it is also vital that one should never incur the wrath of the Grand Duke. To find out the Grand Duke's location each year refer to the Table reproduced below.

Always remember that you must never confront the Grand Duke Jupiter. Thus in any year always check where the Grand Duke is and in that year make sure you do not sit facing that direction. Even if that is your best direction, you must not sit in that direction in that year.


Remember never to sit in a position that requires you to directly confront the Grand Duke. Thus in 2002 the Grand Duke is located in the South. This means you should not sit in the north directly facing south. Even if you discover that south is your best location based on the Directionology formula in the year 202 you simply cannot use your best direction. If you directly confront the Grand Duke you will meet with loss, failure and problems.

For your horse, knowing where the Grand Duke is located helps ensure that you do not disturb him by having renovations or construction activity in this sector. Thus in 2002 you must not undertake any renovation in the south sector of your house since this will disturb the Grand Duke. You must postpone any planned renovations to the following year. to break this rule is to invite misfortune. The Grand Duke does not like being disturbed or touched in any way.

And never ever confront the Grand Duke in other ways. Old Chinese warlords always avoided advancing towards the enemy if it meant moving in a direction that represented the Grand Duke's location for that year. They always preferred to engage in battle with the Grand Duke behind them rather than in front of them. Thus in 2002, if have to attend an important meeting or negotiation do not sit facing the south instead sit with the south directly behind you. This way the Grand Duke will be supporting you.

The Three Killings


In addition to the Grand Duke Jupiter, it is also necessary to take note of the place of the Three Killings. This is a location of conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter and it is a location that should be avoided.

Take note of where its location is in each year. This is summarized in the Table.


You must never have the Three Killings behind you in any year. Thus in 2002 in the year of the Horse, you must not sit with the direction north behind you. This means you should not sit facing south. You may however face the Three Killings directly. This means that in 2002 you can sit facing north confronting the Three Killings will not hurt you but having it behind you will. In the year of the Sheep in 2003 the Three Killings is in the west so in the year, you must not sit with the west behind you. It is far more advantageous to sit directly facing west thereby facing the Three Killings head on.

When you are planning to do house repairs and renovations you must not do it in sectors that house the Three Killings. Thus in 2002 this means you should not undertake any renovations in the north sector of your house.

Please note that at al times you must follow both this and the guidelines on the Grand Duke ... these are simply the precautions to take when undertaking renovations.