Enigmatic and Mysterious 11th House

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Each and every person attached to astrological pursuits holds very high opinion whenever the 11th house of the horoscope comes into picture. Under these circumstances calling this house as enigmatic and mysterious sounds ridiculous. But when carefully analyzed under the various norms one will find that this house is worst among the 12 houses of horoscope. Through this article I would like to share my findings with the fellow astrologers, students of astrology and persons in any capacity related with this sacred subject. First of all I would like to quote some classics and the views of the seers which are as under:

The lord of 11th house or any planet posited therein or the planet / planets associated with the lord of 11th house during its dasa or bhukti is capable of improving native’s acquisitions to a better extent but at the same time during this dasa or bhukti the same planet / planets give difficulties, litigations and serious diseases etc. The tendency of giving such effects applies to the main dasa of any of three planets and the bhukti of the others. The careful study of 11th house reveals as under:

(a) The 11th house is 2nd from the 10th house hence it is a central point for one’s gains through the Karmas of present birth.

(b) The 11th house being 6th from the 6th house is an epicenter of diseases, litigations, punishments and debts etc. hence malefic effects predominate over the beneficence.

Before coming to the essence of article I would like to discuss all the twelve houses in a systematic way to prove that out of the 12 houses of the horoscope it is 11th house that stands out to be the worst house:

• The lords of angles (Kendras) and trines (Konas) which are six in all and the lords of these six houses are generally considered auspicious apart from those who suffer from Kendradhipati dosha which are capable of doing some good apart from the harm they are destined to do. After these six houses we are left with the remaining six houses and their lords and these are 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, and 12th. Even by implication these are adverse houses and so are their lords. Regarding this Sage Parashara is very much clear about this. In the chapter 34 and Sloka 4th of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra the sage states as under:

Trishadaayaadhiya Sarvegrahah Paapphalah Sma Tah

Meaning by whosoever owns 3rd, 6th, and 11th will produce sinful effects i.e. such a planet is inauspicious and trouble maker. The term Sarvagraha used include all the planets that have lordship over the said house without giving any relief to even Jupiter, Venus or Mercury as well.

Note: It is very important that the above said views should not be confused with the word “Upachayas”. In this regard the benefic results pertaining to the “Upachaya” houses would apply to the planets occupying these houses and not to the lords of these houses and in most of the cases when benefics occupy these “Upachayas” give rise to so called “Vasumati yoga”. As regard the “Upachaya” lords the Sage has exempted the 10th house since it is the best angle (Kendra) in any horoscope. More so the concept of occupants of three out of four “Upachayas” viz. 3rd, 6th and 11th being auspicious stands demolished if one applies the rule as suggested by the sage.

Thus out of six houses viz. 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th, Parashara, removes three house from the list labeled as good ones and calls three houses as the evil houses. The remaining three houses are 2nd, 8th and 12th, according to Parashara and are not as bad as the 3rd, 6th and 11th. Parashara further comments that the houses 2nd, 8th and 12th tend to modify their attributes according to relationship the lords of these houses establish with another planet who is lord of a good or bad house. Vide Sloka 5th of Chapter 34 the sage quotes as under:

Vyayadwiteeya Randhreshah Saahcharyaat Phalpradah

The word O;; used in the Sloka represent 12th, f}rh; 2nd and jU/kzs’kk the 8th and the word lkgp;kZr means association. Thus one has to infer that the lords of 12th, 2nd and 8th (one should strictly adhere to the order of these lords) will prove auspicious if they are associated with the angular or the trinal lords. But they become deadly inauspicious by their association with the lords of 3rd, 6th, and 11th. While grading these two groups the sage states the intensity of malfeasance will increase in the ascending order ie. 6th lord is more harmful as compared to 3rd lord while 11th lord is most harmful / inauspicious of the three. Thus suitable inference may be made pertaining to the lords of 12th, 2nd, and 8th houses in this very order and their relationships with favourable or unfavourable lords give good or bad results as detailed below:

• 2nd lord when associated with an favourable planet is more auspicious as compared to the 12th lord associated with the same favourable planet.

• 2nd lord when associated with an unfavourable planet will be more harmful as compared to the 12th lord when associated with the same unfavourable planet.

• 8th lord in association with a favourable planet will be more favourable as compared to the 2nd lord if associated with the same favourable planet.

• 8th lord will be more harmful when associated with an unfavourable planet as compared to the lord of 2nd house in case it is associated with same unfavourable planet.

Sage Parashara gives some relief to the lord of 8th house but with certain conditions. That the said planet should have simultaneous lordship over a trine i.e. Saturn in case of signs Gemini rising in the lagna, Jupiter in case of Leo lagna and Mercury in case of Capricorn lagna. Here the sage is silent about the Mercury’s lordship over 8th house and simultaneously its lordship over a trine viz. 5th house in case of Aquarius lagna and the reason for dropping this planet from the above list can be the exaltation as well as mooltrikona sign of Mercury falling in the 8th house. In this regard one can refer to Sloka 6 of Chapter 34 of Brihat Parsara Hora Shastra which is as under:

Tatra Bhagya Vyeyashatvaadrandhesho Na Shubhpradah

Trikadaayadhishatvedho Konpatve Tu Satphalah

The Sage is highly critical and condemns the 8th house lordship of a planet while the same planet simultaneously has lordship over either of these houses viz. 3rd, 7th, or 11th. For Pisces lagna Venus while becoming the lord of 8th house has lordship over the 3rd house, for Virgo lagna it is Mars while owning 8th house becomes the lord of 3rd house and finally for Cancer lagna Saturn though owns 7th house, an angle (Kendra) but it has lordship over the 8 house also.

Sloka No.7 of Chapter 34 of Brihat Prashara Hora Shastra states as under:

Laabhaadhidashaakaal Laabhovighno Athrogabhi

Means that the dasa of 11 th lord will be gainful (Laabho) but it will cause obstacles (Vighno) and diseases (Rogabhi) also.

If we further refer to Sloka No.18 of Chapter No.34 of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, which is as under:

Trishadlaabhagataanam Va Yutaanaam Tadadhishvareh

Sataamapi Na Bhognaam Twashubhdaamatah

Meaning by that the dasa of the lord of 3rd (Tri), 6th (Shad) and/or 11th (Labha) and the dasa or bhukti of planet/planets joining (Yutaanaam) with the lords of 3rd, 6th, and /or 11th will be inauspicious (Shubhdaamatah). Since the focus of the article is 11th house hence from the above sloka it can be deduced as under:

  • That the dasa of 11 th lord will be inauspicious.

  • That the dasa of planet/planets occupying the 11th house will be inauspicious.

  • That the dasa of planet/planets joining the 11th lord will be inauspicious.

Mantreshwara in his book Phaladeepika, vide Sloka No.41 of Chapter No.20 states as under:

Triveribhavyaay Dhapyanarthpradah

Means the lords of 3rd (Tri), 6th(Vairi) and 11th (Bhavyaay) produce evil. Thus the views are almost identical to those of Sage Parshara. Vide Sloka No. 20th of Chapter No.20 of Phaladeepika the author further states as under:

Shravanamshubhvaachaam Bhraatrikashtam

Sutarti Bhavavayari Daitya Vachchanam Karnarog

During the dasa of 11th lord one begets evil news (Daitya Vachchanam). His co-borns will undergo troubles (Bhraatrikashtam). His offspring (Sutarti) will fall ill. The native himself/herself be miserable, be cheated and may suffer from ear diseases (Karnarog) Thus the author is more critical about the 11th house than the 3rd or 6th house.

To prove the above findings we will give few examples but restricting to the role of 11th house and its dasa. We will not divulge in various combinations, which caused disease or misery, present in the charts/horoscope since that is not the part of the article and we leave it to the readers to find those.

Male Native

DOB. : 31.01.1957,

TOB.11:25 AM,

POB : Ambala(Haryana)

The Native was born with sign Aries rising in ascendant and Mars the lord of lagna placed in lagna itself which means the native will be long lived and maintain a good health. The native is an MD(Ayurveda) doctor and working as senior professor in a prestigious Ayurvedic Institute in Chandigarh. Native was BAMS only at the time of joining service and aspired to do MD. He appeared in the entrance examination to do MD in the mahadasa of Jupiter, lord of a trine, but could not qualify. In June, 2000 when the native was under the mahadasa of Saturn and bhukti of Saturn the native got selected for MD which he completed in a stipulated period without any hassle. However in March 2000 native suffered a massive heart attack. Thus as discussed in the article, on the onset of Saturn’s maha dasa( 11th lord) native suffered healthwise but at the same time he got professional elevation.

Male Native

DOB:29.12.1972, TOB:03.05,

POB: Chandigarh.

The native was born with Libra sign rising in ascendant. The native is very well educated and working with a multinational software company and earning a very handsome

amount. His married life is very good. In the

beginning of year 2005 when the native was under the mahadasa of 3rd lord Jupiter and under the bhukti of 11th lord Sun, he suffered a paralytic attack which effected the lower portion of body. Before this mishappening native got an elevation in the job with sufficient increase in his emoluments.

Male Native



POB: Delhi

The native was born with sign Cancer rising in ascendant. Moon, lord of lagna is very well placed in conjunction with 4th and 11th lord Venus thus forming a powerful Rajayoga. Another powerful yoga is caused by the relations of 2nd lord Sun and 5th and 10th lord Mars. Further 9th lord Jupiter is placed in 10th house in sign Aries and lord of 10th house viz. Mars is aspecting the 9th house by its 8th aspect thus forming a relation between 9th and 10th lords giving rise to the most powerful Rajyoga. All these combinations took the native to dizzy heights. Without any technical education and with simple graduation the native is placed as an executive director with a multinational company. It was during the maha dasa of Saturn, 7th and 8th lord, and in the bhukti of 11th lord Venus without any previous history the native was detected of so many complications viz. diabetes, rise in serum cholesterol, rise in blood urea and serum creatinine. But during this bhukti only native got a good jump in his emoluments.

The crux of the article is that the 11th lord is capable of professional rise but at the same time it gives diseases.