Crystal empowerment

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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You can empower any crystal with the essence of a particular tarot archetype. This energizes the crystal with specific powers for a short-term or permanent effect. As when you hold a crystal in your hand to draw in its energy or to give your own out, the tarot archetype is infused into the crystal so that, when you carry it or wear it, you are carrying the card’s psychic energy.

Step-by-step guide

  • Decide which card is the most appropriate for your purpose, and acknowledge that this purpose is for the benefit of all. May be you are seeking new romance, so you might use the Lovers.
  • Place the crystal of your choice on the card, and repeat the card’s name three times (the Lovers, the Lovers, the Lovers) and ask for the card’s essence to enter the crystal for your specific purpose.
  • For a more long-term infusion – say you wanted to find a spiritual pathway that worked for you and wanted affirmation of that in the future – leave the card and the crystal overnight on your window ledge on the night of a full moon. It doesn’t matter if the sky is cloudy.