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Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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The Ace cards represent the power of the spirit acting in and binding together the four scales of each element, so each Ace in each of the four suits rules over one of the elements : Earth (Pentacles), air (Swords), fire (Wands), water (Cups). As the number one, the Ace symbolizes the beginning of all things, the creative power of the center, the first mover, the Genesis. It is the symbol of creativity and total individuality. It signifies originality, unity, masculine energy, potency, volition, and energy. As the number one cards, the aces represent the beginning or creation of something new. They are powerful and energetic cards.

Four Court Cards

(The following are general interpretation of this group of cards. In a reading, this interpretation will be modified by the card’s position in the spread and the purpose for which the reading was done)

The Kings

The four tarot Kings correspond to the powers of the four elements: earth (Pentacles), air (swords), fire (wands), and water (cups) respectively. When this card appears in a reading it signifies powerful forces and they denote strong influences rather than events. They represent material forces, in which all other forces are implied. They represent masculine influences, support and help coming from the four quarters of the globe and are the kings of the watch-towers who rule the north, south, east, and west.

North direction is associated with the suit of Cups, so in a reading of King of Cups it denotes that the seeker will get help/support from the Northern direction. South is associated with the suit of Wands, so in a reading of King of Wands it denotes that the seeker will get help/support from the Southern direction. Similarly, East is associated with the suit of Swords and direction west is associated with the Suit of Pentacles.

The Queens

The four Queens of the Minor arcana are usually regarded as representing four types of womanhood (mother, sister, wife and daughter) who will bring opportunities and exert their influence at some time in our lives. Their influences bring various reactions and experiences which can help or hinder the development of our own personalities. They represent feminine influences, support and help coming from the four directions.

The Knights

The Knights of the tarot have different meanings according to the lay-out of the spread and the gender of the seeker. For a woman they can signify men coming into her life, whether as admirers, friends, or work associates, as well as the intentions of those she already knows. For a man, they represent male associates and friends who will help and support mentally or physically to a certain extent. Emotionally, for either sex, the Knights can represent the warring factors in an individual’s mind. They are also referred as prince of Four Directions. In a reading it refers to help/support arriving from a dynamic / youthful male.

The Pages

The Pages are sometimes referred to as princess of Four Directions. They also represent children or young adolescents who are still under parental control, young females as well as new ideas or a new situation, anything new is young in the sense that it has not yet reached maturity. So, if a Page appears in a spread, it can indicate that you are young in heart, experience, or outlook. This card can also represent the thoughts of people, messages, gossip, and minor news.