Confused in your love life? Personal tarot card reading may help

Indian Astrology | 24-Apr-2022

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Love is a wonderful feeling that makes you obscure about everything else around you. But at times, it also gives anxiety and insecurity about the future. In a love relation, you are solely responsible for taking any decision related to your relation and parents have almost a negligible role. Now, there is a great insecurity about your love and compatibility in your love relation.  You remain anxious as how your relations will turn up in near future. For relieving yourself of this terrible feeling you may always resort to personal tarot readings. In personal tarot readings you perform tarot reading on your own without taking any professional help. 

When we do tarot reading on personal level then it has to be conducted with utmost care. People usually shuffle the deck many times until and unless the desired card is extracted. Such situation gives confusing results and the person doesn’t get any clarity about the future. 

You should remember that you are getting spirit guidance while doing tarot prediction and it is important to accept whatever comes in front of your eyes. These energies are here to guide you throughout your life journey and you should accept these indications with an open heart. It is only with the most genuine approach that you may get the best indications about the future. Obstacles tend to come and you may really not like the indications of the card you drawn. But you should lower your expectations and try to go with the flow.

Use the following tips to come up with the most reliable and genuine tarot reading:

Choice of the reading

First, you have to decide whether you wish to go for personal reading or couple reading. You should decide this in advance as your readings will depend upon your choice of reading. In both the readings you have to draw three cards taking the third one as the closing card. In the first case of individual reading you get the indications about the present, past and future of your life. The indications are concerned with you and the path that you should follow to get the desired results. In case of couple reading, the three cards show the intimacy between the partners. What keeps you together and what drives you away from each other is indicated by these three cards. The first card signifies you and third signifies your partner. The second card shows the compatibility between both of you. Time of readings is essential for genuine and accurate tarot readings. It is important to decide in advance about the timing of event. The reading may belong to the present, past or future.

Stay relaxed before reading

It is essential for a tarot reader to stay calm and remove any kind of negative energy like anxiety and fear. It is required to stay peaceful so that no other energy interrupts with the spirit guidance. Any negativity may eventually affect the results. Your energy may affect your surroundings and it is mandatory to calm yourself before initiating any tarot card reading. When you are not at peace, outcomes are not clear with your insecurities showing on the deck. The reading should be done in the best state of your mind else results are not trustworthy. One should also keep the surroundings and the deck of cards clean to avoid any disruptions in your readings. Practitioner may cleanse his/her aura by exercising and mediation. A clean aura confirms a clean mind. Intuitions work majorly and serve as the best guide when it comes to take the most genuine readings. Only the intuitions may tell you where to stop.

Take out only few cards

It is a general practice to pull out many cards at a time in order to settle down for the most desired answer. But this practice spoils the purpose of tarot reading and the person gets confused with the mixed messages as indicated by the different cards. It will take you long to decode every message and you may not get the clear idea about the event. You can’t resist opening more cards one after the other but it is important to remember that you should settle down on the first clue or the message you get from the first set of cards. Second reading may spoil the things leaving you in a state of confusion as to what to deduce from a particular situation. You may decode the indications by noting them somewhere and gradually revising the notes over a period of time.

Don’t feel too much attachment

You should practice detachment in your readings and accept it the way it comes. If any area of life is showing up problems then it is sensible to accept it rather than looking for more options. Respect your instincts and decode the message in a detached mood at that moment. If some of your readings show the need of healing in any area of your life then you should accept and start healing it without further judgment. The tarot reading will show up some obstacles which may not be liked by you. But it is very important to go beyond them with ease and modern approach. The universe doesn’t always bring sweet things in life but it acts as a great teacher to teach even bitter lessons to us. And we should be broad minded to accept them. Our readings give us a different perspective in life. It may show separation from the past as well but that would be for our bright future ahead. The tarot reader should learn the art of detachment and go with the flow.

Learn tarot reading for more accurate results

It is important that you understand the meaning of each card in depth and are well versant with its variants. All this can’t be learnt by reading few books and there is a dire need to enroll for the most effective Tarot Course at Future Point. If you have thorough knowledge of all the cards called major and minor arcanas, you may decode and predict better. Tarot may show you the way to follow in future but only if done in the most appropriate way. A tarot course makes you understand the meaning of each card in depth and you may utilize that to predict future in more efficient way. The complete knowledge is essential for the most genuine readings and to get the most authentic guidance about the future. This can be achieved by a professional tarot course only which not just benefits you but also your loved ones. 

Take a professional tarot consultation too

However, it is perfectly fine to take personal readings while following the above mentioned points but there is always no harm in taking a professional tarot reading with a tarot reader. This may help you clear out the confusions you might have through your personal consultation. A professional tarot reader may help in getting a complete different viewpoint of the situation you otherwise might not have. If you wish to utilize the tarot guidance in its truest sense then you should consult a professional tarot reader and match the readings with your own to get the most effective readings.