Centre of Bagua

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Centre of Bagua is important. It is situated in the home where inhabitants meet one another, and where energies become dynamic after accumulation. This place should be looked after well. It should be always bright and fit for welcome. There should be neither hoch poch here nor the combined light of 5 bulbs. Lights of glass can make this place dynamic. A circular carpet in Centre is auspicious.

Feng Shui is used for providing useful energies to the house. However, life is not static and remains changeable. Similarly energies of directions keep on changing. Therefore when good results are obtained by energizing a direction, it gives pleasure. However becoming apathetic towards that direction later on may not render good results. Directions must be kept energetic constantly in spite of changing situations. When symbols are used for developing 8 apsects of life then directions and elements related to them must be ascertained by a Bagua compass. Symbols and subsymbols must be kept only for a favourable direction.