Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Bagua is an octagonal symbol of Chinese Culture. Every angle of this octagon indicates a direction and an important aspect of life. For the sake of convenience. Bagua is shown in a square shape of 3x3. If your house is square or rectangular it can be easily imposed on this square. It can be helpful in knowing the fortunate areas or for ascertaining whether a particular building is lucky or not. This miraculous square has 9 squares. Each square represents a particular form of energy.

The directions of loupan (compass) are fundamentally important in Feng Shui. Loupan tells whether a particular direction is lucky for you or not. Information of loupan is briefly present in miraculous square. This is also the basis of bagua or pakua chart. Loupan is helpful in search of places for residence or office that have auspicious energies and elements.

Bagua is symbol of journey of life. Persons desirous of constructing a building on the basis of Feng Shui should follow Bagua.

Use of Bagua

Bagua plays an important role in the planning of a building for fixing of directions. Its 8 parts symbolize the 8 aspects of life: Career, Relationships, Family, Wealth, Colleagues, Children, Knowledge and Fame. Ambitions can be fulfilled miraculously by the use of Feng Shui. Symbolic articles play an important role in it. These symbols could be pictures of mountains, stones etc. In order to give vibrations to these symbols, moving objects are used. These dynamic objects could be small fountains, candles etc. Whatever symbol is chosen, it must have a meaning. It should also not collide with element of user's direction.

  1. Career : Career is directly related with the objective of native, with what he desires. Career also means start of a project.

    Remedy : Dynamic objects like a fountain, candle. Apart from it an inspiring picture such as of a university should be hanged.

  2. Relationship : Relationships play important role in the life as they make life pleasing by interaction with spouse, partner, family members, friends etc.

    Remedy : For success in the romantic relationship, keep a symbol in pairs such as two flowerpots, two candles or a photograph of the native with spouse. In addition to it, plants must be used to keep Chi moving. If wind flows then wind chimes etc may be hanged. In the absence of wind, windchimes will be useless.

  3. Family : A happy family remains joyous and free from stress. This is possible only when all members of family maintain harmony with one another. Physical fitness is also essential. Neighbours will behave well only when we behave well with them.

    Remedy : Hang photographs of family, keep family mementoes.

  4. Wealth : Normally wealth is understood as the financial position. However it also signifies complete life and accumulation of positive energies in adjacent areas.

    Remedy : Keep coins, plants, empty bowls. In addition to these a dynamic symbol such as a small fountain should be used.

  5. Colleagues : Interaction with various people is an important activity of life. If you help others, others too will help you.

    Remedy : Keep telephone, telephone directory and business card for getting help from well wishers.

  6. Children : Children are future of the family. Parents regularly think about their future plans and about how to implement it etc.

    Remedy : Keep photographs of children, blue prints of their plans and collection of parents' artistic things.

  7. Knowledge : Knowledge is related to learning and education. Education learned by experience and not superimposed is desired. Such knowledge makes life rich.

    Remedy : Books, Framed quotes, photographs of teachers.

  8. Fame : Fame should be earned by noble deeds and not by an abrupt action.

    Remedy : Certificates, newspaper cuttings, documents of construction and success.