Astrological Software's Infuse Accuracy In Horoscope Analysis (2023)

Indian Astrology | 10-Sep-2014

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Computerization has brought a revolution in the field of Astrology. People well versed with programming and astrological knowledge created astrological software to cater to the need of astrologers not only to get computerized horoscopes instantly but also comprehensive astrological calculations within a very short time.

In olden times astrologers used to cast various horoscopes and do astrological calculations manually which was not only an intricate process but also involved the probability of errors and mistakes. Moreover, it was a time consuming and tiring process too. Now with the advent of various astrological software in the modern era of computers the probability of mistakes is not much as there is no manual handling of data.

Although modern science is not competent enough to make accurate predictions about natives, share market, business, weather, earthquakes and other natural calamities etc. however, modern technology plus astrology has made the process easier.

Lots of people with a research oriented mind are busy in making improvements in astrological softwares not only for accurate calculations but also correct predictions. The computers help a lot as we succeed in generating and handling big data required for research work.

Astrology Softwares

There are several good astrological softwares available in the market today. Majority of the softwares is quite authentic and reliable. Only an astrologer can determine which one out of these softwares is the best, the most authentic and suits him/her the most.

People fond of doing lots of research work in the field of astrology should buy a software that suits them best as per their needs pertaining to their research work. Moreover with astrology software, professional astrologers can cast the horoscope of their client instantly anywhere anytime. To cater to this need, astrological softwares these days are available for mobile phones too.

Why Opt for an Astrology Software?

Astrology or Horoscope software today typically derive accurate planetary positions, display and print these positions using astrological glyph symbols in graphic charts, save and retrieve individuals' data to and from database files, compare the planetary positions of different charts to ascertain compatibility between them, calculate the dates of important events in the future for a chart and research the saved chart database. Some generate colorful geographical maps with lines showing where the planets rise and culminate at a significant time, usually the time of birth or the time of inception of an organization (called astrocartography).

Horoscope softwares usually come bundled with an electronic atlas, allowing the review of the longitudes, latitudes and time zone observance histories for cities and towns. Many assemble interpretive text about the various element combinations in a chart into comprehensive printed reports.

Features of a Good Horoscope Software

Good features like being user friendly, containing the facility of viewing several horoscopes on one screen simultaneously & accuracy in calculations with universal acceptance are prime qualities of a quality software because the credibility of any astrological software lies in its accuracy only. It should contain a comprehensive data bank with least possibilities of mistakes and errors. It should also support various Ayanamsa with a facility to add user defined Ayanamsa. It would be always good if it provides permanent backup for all analysis or operations done. A good Horoscope Software gives the option of using outer planets such as Neptune, Pluto and Uranus in the chart. Last but not the least, it would be an added advantage if the software is multilingual.


In nutshell a good astrological software should have all the above qualities with the option of different styles of charts like South Indian, North Indian, Oriya, Bengali and Western system so that it remains globally acceptable. Finally it should be supporting various astrological systems and all aspects of astrology with comprehensive Calculations, All Astrological Combinations (Yoga), Various Remedial Measures, All Divisional Charts, Various types of Dashas, Parashari Astrology, Jaimini Astrology, Kundli Milan (Matching), Varshphal, Numerology, Horary, K.P, Lal Kitab, Muhurat, Panchang, Mundane, Books, Calendar, Transit, Mantras and lots of other necessary astrological information with Predictions.

There are several astrological softwares like Leostar, Parashar Light, Horosoft, Jagannath Hora and Kundali Pro etc which contain many or all above mentioned qualities with slight difference in user interface. Leostar produced by Future Point is considered to be the best choice of professional astrologers and that is why it is widely & extensively used globally.

Leostar, which supports all astrological systems, is the leader in Vedic Astrology Softwares for the Professional Astrologers and beginners alike. It features a wealth of calculations, charts, tables, tutorials, and interpretive reports and that is why the professional astrologers prefer to use this software.