Which 8 Ascendant Signs Will Tie the Knot in 2023?

Indian Astrology | 15-Jun-2023

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We are already half way into 2023 and it is time that we talk about the domain of marriage as the last months of every year witness countless marital unions taking place much larger in number in comparison to the first half of the year. From an astrological point of view, this is because these months are filled with numerous “Shubh Muhurats” (auspicious timings) for prospective couples to tie the knot and enter into the most beautiful phase of their lives, which is marriage!

In this digital age, right from the middle of a year, would-be couples and or family members start consulting with an Astrologer through Online Astrology to get the horoscopes of the prospect husband & wife matched in order to ascertain their compatibility with each other and know the best suitable timing or Shubh Muhurat for the couple to tie the knot.

Those who are having a hard time getting suitable marriage proposals should immediately go for Online Astrology consultation with an Astrologer and get their Natal Horoscope thoroughly analyzed so that such remedies could be derived that would remove obstacles & delays and facilitate a blissful married life.

Since we are in June 2023 let us talk about the people associated with 8 Ascendant Signs who are highly likely to tie the knot in 2023 and know their innermost & real nature and the kind of marital relationship that they generally have or look for with their spouse.


People with an Aries ascendant have fortune on their side when it comes to getting married in 2023. They are bold and courageous with a strong sense of initiative. Therefore, they are usually the ones who do not waste any time in letting their spouse or lover know about their heartfelt emotions & desires. They are upfront and expressive about their feelings and have a very direct approach in their marriage. They are most certainly not known for their patience which at times creates problems in their married life. They have high levels of energy and are very active and seek the same from their spouse.


Taurus ascendant natives hold promising chances of tying the knot in 2023. They lead a laid back or easy going life and are very tolerant. They display incredible patience and rarely come up with complaints or register their anguish with their partner. People with a Taurus ascendant are very good listeners which again is a personality attribute that ensures a blissful & content married life. However, they should try to be more vibrant in their approach to their partner as their quiet nature could at times be perceived as a lack of interest.


Chances of people with a Gemini ascendant to get married in 2023 are very high. They are very imaginative and this makes them very demanding in marital relationship with their life-partner. They are extroverts and never have any problem expressing themselves. They look out for a marital union wherein they would have an active engagement with their partner. However, in their pursuit of marital bliss as they perceive it to be, they forget to take into consideration what their spouse wants from them. They must learn the art of striking a balance or having a mutually respecting relationship.


Another set of natives that are at an advantageous position with respect to tying the knot in 2023 are those having Lira as their ascendant. They are more often than not the ones who tend to overanalyze the flow of their marriage rather than enjoying or living in the present. They are obsessed with achieving balance and most of the times get disturbed when things do not go as per their ‘expectations’. They must understand that a marital relationship warrants compromises from both the stakeholders in order to move ahead in a harmonious way. A ‘little bit my way’ and a ‘little bit your way’ is the mantra to marital bliss for them.


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Scorpio ascendant ascendant born stand favourably to benefit from the astrological movements that are promoting marriage in 2023. These are somewhat complicated people when it comes to expressing themselves which often creates a vacuum in communication with their partner. While they are very romantic, they often delay expressing their feelings. They are sensitive people and understand the importance of being nice to the other person which adds the attitude of caring to their personality which is absolutely necessary for leading a happy & blissful married life.


Natives with a Sagittarius ascendant are highly poised to get married in 2023 due to the favourable position of Jupiter in the Zodiac Belt, for the entire remaining part of this year. These people love to be outdoors and lead an adventurous life. They prefer a partner who shares their enthusiasm and outlook towards life. However, they must learn to respect the point of view as well as likings & dislikings of their partner. They are very focussed and goal oriented which makes them people who could be relied on by their partner. This is perhaps their greatest quality as being dependable means a lot to one’s life-partner.


People with this Saturn ruled ascendant have luck favoring them in 2023 as far as entering into the marital domain of their life is concerned. Those with an Aquarius ascendant are deep thinkers who often set their own priorities in life without having their partner on the same page with them. They must understand that a spouse is called a life-partner for some reason. Marriage is a sacred partnership between two individuals with an Aquarius ascendant must show active involvement in their marriage and acknowledge the need for their spouse/life-partner’s consent in making key decisions of life.


People having Pisces as their ascendant are getting immense support from their ascendant lord- Jupiter, when it comes to tying the knot in 2023. They are very emotional people who are sensitive to their beliefs and perceptions in life. When it comes to marriage, they are perfect as a loving & caring spouse since they respect the feelings & desires of their life-partner very well. They are very good at relationships because of their compromising nature where it is justified. All in all, they are very good life-partners who do not mind going the extra mile to ensure marital bliss & harmony with their spouse.        


Please bear in mind that people with these 8 ascendant signs are simply better placed in terms of their chances of getting married in 2023. It does not mean that people having other ascendant signs would not get married.

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