7 Ascendant Signs That Signify Overanalysis

Indian Astrology | 12-Jun-2023

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Thinking, contemplating or analyzing are mental activities that all of us perform at regular intervals in our life to chalk out a course that is likely to turn events or situations in our favour. However, there are people who tend to go overboard when it comes to analyzing a particular situation.

So, what is the reason why some people over analyze a situation?

Well, the answer lies in the occult science of Astrology!

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Now let us move forward to the topic of discussion and look at how Astrology could reveal what kind of people are likely to indulge in overanalysis.

What is Astrology?

Astrology or Vedic Astrology is an occult science that came into existence in ancient India or Bharat, to be more accurate. It was revealed by the sages of that time for the betterment of humankind.

As per the principles of Astrology, planets cast an enormous impact upon humans and literally shape up various domains of their lives. But this celestial impact also extends to affecting or rather creating the personality attributes of a person.

Horoscope: The Most Important Tool in Astrology

By now we have understood that Astrology reveals what the planets have in store for us pertaining to various aspects of our life as well as our personality. But, how do we arrive at such phenomenal information?

Well, the answer is- Horoscope!

Yes, the horoscope is the most important tool in Astrology that becomes the doorway of answers about the life of a person. A horoscope or a birth chart is basically a map that holds the details about the position of planets in the Zodiac Belt at the time of a person’s birth.

This cosmic snapshot helps an astrologer to decode what the planets are signifying for various domains of a person’s life. One must understand that planets in Astrology are the divine entities that hold the karmic account of a native and give him/her the results for past life karmas in this current lifetime.

So, now it can be understood that an astrologer analyzes the horoscope of a person and decodes the person’s personality, broader outlook of mind, inclinations apart from what different aspects of his/her life signify or are slated to pan out.

How Astrology Can Identify People who Overanalyze?

Since Astrology among many other things reveals the innermost nature, personality attributes and inclinations of a person; it becomes possible for an experienced astrologer to ascertain a person’s mental outlook. However, it must be noted that analyzing a horoscope for whatever reasons or objectives, is a very complex process that involves factoring in multiple permutations & combinations to arrive at precise predictions

When it comes to identifying people who have a tendency of over analyzing or simply thinking a lot, Astrology among many other things focuses on the ascendant sign which is present in the first house of a person’s horoscope.

What is so special about the Ascendant Sign?

Well, the ascendant is the soul of a horoscope. It speaks volumes about the deep & innermost nature of a person, his/her mental outlook and how he/she perceives things. There are people with different kinds of interests, likings, dislikings, inclinations, sensitivities, focus, attention span etc. Everybody analyzes a situation that he/she is exposed to.

However, people having certain specific ascendant signs are bound to over analyze a situation, topic, person or whatever catches their attention.


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7 Ascendant Signs that Signify Overanalysis

Let us look at the 7 Ascendant Signs that promote overanalysis within people.

Gemini: If a person has Gemini as the ascendant sign then it is highly likely that the person would spend a great deal of time contemplating upon past actions. Overanalysis by Gemini more often than not leads to nothing concrete or productive. People with a Gemini ascendant unknowingly live in their past and they tend to miss out on their present and regret not paying attention to what is actually meaningful in their lives.

Cancer: Being a watery ascendant sign, Cancer induces very high levels of emotions in people. These people are extremely sensitive and live within strong emotional boundaries. They tend to go into a deep thought process about something or someone that they share/develop an emotional connection with.

Libra: If there is one ascendant that signifies an extremely high level of overanalysis, it is Libra. People with this ascendant sign tend to get into a psychological cocoon of their own when it comes to analyzing & perceiving situations or people. It is very difficult to convince them of anything otherwise, if they make up their mind based on what they believe in. 

Scorpio: Those with a scorpio ascendant might appear to be those who have a casual or relaxed attitude towards life & people. But, in reality they tend to harbour strong emotions and feel quite strongly about how they have been treated by others. They might hold secret grudges against those who have offended them and might think & plan a lot about getting back at them to settle the score.

Sagittarius: Those having a Sagittarius ascendant sign are very head strong in their beliefs and spend a lot of time pondering over what they think is important to them. Their overanalysis leads to the development of strong biases that make such people very difficult to make compromises or find a middle path.

Aquarius: This ascendant sign turns on the ability for a native to anticipate how things/situations could pan out in the future (both near term as well distant). A native with an Aquarius ascendant seldom reveals how he/she feels but is constantly analyzing people or situations. However, this overanalysis often leads to something constructive as it is propelled by curiosity rather than intense emotions.

Pisces: People with a Pisces ascendant are emotional and tend to get into over analyzing the happenings around them. They have a hard time getting their mind off a topic. They are great at analyzing people or situations because of their razor sharp focus. However, since Pisces is a watery sign, it makes them very emotional and susceptible to getting into over and in fact unnecessary analysis.

So, these were the 7 Ascendant Signs that signify overanalysis. However, as stated earlier, there are numerous factors that are to be looked at in order to arrive at a definitive conclusion or tangible prediction regarding the overthinking or over analyzing nature of a human being.

To conclude this topic, we would like to say that Astrology is an effective & time-tested occult science which reveals incredibly useful information about a person, empowering him/her to lead a better life by making informed & well-timed decisions in life.

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