Your nature is revealed in your Signature

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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signature reflects your nature. Signature tells about person’s branding of his/her own character, capabilities, strength, weakness, reflections, authority, behavior pattern at large in public/stage/with common people. Public image is the image some one wants to project at office/public place. On the other hand script or handwriting reveals personnel image i.e. the way writer deals in a particular set of personality parameters, with close people and relatives.

Signature is minimum set of letters which gives maximum information about a person. You can find a lot of fellow surrounding you having entirely different images at personnel level and at public level e.g. some one who is very daring at public is very nervous, fearful at home front/personnel level, and vice versa. People have two different images depending on the difference in their handwriting/script and signature. More the difference in script v/s signature, more the variation in two images of a person reflected in their personality.

Two images of a person can be compared with a coin . Head side of coin represent the authority of a particular country like lion’s head or queens head. This also carries time, authority and philosophy on which a particular country follows or wishes to tell the outer world about them. Other side of coin that is tail side of coin carries the value of that particular coin e.g. 25 paisa or 50 cents. Both the sides of coin carry different images/details like a person. As far as symmetry is concerned these two images can be identical to 90 percent only.

All the features/signs used in handwriting is present on the signature Various signature styles you may come across in your daily life can be grouped as follows:-

  • First letter in capital and in bigger size compared to other letters in the signature: This tells that writer has large PPI (Personnel Personality Index), writer is able to form his impression at first meeting itself.

  • Break just after first letter in the signature: Means a person has initial communication hitch/gap/fear/inhibition.

  • Writer first name only (surname/family name missing) Tells about his/her own mission/vision. These people rely solely on their own strength and avoid friends'/parents advise/help/guidance. Now a days these types can be found in signatures of most of call center/ entertainment, media boys and girls.

  • First letter limited to initials, second name/surname with all the details : Such persons are able to create initial impression but are not able to flourish due to over dependence on their parents. They give less priority to their own goals/vision/mission.

  • Legible signature : Tells that person is able to exercise full potential of his calibre and has created his own brand in the area of his interest. Such writers are able to market efficiently their personality features at public and enjoy recognition, authority, quality, aspect of their own work. It also shows that person has clear vision/mission of his choice.

  • Curved and smooth signature: Tells that person is gentle, charming, flexible, outgoing, sociable e.g. Example : Film actress Shri Devi’s signature.

  • Signature with angular connections: Implies that the writer is forceful has strong personality, competitive, aggressive and has a strong will. See the signature of actor Aamir Khan.

  • Underscoring below signature : Indicates that person has a healthy ego, confidence. If underline starts since beginning of signature then this shows that person is lucky enough since childhood as far as basic necessity like food and cloth and infrastructure are concerned.

  • Underline crossing the signature at middle zone of letters: This is the indication of person’s sacrifices, He is not able to justify/adjust to the outer world, self destructive nature, inner fear.

  • Many underscoring : This features tells that person doubts his own public worth/importance

  • Underlining at upper zone /above the signature: It indicates self protectiveness , spiritual / intellectual drive, leadership traits

  • Underline below and above the signature: Writer likes to follow a predetermined line of action, he is resentful.

  • First letter written in small case with bigger size : Means that person has high usable skills beneficial for others not for himself. Excellent communication (loud).

  • Large capitals: Shows creativity, pride, desire for greatness, extremely large size project inner fantasies and repressed wishes.

  • Large bottom loops : Is indication for strong need / desire for sexuality, money and material possession.

  • Small case/size capitals : Indicates writer doesn’t want public acceptance, modest, pride and tradition relatively unimportant.

  • Ascending signature (i.e. base line going upside) Tells about optimism, ambition, active

  • Descending signature : Means writer is pessimistic, depressed, fatigued, not goal oriented.

  • Dot follows signature : Means that “the final word has been said and there is no more “ world stops here, doubts own actions

  • Dot below underline :One dot tells vigilant nature, two dots mean willing to get directed (good for actors) One can see Amitabh Bachchan’s signature.

  •  Middle name first : Tells that writer is giving top most priority to his hobby and secondary actions, basic instinct, and drive. He lives a wandering life and is not able to make faithful friends/ lasting relations.

  • Signature placed at the center : Tells that writer is shy, wants to be in the center of things.

  •  Signature smaller than script : Means introvert natura submissive, mild, modest, insecure.

  • Signature bigger than script : Shows writer is extrovert, secure, contentious, over reactive.

  • First name and second name interconnected :Tells writer’s richness in character, sociability, strong parental association.

  • Illegible deformed crawled threaded signature :Tells that writer has high IQ but is not able to fulfill his own vision and mission. Such persons are a compromising lot at the cost of self destruction. These traits are common in IAS officers. / secretaries, because their skill is used to fulfill the political motives.

  • Encircled signature :Tells writer wants to hide or shelter from society, protective behavior, not able to utilize entrepreneurship.

  •  Signature written with greater speed than the script :Implies more confidence than actual, portrays good potential for improvements.

  • Signature written with slower speed than the script: Tells that writer has achieved better traits/ controls, he is reserved and careful to control his impulse.

  • Vertical strokes of letters bent at the middle towards left side : Shows comparatively more attachment to mother than father.

  • Vertical strokes of letter bent at the middle zone towards right side :Tell that writer is more inclined towards his father.

  •  Variable slant of letters within the signature : Emotional disturbances, strong in fight inside the mind, unstable, unsychronised thought, variable moods, difficulty in getting things done in a friendly manner.

  • Initials starting with strokes : Writer has inherited skills, can’t start things without introduction.

  • Signature with long ending stroke : Writer has extra energy, helps two steps extra proactively, helps others out of the way.

For fine tuning of nature a skilled grapho – psychiatrist consultant can be contacted for overall improvement / universal acceptance. Micro level improvement in handwriting can result in macro improvement in a person’s life along with success, enjoyment, universal acceptance right branding of his calibre /works.

The grapho-therapy (small improvement in the handwriting ) helps people in very big manner, by changing the life style, occupation, without any side effect.