You Should Be Buying these auspicious items for your home

Future Point | 30-Oct-2018

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Home is the place where we spend most of the time of our life and also live the happy moments of our life. Everyone wants to make their home full of prosperity and happiness. Vastu Shastra is also very helpful in making home prosperous and full of joy. If you place some auspicious things at your home then it will surely bring happiness and good luck to you.

In order to make your life a tad bit easier here are some common household things and décor items that can be used to bring good luck and wealth into your life.

Bagua mirror

It is around mirror surrounded by an octagonal wooden frame with the Feng Shui bagua design in either red, green and yellow colors. The bagua mirror is a powerful fengshui care that is very often misused. If you are suffering from the bad effects from the negative powers or bad energies, you may choose to use the Bagua mirror.

Om Swastik Trident

It is the Sri Yantra and is believed to be the visual representation of the mantra Om. Its vibrations bless the devotees with positive energy. By reciting the mantra of om in front of om swastika trident, one can be blessed with purity of mind, creativity, intelligence, knowledge, protection, attraction and prosperity. It is a combination of three most powerful symbols known as Trishul or trident, om and swastika.

Coconut Ganesha

Lord Ganesha can remove all the obstacles from your life and coconut is very auspicious in astrology. It is believed that coconut Ganesha blessed with intelligence, good luck, good fortune and wealth also. Coconut Ganesha is that on which an idol of Lord Ganesha is carved and therefore it serves both purposes i.e that of coconut and Lord Ganesha idol too. This will bring success and happiness and also increase your wealth.


It is a spiritual representation of the mantra Om. Om is the best name of God because its vibrations bless the devotees with positive energy and happiness in life.

Laxmi Ganesh Kuber Yantra

Laxmi, Ganesh and Kuber devta, they all are known to be very auspicious. Laxmi Ganesh Kuber Yantra provides maximum financial prosperity and stability. They are the main gods of wealth. Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles from life and has a special relationship with the goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi. Maa Lakshmi is worshipped to give us a wealthy life. This yantra blesses us all to fulfil our wishes and give us success.

Money plant

Money plant has important significance in Vastu. You can place money plant vase or a hanging scenery in the north zone of the house. It can help to attract the good luck. Money plant also helps to increase the wealth and financial well being of the family.


In spiritual products which can gain good luck for you, the fountain is also included. Water attracts a lot of energy into the house. It will help to increase the wealth of members of the house and reduce the financial loss. Placing a small fountain or moving water body in the north direction. It helps to increase the flow of finances from all directions.

Lord Shiva Designer Marble Plate

It has a beautiful image of Lord Shiva. You can place it at the place of worship, drawing room or meditation hall. Recite this mantra in front of it – om Namah shivay. With the effect of this plate, a person becomes matured and balanced. This can remove all your problems related to mood swings etc. all sorts of misfortunes, sorrows, diseases, anxiety, mental stress, worries etc eradicated.

Marble Designer Kalash-Chowki

You can enhance the look and positivity of your pooja room with this beautiful marble Kalash and chowki. This is made from marble and it has a fabulous finish which makes this ideal as a gift for housewarming ceremonies and other festive occasions. Kalash is believed to be very auspicious in astrology.

Patta Ganeshji

Ganesh Ji is believed to be the god who removes all the obstacles and problems from life and make it happier and auspicious. This Patta Ganesh idol can increase your wealth, success and happiness. Featuring lord Ganesha on a petal, this wall hanging exudes class and positive vibes,

You can buy all these above mentioned religious items or spiritual products online.