What each Quintessential Number means

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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The number of action. Single-minded, independent, the number one informs you that you must be innovative and motivated to succeed in your plans.


The number of negotiation. Co-operative and laid-back, this number is telling you to adapt to circumstances to fulfill your dream.


The number of communication. Express yourself through a creative outlet and your life journey will benefit from fun-loving relationships.


The number of realistic thinking. If you are practical and self-reliant, you will have the motivation to achieve whatever you set out to do, and can turn any situation to your advantage.


The number of creative adventure. It is time to be more outgoing, exploring, and questioning of others’ motives. The expressive side of your nature will enable you to make changes to suit you.


The number of the protector. It is time be of service in some way to bring out your nurturing side. However, six also reminds you not to let others decide your future for you.


The number of mysticism. On your life journey you will encounter many people involved in healing. You have an extraordinary talent for understanding the world. Listen to your intuition for the answer to a current dilemma.


The number of ambition. Right now you have a secret inner drive for success and power. And you’ll feel cheated if you don’t achieve material results. Plan ahead, sort out finances and the results will be equal to your goal.


The number of vision. You have extraordinary vision for the future, but following things through will be hard. You must try to avoid making promises you can’t fulfill, then you will gain the top prize.