Vastu Puja- An integral part of Grah Pravesh

Indian Astrology | 17-Apr-2021

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Buying a home to call our own and live there with our loved ones is the most precious moment for almost all of us. Certainly in India people are quite particular about Grah Pravesh and look for an auspicious day as suggested by an astrologer to enter their newly constructed house. It is believed that entering a house on a specified Mahurata will bring in good luck and prosperity for the dwellers.

Not just the auspicious day but a Graha Pravesh puja is also conducted before entering the new house. Vastu experts calculate subha mahurata for this religious ceremony. Certain days like Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashmi) are considered auspicious for Griha pravesh pooja. Then there are some inauspicious days like Uttarayana, Adhikmas, Holi and Shraddha Paksha which are not recommended to gain entry in the newly constructed house.

However it is a fun filled occasion but Graha Pravesh also involve a strict set of rituals that must be carefully undertaken. Following are a few Grah pravesh tips:

Before the ceremony

  • Clean the house thoroughly.
  • Placing all religious idols in the East facing direction
  • The doors and windows everything should be fixed and construction completed. Even the paint along the walls should be dry.

During the ceremony

  • Enter the house with your right foot forward.
  • No piece of furniture should be moved around the house during the entire process.

After the ceremony

  • The house should not be left empty for the first three days just after the proceedings.

Regardless of how grand plans one is making for Grah Pravesh, two ceremonies namely Vastu puja and Vastu Shanti are of utmost importance in the entire proceedings. If these grah pravesh tips are duly followed then prosperity is bound to follow.

As per ancient texts, a house is made up of five elements- the sun, fire, water, earth and air and Vastu creates a balance between these elements to create a blissful environment in and around the house.  

Our ancient literature advocates the use of Vastu in each and every sphere of architecture. The conventional Indian system of Vastu Shastra as precisely translated “science of architecture” promotes peace, prosperity, harmony and happiness at the dwelling and working places. It is a scientific research of directions in combination with the five natural elements namely fire, water, earth, air and space. It aims to strike a balance between human world and nature which certainly paves the way for all over bliss. It is an amalgamation of nature with architecture

Vastu Shastra lays down certain guidelines to facilitate the construction of residential or commercial spaces. The “Panchbhootas” or the five elements are used to relieve the humans of the troubles that may arise in their lives by making alterations in the internal and external structural configurations. Vastu Shastra emphasises Vastu Shanti Puja which purifies homes or offices from any negative energy present due to faults in construction.

Vastu Puja is a religious process whereby prayers are offered to seek the blessings of Vastu Purush, the Lord and the protector of a dwelling. Tribute is also paid to the deity of directions, Panchbhootas and Mother Nature.

The house should be entered with all the family members with chanting of holy mantras by a priest should carefully follow the vastu tips for the new house as prescribed in the article.

No one will deny to the fact that most of our time is spent at our homes and work places and everything in this universe have an associated energy with them including the construction site itself.

It is necessary to perform Vastu Puja:

  • When newly purchased or already owned land do not confine to the parameters of Vastu.
  • When Vastu rules were not followed at the time of the construction.
  • When an Old house is purchased.
  • When a house or building is renovated.

Even if you have been living in the same house for more than 5 years, Vastu Puja should be repeated to maintain the positive energy of it. A vastu expert is a person who comes as a great help while we try to ward off all negative energy out of our home. 

A vastu expert surely helps to rectify any present Vastu Dosha. Vastu puja purifies any structure or construction site and frees the environment of negative energy present there.

Any hindrances in positive energies may adversely affect the business output and financial conditions hence it is very important to get rid of such negative energy. This Puja helps in enhancing the financial returns of any business. This perfectly explains the importance of vastu shanti in any dwelling.

In a house packed with negative energy, conflict between family members is a common scene. They lack progressive and harmonious relations. So, purification of the house through this Puja is highly recommended to maintain positivity around. 

Dwelling in a building which does not adhere to Vastu principles can result in money losses, mental and physical afflictions and sometimes untimely deaths too. In ancient times, construction of a house was a sacred ceremony. They believed the house had a living entity as Vastu Purusha.

As per vastu shastra, different deities rule different directions which in turn control respective sectors of a home. For example, God Agni (Fire element) rules over South-East direction and is best suited to construct a kitchen here. Similarly Eshan or North-East direction is best suitable for puja room.

So if different regions of a house and working space follow the principles of vastu shastra then, power of the nature can be garnered effortlessly at our disposal. Most of the vastu principles are nothing more than a simple common sense and anyone can relate to it easily. It mostly talks of the ventilation facilities and quantum of sunlight a building receives etc.

However not every builder tend to construct vastu compliant structures and therefore, if one believes in vastu shastra and planning to purchase a new house, then in order to have a vastu-friendly home few points as explained below must be followed:

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1: Direction of the House

As per vastu shastra, the entrance of a house is not just to gain entry but it also is the entry point of energies. They too flow in and out through it. The preferable directions for the main entrance are north, east or north-east. This should be checked before purchasing a new home.

2: Directions of the Rooms

Every room in a house has to be built in a certain direction.

Few examples can be cited as follows:

Kitchen: Ideally, the location of the kitchen should be in the south-east direction of the house. A house with kitchen in the north direction should not be bought.

Master bedroom/Kids room: It should be located in the south-west direction. Care should be taken to make sure that while sleeping the heads should be placed towards the south or east, for peaceful mind.

Toilet: the ideal direction for the toilet/bathroom should be in the west or north-west direction. Avoid houses with toilets built in other directions as no corrective measures are really available to negate this position.

3: Shapes of the rooms 

Circular rooms might look fancier but are not recommended by Vastu. Always prefer square or rectangular shaped rooms.

4: Water Tank

The overhead water tank in the house should be located in the west or south-west direction. 

5: Ventilation

Good amount of ventilation and sunlight are essential as per vastu shastra as it allows positive energy in the house. It also enhances the inflow of money. A new house should properly be ventilated and a balcony is an added perk.

6: The Septic Tank

A septic tank is a reservoir of excretions of the kitchen and bathrooms till they are flushed out. In a way it has negative forces. If located wrong, it can have adverse effects on the health of the residents. The north-west direction is the only direction as prescribed for the septic tank. It should never touch the compound wall. 

If these valuable tips are followed while constructing a new home, positive energy bound to flow in. Although it is possible to take corrective measures any time but it is the best to take precautions during the construction phase itself.

Several measures like Mirror Adjustment, Furniture Arrangement, Use of Wind Chimes, Placing Aquariums, Horseshoe and Pyramid Yantra can be used favourably for eliminating Vastu Dosha. Vastu Shastra connects man with nature and the constructional discrepancies termed as Vastu dosh can be overcome by following some simple Vastu tips that in turn can give blissful lives. Consulting a vastu expert is very important but it is a need of the hour for all to learn vastu as it will help in conducting our day to day affairs in a mindful way. We can further get rid of the evil energies on a routine basis if we ourselves are well aware of this ancient knowledge.