Vastu in Modern Times

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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Vstu is originated from the creator (Brahma) who taught this science to several sages, Rishies. Sages disseminated this knowledge of Vastu shilpa sastra to their followers to benefit the larger interest of mankind and the universe. Vastu is derived from the verb”VAS” means to dwell and also the place of residence. Viswakarma, Maya and many more are the sthapathis (Architects Sculptors, Engineers, painters, Interior Designers etc, of devas and Asuras dealing with the science of Vastu. The most important books like Manasara, Mayamatam Viswakarma, Vastu sastram, Vastu vidya, Silpa Vignana Sangraham Silparatnam, Brihatsamhita etc and many more written in sanskrit are the classics of Vastu. In addition to the above ancient works, the principle vastu shilpsastra are abundantly found in the various puranas like Agni purana, Brahmananda purana, Devi Purana, Varaha Puranam, Vishnu Dharmottara Puranam etc.

According to Indian Shilpacharyas the term Shilp Shastra includes the three division of vastu, Construction of houses, Temples, Palaces etc., otherwise known as architecture.

Temples, living places, Assembly Halls, Hotels, Guest Houses, Audience Rooms and a host of structures to meet the needs of men of all grades are thus so adjusted in plan as to secure and give importance to Eastern frontage. The next step consists in the determination of true East, for which elaborate rules are laid down even as the construction progresses from the base upwards to the top. Conservation of angular momentum of the planet Earth due to its tremendous rotation from west to East and its axis of rotation, interplanetary attractions and repulsion’s were considered while planning and designing of human and animal settlements.

The North-East corner which stands for Eesanya, corresponds with the ultra violet segment of the solar spectrum and goes by several names as shiva, Nilakantha, Trinarayana etc., The names of several deities represent the various rays of sun, similarly the South Eastern corner represents Agneya (or Agni) which corresponds to the infra red segment of the solar spectrum. The sun, when appears in the horizon is accompanied by seven deities, which are nothing but seven rays (seven planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn).

In Vastu Shastra, the following are taken into consideration; earth its shape etc., mountains their height etc., continents and people and other characteristics. Construction in general to all kinds of people is given according to their status, calculation were given for construction of rooms, nursery, toilets, outhouses, verandas, drawing rooms, staircase in such a way as to give maximum comfort, freedom and privacy to make a house a real home. The pride of a house lasts for generation.

The houses under construction under mass scale by Governments or other units are not following the traditional Vastu rules and they are built according to the convenience of the engineers and planners on the site, thus paying the way for suffering to the occupants of such houses. Even the industrial units which are built under financial help by financial institutions, banks, Government and other financiers etc., are also not following the prescribed Vastu rules, within the shortest period of their occupation either the units are becoming sick, or the occupants are undergoing financial troubles and the higher percentage of units are under either lock out or close stages or in litigation with the Bankers/Financiers or in court, thus undergoing heavy losses for nothing of their fault. The generalized built corporate houses, industrial units again to be reconstructed so as to suit the individual, occupying the place planning and redesigning according with Vastu Shilpa Shastra made before such places (like houses, corporate offices, industrial units etc.) will give good results. They will definitely prosper in a long run to live in.

For selection of a site take care of the following:

  • Open yards should be more towards North and East sides.

  • Levels towards East and North should be lesser than West and South.

  • No trees or steps should be there exactly in front of the main door.

  • A well, temple, pillar, dustbin or dilapidated house, hillock should not be there opposite to the house or to the main entrance.

  • House should always be constructed towards the South and West but not towards the East or North.

  • Sunrays should regularly fall in the house.

  • No bird should be allowed to live inside the house where we live in, it will cause loss of issues.

  • A house should not be in a triangular shape; the inmates will lose mental stability and wealth also.

  • Shadow of a hall should not fall on the house, which will lead to poverty.

  • Always prefer square or rectangular plot.

  • Gates should not be allowed for residential houses on Southwest.

  • Compound wall should be built first and then the inside construction.

  • The height of compound wall in North and East should be less than the height of the compound wall in the South and West.

  • Used out construction materials should not be taken for new constructions.

  • According to house plan the plot can be extended to northeast but should not be reduced by constructing the offsets.

  • Burial ground should be at least 1000 yards distant from the house where the person lives in.

  • It is called Northwest plot if the plot is having roads on North and West side, the main entrance to be on western side. Vacant space on South and west to be less when compared to east and North side.

  • More space in the northern side for an industry ensures continuous cash flow and on East side produces quality product.

  • Roads on all sides of the industrial plot ensure all round happiness.

  • If west and south side is high and North, East and North East is lower than the plot/flat/house/industry is more favorable.

  • One will loose everything and will be very poor for ever if East and North are high and West and South are lower.

  • If East is high and West is lower, North and South are equal, the persons living in

  • Will have bad effect on children.

  • If Northeast corner is cut than the resident may be childless and poor.

  • If North is in height, and south is lower level, and east and west are equal, the person will loose entire property in a business, lastly the living house also.

  • If a plot is extended towards Northeast, the inmates will be very wealthy and enjoy in riches.

  • If four sides are equal i.e., East-West-North-South prosperity is there.

  • If southeast increased on East side, loss of money.

  • If southeast increased on South side, chronic diseases.

  • If Southwest increased on South side, characters less and fears of death.

  • If Southwest increased on West side prolonged diseases and fear of death.

  • If Northwest increased on west side fear, of government or political problems (enmity).

  • If Northwest increased on North side, loss of children or childrenlessness, and quarrels in the family.

  • North side or East side, specially North-East should not be closed with weight or construction like car shed, servant quarters or rental houses, as the owner will have lingering disease, loss of children and other serious troubles will definitely happen. If well is in South-East zone fire accident may take place.

Formula of Success

Here we are elaborating a unique and simple formula which would help you to understand and effectively apply the basic rules of Vastu Shastra. This formula is so devised that it brings under its fold every kind of industrial, commercial and residential premises.

  1. North and East = L L (Lesser and Lighter)

    Since both north and east directions are extremely important, every effort should be made to make their maximum use; as more open space in north or east gives name, fame and prosperity. Both these sides are kept lower and lighter ensuring that there is no obstruction or hurdle in the way of the north’s magnetic field and the sun rays coming form the east. This also means that the compound walls in the north and the east area would be lower and lighter. Also the land level in these areas would be lower.

  2. South and West = H H (Higher and Heavier)

    Since leaving more open space in South/West side in the house can affect the male members badly; whereas in industry it leads to financial loss and quarrel amongst partners/executives; we would always like to minimize open space on these directions; making these sides heavier and higher. The weight will give maximum resistance to the positive energy on these sides. Hence, we should have higher and thicker compound walls, higher land levels, heavier furniture and so on.

  3. North East = Lst Lst ( Lowest and Lightest)

    This is the highest positive side and needs to be maximized. That is exactly why this side is kept lowest and lightest. No obstruction or hurdle of even a small stature should be placed here.

  4. South-West = Hst Hst (Highest and Heaviest)

    This side itself is named after a Demon. This is something which we would like to keep under control and hence this is the highest and the heaviest area. This side would have the highest trees, the highest part of the compound wall, heaviest of machinery, furniture and so on.

  5. North-West : TT (Temporary and Transitory)

    This is a side which is always indicative of movement. You should place here everything that is transitory and temporary in nature. For instance, in a house this is an ideal place for the living room/drawing room or guestroom as in this direction the guest do not stay for long period. In an industry the finished goods and room for visiting officials of various Govt. Departments are to be kept there as the owner would not like either to stay for a long time.

  6. South-East: FF ( Fire and Flame)

    This side is called agneya which means fire. Hence everything related to fire and flame comes here. For instance in the house, kitchen is the place where you have fire and hence, is to be placed here. In an industry this is where the furnace, generator, transformer, boiler etc. should be located for best results.

  7. Brahma Sthan: OEE (Open, Even and Empty)

    The Brahma Sthan is the central area of any place. This space is to be kept open to the sky, the land level should be even i.e. there should not be any level difference here and this area should be empty. There should be no weight placed on the Brahma Sthan. In case of a totally constructed factory the Brahma Sthan can be painted white for demarcation so that any weight is not placed on it even by mistake. In case of a large factory, the Brahma Sthan, can be earmarked with beautiful grass and suitably protected by a fencing.