Vastu Consideration for Main Gate of the Building

Indian Astrology | 15-Dec-2015

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Main gate or the Main entrance of any house, industry, factory, office, institute, or shop has very important connection of your premises and outer space. The location of the main gate influences the life of residents. In fact the influence of main gate dominates the influence of the entire house. Therefore the main gate and the space around must be impressive and create a pleasing and aesthetic ambience. So that it gives positive energy to the premises.

Shops should create a welcoming feel at the entrance. The innovative and decorated display windows also create an impressive interest in the customers.

Offices should also have their main entrance as per vastu rules. The front of the building is like a face and the main door is like a mouth. Therefore an impressive look of the main door and a pleasing environment ensures good health and happiness for every one working, thus more progress and prosperity of the business.

The main gate of industry/ factory should also be located as per vastu rules so as to get the maximum production and dispatches without any hindrances. The owners and workers will also prosper and feel happy.

Auspicious position of main Gate

The plot/site or building is divided in 9x9 grid and made 81 parts. This is called Paramsayika Mandala as shown in the picture.

The auspicious location of main gate of the building is as follows:

East facing plot: E-3 or E-4.

E3 gives much prosperity, continuous flow of wealth and success in life.

E4 gives intimacy with the government and benefits from government works and wealth.

South facing plot: S11 or S12.

S11 gives excessive success and prosperity. Incumbents are capable to get work done by all means.

S12 gives wealth and more male children are born.

West facing plots: W20 or W21

W20 gives happiness and prosperity. It gives satisfied and comfortable life.

W21 gives wealth, health and peaceful life.

North facing plots: N27, N28 and N29

N27 gives excessive wealth and profits from innovations and continuous prosperity. More male children are born.

N28 wealth gains from all directions and many sources. One gains from ancestor’s property and progress in all fields.

N29 gives good health and happy and prosperous life.

  • The main gate should never be made in the centre of plot or building. It harms offspings. It can be placed in centre only in temples or religious buildings.
  • The gate should not be touching the side boundary wall. It should be away by at least 10 to 23 cm.
  • Main gate and entry area should always be kept clean and tidy.
  • There should not be any obstruction in front of the main gate such as electric pole, tree, well or pits, hand pump, etc.
  • The street road should not terminate in front of the Gate.
  • The gate should not make any noise while operating. It affects the unity of children and creates fear.
  • The gate should open inside. Gate opening outside brings troubles regularly.
  • The width of main gate should be more than other doors in the house but it should not be excessively wide too.
  • The height of gate should normally be double the width but not less than 200 cm.
  • Old gate removed from other place and old materials should not be used for making the main gate.
  • The gate must be kept in good condition by polishing and painting regularly.
  • Main gates placed in any other direction are not good and carry negative influences on the incumbents. These adverse effects may be on health, wealth, spouse, children, enmity, thefts, mental disturbances, jealousy, loss or harm by theft and misery from the government.

    In case the main gate is not placed in location mentioned above and difficulties are being felt it is not necessary to change the main gate at other location in every case. Some experienced Vastu Consultant should be consulted. The suggested remedies may improve the situation.