Vaastu : An Effective Method of Peace and Prosperity

Indian Astrology | 13-Jan-2016

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Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science and an important part of our heritage. It is a science, which outlines the methods of construction of houses and other structures in a proper way.

In ancient time, this science was used in construction of palaces, houses and other buildings. It was used not only in the big cities, but in rural areas also. The development, extension and prosperity of a city depends on its planning and designing. In the same manner, the houses, industries which are constructed in the city have a great effect on its resident's prosperity and progress.

As a result of increase in the population day by day, the availability of the land is decreasing and limited land is available for construction of houses and industries. Also the cost of land available is very high and an ordinary man can’t afford to buy it. So, he is not in a position to select the land as per Vaastu-Shastra’s rules. He constructs the house neglecting the Vaastu rules and suffers mentally and financially.

As per Vaastu Shastra, the plot which occupies the South-West Corner of 90° is the best and can be purchased. The Plot which is higher towards South-West and lower towards North-East is also good.

The water sources must be always in the North-East direction. The kitchen must be in South-East. The bedroom should be in the South-West and the study-room and worship room should be in North-East. The drawing-room and guest room should be in North-West direction.

In an Industry or factory the machinery should be in the South-West corner. The electrical equipments should be in South-East and the owner’s room and the safe room should be built in North. The visiting room should be built in North-West.