Tricks For Staying Motivated in Difficult Phases of Life

Future Point | 26-Jun-2019

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It is really tempting to see people who have achieved so much in life. And the first thing which comes in our mind is “I want to be that motivated in life.” So what is the motivation behind some people achieving big things in life?! How do they get to achieve big things in life all the while facing hardships and pitfalls?!

Motivation is an inner feeling which pushes us to achieve and accomplish things in life. It helps us improve ourselves at every moment and keeps us happy. It comprises of strong desire, ambition, and realization of what is to be done and the thing that is to be avoided. It is the voice of our conscience that speaks and helps us to complete the assigned task or reach the desired destination.

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It helps one person to reach his/her goals, ambitions and even helps figure out the correct path in a difficult time. Motivation is not some one-time thing that you get the result when you’re motivated. How often we start up a diet plan enthusiastically and just drop it within a week or two? How many times we have thought of learning a new skill, but just gave up because of the busy schedule or even just because we lost interest? Motivation is a continuous process and there needs to be an urge that it must be done. A simple wish or willingness is never enough to get one’s work done. A person thinks that he is motivated enough to start with something new and he will do that thing no matter what. But after some time because, of the monotonous routine and rigorous hard work, one gets so frustrated and he/she just gives up. This is where motivation comes to work. If they have that determination and inner urge (motivation), they would have not given up so easily. Instead, they would have looked out for the positive things and the outcomes of the hard work they are putting in.


One faces many challenges when he/she wants to complete a certain thing and in the path of staying continuously motivated in the long run. These are some things which hold you back from staying motivated:

1. Other people’s Negativity:

Everyone has an opinion, true, but certain people are always negative about things in their life. They tell you all the reasons why are you gonna fail or what is the incomplete thing in your strategy. They are just here to notice the loopholes and you need to avoid such negativity in your life.

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2. Your Personal Perception

The thoughts which one builds up in your mind are the thoughts which become their reality. If a person already sees themselves as a loser they won’t ever be able to achieve anything in life. The flip side, if one thinks of themselves as a winner there is nothing in the world which can stop them from winning. One needs to avoid thinking that you have these much difficulties instead perceive that he/she is capable of achieving everything in his/her life.

Motivation can be any of the facts, internal or external factors, which stimulate one to work harder and achieve his goals and provides him with the energy that is needed by them to achieve what they want in life. Understanding that it is very difficult to stay motivated, is a basic thing one should do. But on the good part, there are simple tips which can help you to energize yourself and your motivation.

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Tips For Keeping Yourself Motivated

Break down your Goals: Work with one thing at a time attitude, set small goals. Divide your goal into small parts and set up goals. Level of motivation depends on how one thinks of his ability of his small goals. Once a small thing is achieved they can pat themselves on the back and move on to the next goal.

Practice positive affirmations and self-talk: The most effective thing one can do is to talk with themselves and motivate themselves to do better. If one thinks of himself as a winner, he already is one. The best motivation you can get from anything is to trust your instincts and believe in yourself. “Each person thinks negatively! But one needs to overlook negative things in life and just focus on the positive ones.

Take care of Yourself: A healthy, well-hydrated body and well-rested body is necessary to keep one person motivated, helps them to tolerate stress, and move towards their goals. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly and consistently will help one’s body to fuel his/her mind.

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Enjoy Life: Every person is directed to take life seriously and work hard on their goals. But if one has to stay motivated, they need to get some play time for themselves. Schedule your work in a manner that at least once a week they rest and spend time with themselves. If one loves to play any sport, he/she should enroll themselves in a club where they get that sport and they visit that place regularly.

One always needs to find motivation in small things so that they don’t give up. There should be continuous motivation. One can have a day or two when they are not motivated. They can help their brain to relax and come back strong after some time. In case you feel under the weather and are having a hard time dealing with things, you can always reach out and Talk to our Astrologer. With powerful remedies suggested by expert Astrologers, you can live a life with complete determination and motivation.