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Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Effect of Mars’ Transit in 12 Rashis

On 25 July 2011, at 18:56 hrs, Mars shall transit in Gemini Rashi which is ruled by Mercury. Mars shall transit in enemy sign and stay there for 47 days. At the time of Mars transit, Moon will be in Taurus rashi and make association with Venus and Capricorn ascendant will be rising. Mars will aspect ascendant by its eight aspect.

Let us have a look on the planetary position which shall take place on 25 July at 18:56 hrs, which will be like this-

PlanetRashiLord of Rashi
Moon Taurus Venus
Mercury Leo Sun
Jupiter Aries Mars
Venus Cancer Moon
Saturn Virgo Mercury
Rahu Scorpio Mars
Ketu Taurus Venus

Effects of Mars Transit in 12 Rashis

In Vedic Astrology, each planet has its own individual traits and characteristics. That is why planetary changes cast different results for different rashis. Mars transit in Gemini shall be auspicious for some rashis while it may bring hurdles and tension for others. Let us have a look; what results will be faced by 12 rashis caused by Mars transit during this period-

  • Results of Mars transit for Aries Sign
  • Mars shall transit in third house from Aries. Third house signifies initiative, hard work. Aries Rashi is ruled by Mars. So Aries natives will be able to accomplish their work. They will be enthusiastic and creative during this period.

    Jupiter's transit in your Rashi, bestows good health for Aries. Aries natives might get full advantage of their health during this period as at this time no other planet cast its malefic effect on lagna. Natives who are in export business might get great success. You shall be able to perform planned travel. Cooperation from friends and siblings is also possible in this period.

    Suggestion for Aries Sign:

    Aries natives should put their 100 percent efforts to their work and profession. Self-discipline should be maintained which shall help them to avoid unnecessary arguments at work area.

  • Results of Mars transit for Taurus Sign
  • Mars shall transit in second house from Taurus sign; second house signifies family, wealth, speech etc. So Mars transit in this house may create conflicts and argumentation among the family members. Control your emotions and anger; otherwise you may spoil your relations.

    Mars transit in second house might give chances to accumulate wealth through initiative and hard work. This is the best time to start a new venture. Investment of money shall yield fruitful results. Your health shall enhance.

    Suggestion for Taurus Sign:

    Realize the importance of your family members. Give sufficient time and attention to the family, your concern and affection shall increase family happiness. Avoid investment in haste, take decision intelligently.

  • Results of Mars transit for Gemini
  • Mars transits in your Rashi on 25 July. For Gemini natives, this transit of Mars may cause low health, but you will be filled with stamina zest for life. Over enthusiasm and courage during this period may result in accident or injury. You might achieve desired results of your hard work and efforts. Avoid depending on others. Perseverance might yield fruitful results. Pending projects could be started during this year.

    Suggestion for Gemini Sign:

    Be cautious while travelling or driving on height/higher attitude.

  • Results of Mars Sign Change for Cancer Moon Sign
  • Mars transits in twelfth house of Cancer Rashi on 25 July. As Gemini falls in twelfth house of Cancer. This period favors you for sending your child for foreign education. Your expenses for children education shall enhance. Travel on account of business and profession may be auspicious. But the time is not favorable for love couples. Avoid rash decision.

    Travel with friends and staying long in journeys may be possible. Planetary transition shall favor you in domestic happiness also.

    Suggestion for Cancer Moon Sign :

    To maintain cordial relations with your mother you need patience. Postpone investment of money on property/land related issues.

  • Results of Mars in Gemini Sign for Leo Chandra Sign
  • Mars transit in Gemini rashi shall be auspicious for Leo rashi. You may put your efforts for promotion during this period. Your efforts shall yield fruitful results, luck favors you. But you might face hurdles in your career if you lack initiative. Gains through property are indicated.

    Mars transit in Gemini shall help you to get victory in court cases. But you are advised to control your anger and deal your children with patience and affection.

    Suggestion for Leo Sign :

    Take care of the health of your mother; regular medical checkups are to be done for her.

  • Results of Mars Transiting for Virgo
  • Virgos, Mars transit in Gemini shall be ordinary. Mars shall transit in your tenth house. At this time you will accomplish your pending work with the support of your friends. If you take training/diploma in any technical field during this period, you may be skilled in your profession.

    Your mental tension shall decrease but you might face lack of cooperation from colleagues. You shall be energetic and enthusiastic during this transit, which shall support you to solve your professional problems.

    Suggestion for Virgo Sign :

    This is not the favorable time to adventure or investing money in lottery or speculation.

  • Results of Mars in Gemini for Libra
  • Mars transit in Gemini shall bring business growth and gains for Libra natives. Foreign support or foreign assignments might increase your sources of income and expansion in business is possible. You may start new project with your initiative and high spirit in this period.

    You may have the chance to attend religious ceremonies. Short, distance travel with the family shall be accomplished successfully. You shall spend fruitful time with near and dear ones.

    Suggestion for Libra Moon Sign :

    Make your communication soft. Avoid harsh words.

  • Results of Mars in Gemini for Scorpio
  • Scorpions shall have mixed results of Mars transit in Gemini. Your health may get disturbed; your negligence to health might result in serious health problems. This is the time to be positive. Your positive attitude will help you to solve many problems.

    This is a favorable period from professional point of view and you may get the chance to bring changes in your work area. Your income may be affected for a short time. Your perseverance and patience may bring desired results and control over situations. You may take admission in research work/studies. Avoid inactiveness as it may result in unfinished/pending task.

    Suggestion for Scorpio Chandra Sign :

    Be cautious while travelling short distance places.

  • Results of Mars in Gemini for Sagittarius
  • Mars transit in Gemini, casts positive results in career point of view for Sagittarius. Those who are in partnership business, they will be able to gain profits. If you are facing any marital discord, you will be able to solve this issue. There will be peace and prosperity in marital life. This transit shall be beneficial for business person, if they utilize their organizing capabilities. This is the time when love couples can get married.

    Suggestion for Sagittarius :

    Curtail your domestic expenses. Over expenditure might decrease your accumulated wealth.

  • Results of Mars Transit for Capricorn
  • Mars shall transit in sixth house from your rashi. This transit shall favor you in regard of your health. You will be able to pay your debts during this period. Efforts to get new job shall be fructified. You may invite mental tension, if you go to court in property related issues. It will be better to postpone this kind of situation. Your temperament may be hot during this period.

    Suggestion for Capricorn:

    Be cautious in business transaction.

  • Results of Mars Transit for Aquarius
  • Change in job or profession will be easy in this period. You may start your formal activities in regard to your transfer. Mars transit in Gemini may convert your friendship relations into love relationships. Your relations with the friend will strengthen and these relationships may stay for longer time. You may get the chance to get a professional training. Over expectations from your seniors is not advised. You have to be careful in your relations with the subordinates as well otherwise these might get affected during this period.

    Suggestion for Aquarius :

    Changing business strategies in haste won't be positive in this period.

  • Results of Mars Transit for Pisces
  • You have to leave your tendency to depend on your luck for the results. As Mars transit in Gemini does not allow you to sit ideal. Your relations with family and relatives shall improve. Your initiative in professional matters shall help you to solve many problems. The time is auspicious for buying/selling new vehicles, land and property. You may start construction work, projects related to property. Cooperation and support of your mother is desirable in this period.

    Suggestion for pisces :

    Haste in professional matters is not advisable.