The Rooster

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1921, 1933, 1945, 1957,1969, 1981,1993, 2005,2017

The Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Its intrinsic element is metal. The compass direction of the rooster is between 247.5 degrees to 277.5 degrees. This falls in the direction of the west.

You will find that this sector of the house occupies an angle of 30 degrees. This sector is said to be the part of the house deemed most lucky for those residents who are born in any of the years of the rooster. The years of the rooster are listed in the table above. These years have not been adjusted to take account of the lunar New Year. Thus if you were born in any of the above years but during say, the month of January, chances are you do not belong to the rooster year but instead to the year prior to the rooster year which is the year of monkey. In the same way you could still be a rooster if you are born in the January of the following year. To check your date of birth against the lunar calendar please refer to the 100 year lunar calendar at the back of the book.

The Rooster

Originally, the rooster was a disruptive and aggressive animal. When the twelve signs were being chosen, he was not considered as a candidate. Disturbed, he spoke to his friend the horse, asking him how he had been chosen. The horse replied that it was simple he helped the people by ploughing the land, bearing goods and fighting in wartime. The rooster said that he would also like to be a sign. You will have to do something for humanity, then, replied the horse, 'All the orders do the ox ploughs, the pig provides meat, the dragon controls the rain. You have a wonderful voice, why not use that?

The rooster thought this over, and came to a decision. He began to use his voice to wake people in the morning so that they could get to work. Moved, the people asked the Jade Emperor to grant him a place in the competition. Although flying animals were not allowed to compete, the Emperor made an exception and placed a flower on the rooster's head to show he could take part. During the great race, the dog and the rooster were neck and neck until, as they were nearing the finish, the rooster resorted to flying to arrive before the dog to gain a place as the tenth sign. Since then, the dog has hated the rooster, which is why dogs chase roosters to this day.

Personality of the people born in Rooster year

You enjoy being in the spotlight, entertaining friends and meeting new people, and you can be charming company even in the most unexpected circumstances. It is rare to see you looking dowdy or untidy-in fact, you are usually one of the best dressed and groomed of all the animal signs. you take an active interest in clothes, colours, designs and accessories, and can be just as critical about your own appearance as you are about that of others. You like to keep the conversation flowing and are unlikely to initiate in depth discussion, but this light-hearted front hides a good intellect. Others may criticize you for being an exhibitionist and no doubt there are times when you would agree with this but there is also a compassionate, wise and brave side to your nature which comes to the fore when others need your help.

You have a strong independent spirit which makes it hard for you to accept advice. You are confident in your own judgments and choices, and prefer to follow your own routine. you can also be straightforward to the point of hurting others, and when something needs to be said you go ahead and say it . This directness stems from naivety, not from vindictiveness, since you believe that honesty is the best policy. There are times, however, when it might be better not to express your opinions in order to checkup the peace.

In many ways you are a good performer, presenting a carefree front, but your real nature is hidden from most people. Your erratic and sometimes even careless behavior belies a vulnerable streak, and so you tend to protect yourself with humour and lively conversation. Your close friends appreciate your sensitive and courageous side, but acquaintances are only likely to see it in times of crisis.


There are likely to be many romantic opportunities in your life since you enjoy courtship and are a charming companion. With your love of good clothes, surroundings, and company, you know how to create a romantic atmosphere to suit the moment. You take pride in your appearance, and if the situation demands, you know how to impress with intelligent conversation.

There is a danger that the thrill of romance comes from the conquest, and when a partner’s actions or responses become predictable, restlessness takes hold and you set off again in search of a new relationship. Your independent nature keeps you on the move, but you also have a jealous streak which you try to keep hidden. In the whirl of romance it is the female rather than the male rooster who usually keeps an eye on practicalities. In the long run you are a reliable partner, and your roaming will cease when you meet someone you do not want to lose. You are capable of deep commitment, and in the right relationship are a dedicated and responsible partner.


You think clearly and logically but do not like to be put under pressure or pushed to make a decision. If you are allowed to work at a steady pace you are more than capable of achieving a good career. As long as you have the time to think and the freedom to use your imagination, you produce sensible but creative ideas.

If your work is governed by other people there is a danger that you will feel trapped, which causes you to become over-critical. You are suited to self-employment and it could be here that your skills are fully recognized and your perseverance rewarded. After working hard to achieve financial security, do not be tempted to spend your earnings quickly or carelessly; this is one of your weak spots, but you can learn to handle your spending with the same steady approach you apply to work.

You are suited to a career in public relations, commercial sales, or politics. You would also be a good author, entertainer, beautician or member of the armed forces.

Rooster Associations


Metal :

In Chinese philosophy the five elements are types of energy that affect all life. It is their interaction that creates change from a global level to a personal level. The rooster is associated with the element of metal, which works in harmony with the element of water but is overwhelmed by the element of fire.



The rooster is linked to the colour white, which is traditionally associated with autumn and maturity. White is also linked with purity, cleanliness and freshness. Although white clothing is worn in China during times of loss, white can also denote good fortune, and white birds, particularly, are a sign of good luck.


Yin :

Yin and yang are the two great cosmic forces which influence and balance all life. Yin is cool, watery and still, a force which becomes stronger as summer wanes and the winter season begins. Although the rooster embodies both yin and yang qualities, it is associated with water, which has powerful yin qualities linked to peace and reflection.


West :

Each of the twelve animal signs is matched to a direction of the compass. The rooster is linked to westerly direction, which in turn is associated with early evening as the sun begins to set. This direction is also traditionally linked to the middle of autumn, as yin grows increasingly strong.

The Balancing energy for people born in the rooster year

Rooster year people are advised to observe the following :

In the years of the snake (2001):

The good luck period continues. Display or wear good fortune coins and keep fish for the luck of abundance.

In the years of the Horse (2002) :

A difficult year for roosters when plans go awry and love life gets seriously afflicted. Place the Laughing Buddha in the east to help dissolve problems caused by the 5 yellow, and have a pair of mandarin ducks in your bedroom. Do not sit facing South.

In the years of the Sheep (2003) :

Very good mentor luck this year although money fortunes are mediocre. Energize the north-west with a 6 rod wind chime and keep the Fuk Luk Sau three star Gods in the dining room.

In the years of the monkey (2004) :

Financial problems this year can be reduced with the presence of the dragon tortoises and Fu dogs. Place crystal balls in the south-west for harmony of family life, a wind chime in the center of your home to counter the 5 yellow, and do not sit facing west and south-west.

In the years of the Rooster (2005) :

A year when fortunes revive. Energize the west with wind chimes (7 rods) and the north with a 3 legged toad.

In the years of the Dog (2006) :

A good year which benefits from prosperity and wealth energizers. Place the God of wealth and create a wealth vase.

In the years of the Boar (2007) :

Energize the luck of the south-west by placing crystals and crystal balls there. Place chi lines in the house for protection against betrayal.

In the years of the Rat (2008) :

There will be money and health problems this year. Place tortoises in the north and display Sau th God of longevity in the living room.

In the Years of the OX (2009) :

A good year when finance will improve. Place prosperity and wealth symbols in the living room especially the wish-fulfilling cow.

In the years of the TIGER(2010) :

A great deal of money luck this year. Enhance this by displaying the God of wealth Tsai Shen yeh in the living room.