The Remedial Worship for Kaal Sarpa Yog at Trayambakeshwara

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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What is Kaalsarpa Yog?

When a number of planets concentrate at one particular position in a horoscope, it is termed as conjunction of planets (yog). In astrology, “yog” has paramount importance.

Before we study kaalsarpa, it is important to take into account Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node). Rahu is considered as a head of a serpent whereas Ketu is said to be its tail. Because of these two planets, Kaalsarpa Yog is formed. Lord Rahu, son of Singhika and Hiranya Kasyap submerged himself into the sea to imbibe the nector obtained from the Samudramanthan (Churning of Sea). When Rahu was about to drink the nector, Lord Surya and Chandra ( Sun and Moon) hinted to Lord Vishnu. Who disguised as Mohini slashed his head off. After this the north part is called Rahu while the south part is called Ketu. Hereafter they were included in the 9 planets.

Kaalsarpa Yog is formed when Rahu is tainted. When Rahu is in an auspicious position, it brings good fortune. It’s supremacy lies in charms and spells, black magic. If Rahu is tainted it could lead to memory loss, ill fame, demonic possession, danger to descendents, delay and failure in different work areas. To make the task easier and achievable Vedic Kaalsarpa Yog Shanti Vidhan is to be performed.


Ancient Astrologers Maharshi Parashar and Varahamihir have recognized Kaalsarpa Yog and have mentioned it in their epics. Similarly Maharishi Kalyan Varma, Vadrayan, Garg, Manithya have also mentioned Kaalsarpa Yog.

In Atharava Veda there is mention about the eclipse and nodes.

According to the vedic traditions, in Home Appeasement Ceremony (Graha Shanti Puja) before God Rahu lies God Kaala (God of Time) and after him lies God Serpent, without worship of these two, the rites are incomplete. If we come to think of kaala (time), then time is part of God’s administration. From the time of birth to the end, all the changes occurring in different phases are bound by time. The seasons, aayans, years, months, lunar days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc. are the tools used to calculate our age. This very kaala is the controller of the world. Time is a judge to impart good-bad, sin-good based on mind/spirit/virtue. Time is speed. Time is progress which does not stop for anyone. For good time ahead it is important to worship Kaala (God of Time).

When we consider serpents then it is observed that serpents and humans share a close relationship. After death, if an individual still holds his desires then he is caught in Sarpayoni (Serpent Origin). Due to his intense feelings he is reborn in the same family. Even after rebirth the Kaalsarpa Yog is carried forward in the horoscope.

Rahu has a strong hold on poor people. In such situations worshipping Naagdevta (Serpent God) gives relief. Serpent is a symbol of prosperity. In the world serpents govern lordship on the wealth and prosperity. Those who covet wealth and prosperity, their horoscopes are freed from Naagpash (Serpent curse). Only Supreme Beings can escape from Rahu-Ketu’s Nagpash as they can enslave Kaala (God of Time)

Kaalsarpa Puja (Worship)

Kaalsarpa Yog Shanti Pujan (Appeasement Worship) must be performed according to the conventions of the Vedic Shanti Heritage. The ritual is begun with a holy dip in the river Godavari signifying the purification of the mind and soul. This is followed by worshipping Lord Mahamrityunjay Triyambakeshwar. After this the main ceremony begins.

It is important to purify the body by taking atonement resolution. One gets the right to perform the rituals only after getting pardoned for the sins committed with one's knowledge or ignorance. For this the worshipper is asked to donate a cow, the earth, sesame, butter, gold and similar total ten donations.

The worshipper has to claim in the prime resolution that the elimination of the Kaalsarpa present in the horoscope namely Birth/Transit/Zodiac would be carried out as per the Vedic Traditions.

After the claim is made by the worshipper the main ceremony begins with worship of Lord Ganesh. By doing this all the obstacles and dangers are eliminated and the purpose is achieved soon.

After Ganesh pujan, Lord Varun pujan also termed as Kalash pujan is performed. In this ceremony Holy Water is bestowed with the respect of God and is worshipped like one worships God. All holy powers, Gods and Goddesses are invoked through this Kalash (Pot). The worshipper is blessed through Swastivachan with Punyam, Kalyanam, Ridhim, Swastim and Shreeha.

In the main ritual, the sixteen forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped as the second important rite. To embrace all the powers and vitality one has to worship Goddess Durga. We commemorate our ancestors by performing Nandi Shraadh to gain blessings of our forefathers.

In the principal ritual along with statue of Lord Shiva, Rahu, Kaal (God of Time), Sarpa (Golden Serpent), Nav Naag (Nine Serpents), Naagpash Yantra and tiny silver serpents are worshipped by proper bathing and rituals. Due to this all the Gods are pleased and delighted.

Nine planets give energy and are beneficial (Yogkarak ) for us. By worshipping Planets/Stars humans gain strength, intellect and knowledge. Along with this planets give us victory over enemies and success in life.

Lord Shiva is worshipped for forgiving us for all the sins and misconducts. We reap immediate results after worship of Lord Shiva and thereafter all the flaws are eradicated.

After that the Fire is worshiped to satiate all the Gods. The established powers are fed through fire. Fire is a messenger to God. When you worship a certain power then God disguises himself as fire and appears in person to accept the oblation paid by fire. When humans are in proximity with fire then all their sins are eradicated and environmental energy is conserved.

After above rituals a sacrifice is made to satiate left/reverse powers. An oblation (daan) of rice is paid to goblin, corpse, devil, fiend, a witch, and a female spirit, ghost and similar such powers.

In the concluding part of the ceremony the final sacrifice is made to get the complete fruits of worship and two tiny silver serpents are immersed in the holy water of Godavari due to which sarpadosh is eradicated.

Our Services :

Along with blessings, Naagpash Yantra made from pure silver is presented by us as a divine gift. This Naagpash Yantra can be placed at home or work place. This will help to eliminate the influence of Kaalsarpa Dosha in your environment and will give happiness and tranquility.

    We perform the following rites.
  • Kaalsarpa Puja
  • Narayan Naagbali Puja
  • Tripindi Puja
  • Mahamrityunjay Anusthan
  • An Auspicious Muhurt for Puja

Kaalsarpa Yog Shanti Rituals can be performed in a day. It is mandatory to reach the site of rites one day before the auspicious moment of the rites. It can be either at 9’o’Clock in the previous night of rites or 7’o’Clock on the day of auspicious moment for the rites.

Monetary gifts offered to the brahmin/pandit for performing the rites include the small items required during the rites and lodging and boarding charges for three people including food (prasad) on the day of ceremony. If the number of worshippers exceeds three, extra charges are to be paid for the lodging and food.

For the rites new clothes (Dhoti, gamcha, napkin or pyjama, kurta for males and for females sari or a dress in any color except for green and black) have to be purchased. It is essential to make reservations for the Kaalsarpa Yog worship. Reservations can be made through phone or email.

Narayan Naagbali :

The main aim of this rite is to satiate unsatisfied ancestors oppressed with vehement emotions. Because all desires cannot be fulfilled during one's lifetime, few strong desires stay even after death. At this stage even in the gaseous state, the soul keeps revolving on the earth. In reality soul is a fraction of Sun and naturally gets attracted towards Sun after death. The desires and wishes compel the soul to dangle into earthly environment. In this state the soul undergoes through a lot of pain. To get rid of its own pain soul creates domestic and practical problems for the progeny. To relieve the problem initial approach undertaken by humans is medical support. If the person doesn’t get satisfactory results he turns to astrological support. There are few positions in horoscope which convey unsatisfied ancesters tribulations.

Rites performed with faith to satiate ancestors is said to be the true offerings for the memory of the departed ancestors. If the offerings are made with appropriate items and at appropriate place at auspicious time by following proper rules, it definitely proves fruitful.

Narayan Naagbali is performed when the person does not have offsprings, life is distressed and poverty prevails. Also if a person has any untreatable disease, goblin, demonic possession, untimely death, intermittent accidents along with curse in rebirth, curse from father, mother, brother, corpse, wife etc. (Pitru shap, Pretashap, Matrushap, Bhatrushap, Patnishap, Matulshap), when he faces such problems, it is advised to perform narayan naagbali rites properly to get relief from the persisting problems.

Shaunak Rishi had taught about Naagbali rites.

When an individual collects wealth throughout his life and gets intensely attached to his wealth, that individual protects his wealth after death in the form of a serpent and does not allow any one else to take its advantage. If the serpent is killed in this or the previous birth then his curse is passed on. For example diseases like gout, bile, phlegm, fever, pain, etc cause trouble. To cure all such diseases and have a child birth, one must perform Naagbali rites. It is mandatory to perform these rites in an opulent place like Triyambakeshwar.

Narayan Naagbali Niyamaha rites can be performed in three days.

It is mandatory to reach the site of rites one day before the auspicious moment of the said rites. It can be either at 9’o’Clock in the previous night or 7’o’Clock on the morning of auspicious moment for the rites.

Monetary gifts offered to the brahmin for performing the rites include the small items required during the rites and lodging and boarding charges for three people with food on the day of ceremony. If the number of people exceeds three, extra charges are to be paid for the lodging and food.

For the rites new white coloured clothes (Dhoti, gamcha, napkin or pyjama, kurta and for women sari or a dress) in any color except for green and black should be purchased. For the rites the serpent idol of 125 gm gold is bought. Rest of the processing is taken care by the priest. Your name and telephone number should be registered before coming for the rites. It is inevitable to make reservations to avail all the facilities. Reservations can be made through phone or mail.

Tripindi Shraadh :

Tripindi Shraadh is an offering in the memory of the dear departed. If for three consecutive years the offerings are not made to the dear departed, the dead get vehement, therefore to pacify them these offerings are made. One month of human activities are equal to one day for the dead. The day of new moon is the lunar day for the dead. On this day Darsha shraadha is performed. Unsatisfied dead harass in the form of a demon. When the rites meant for the forefathers are cancelled, offerings made in the memory of the dear departed are denied and spiritual procedures are not performed as per the traditions, then problems may arise from goblin, corpse, demi-gods etc. Such tribulations may occur intermittently and may span a period of one day, three days or fifteen days. It may also lead to delay in marriage prospects, failure in business, receding prosperity day after day. Tripindi Shraadh must be performed to resolve such calamities. Its importance is mentioned in “Shraaddha Chintamani”.

कार्तिके श्रावणे मासे मार्गशीर्षे तथैव च माघ फाल्गुन वैशाखे शुक्ले कृष्णे तथैव च। चतुर्दश्यां विशेष्णषण्मासाः कालउच्यते। अन्यच्च कार्तिकादि चतुर्मासेषु कारयेत्॥ तथापि दोषबाहुल्येऽस्ति न कालापेक्षा॥

This rite can be performed on the important months like 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th of the Hindu calendar and on 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 30th tithis in the bright fortnight or the dark half of the lunar month. The proper day is Sunday. However if a fierce agony is experienced then tripindi shraadh must be performed immediately. This measure is mentioned in Godayatra Viveka-Darsha.

अवर्णनियो महिमा त्रिपिंडी श्राद्धंदककर्मणः। अतः सर्वेषु कालेषु =यंबकेषु विशिष्यते॥

As per the above Tripindi Rites can be performed anytime in Triyambakeshwar. Dead in the form of demon Ravi, when it is positioned between Kanya (Virgo) and Tula (Libra), attack on earth. This is the most important and appropriate time for offerings to the departed. By performing this Kaam Shraadha (Offerings) one is liberated from the demons. Do not perform this Kaam Shraadha during the festivity of Navratra. Also do not perform Tripindi Shraadh and Tirtha Shraadha on the same day. Perform it on different days but if you are short of time then first perform the Tripindi Shraadh and then perform the Tirtha Shraadh.

प्रेताय सद्गति दत्वा पार्वणादि समाचरेत्। पिशाच्यमोचनेतीर्थे कुशावर्ते विशेषतः॥

This religious act should be performed at a holy place meant for demon liberation or sacrifice. Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh are the main Gods in these rites. Tripindi Shradh is performed as per the tradition and convention. Before the rites, it is necessary to undertake holy dip in Ganga for body purification. Tripindi rites are performed accompanied by the wife wearing new clothes. These rites can be performed even by a single person or a widower. Mahamrityunjay Anushthan (Rites) Mahamrityunjay means Triyambakeshwar

ओम त्र्यंबकम् यजामहे सुगंधीम् पुष्टीवर्धनम्। उर्वावरुकमिवबंधनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीयमामृतात्॥

The verse starts with Triyambak form of Lord Shiva. Triyambak means the three eyes, meaning Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh The straight meaning of Triyambak is Lord Triyambakeshwar. To achieve stability in life worshiping and meditation of Lord Triyambakeshwar is recommended, but for this one needs a healthy body. A person possessing a tranquil and pure mind can have a strong body. Otherwise harmful ingredients get accumulated in body resulting in adverse effects on it. If we remove these harmful ingredients from our body, the body will produce nontoxic ingredients. But for this it is important to have a complete control over organs. To get rid of all diseases and to keep it neutral. Lord Shiva burnt the cupid, due to which even after consuming poison there was no effect on him. If we view Triyambakeshwar Mahamrityunjay Jyotirlinga from spiritual point then among the six wheels the poison was kept in the fifth wheel to make it harmless. Just as life tree separates itself, through meditation it can be made eternal. Mahamrityunjay Mantra has the power to make it eternal.

मृत्युंजय जपंनित्ययम् करोति दिनेदिने। तस्य रोगाः प्रणश्यंति दीर्घायुश्च प्रजापते॥

One who recites Mahamrityunjay mantra daily will become immortal and all his diseases will be eradicated. Markanda Rishi mentioned in his mythological tale the nobility of the Mahamrityunjay Mantra and mentioned the story of Sanat Rishi who blessed the child a long life. But after that he learnt that the life of child is only ten years.

Kaala (God of Time) has his own speed. One is empowered with all the powers after reciting Mahamrityunjay Jap and oblation by fire to the deity. Mahamrityunjay Jap must be recited for at least one lakh twenty five thousand times. One can get the mercy and affection of God Triyambakeshwar after Dashamsha Havan, Marjan, Tarpan and after offering a meal. And thus the worshipper can be saved from the untimely death.

To escape from the dreadful motion of Kaala (God of Time) Mahamrityunjay Mantra must be recited in the following mentioned circumstances. For a life threatening disease, fear of untimely death, fear of death, due to legal action, health problem, strife in family, loss in wealth and similar difficult situations. It must be performed as per the tradition and conventions and at the appropriate time. If the rites are performed with faith through the brahmins, then one achieves its appropriate fruit and in the end one is freed from all the bonds of life and is immersed in Shivlok (Heaven).