The Mantra of Vastu

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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When a five feet long iron angle weighing 6kg pierced through the chest of 23 year old Supratim Dutta of Delhi, no one would have thought of his survival. He however, survived, which was seen as a miracle. it was indeed a miracle. But how many people like Supratim could survive after getting so severely injured? Even very minor injuries/accidents sometimes result in death of a person. Supratim's luck was undoubtedly backing like a powerful force that made his usrvival possible. What all this mean is that luck reigns supreme when it comes to struggle between life and death.

Even doctors say at this stage, pray to god, now only the almighty might be the saviour. However, life and death is a big issue. Let us discuss lesser difficulties faced by the people in their day to day life. Imagine, any possible disease or other problem is detected in advance. Yes, it may be possible. And, astrology plays an important role for this. Vaastu Shashtra, a very important branch of astrology, if followed properly might make us smile in various ways. By following the guidelines of Vaastu Shashtra in construction of a house or selection of land plot for the construction work one can acquire health, wealth, prosperity, mental peace and rapid growth for the family members. On the other hand, an error in construction or selection of the land plot might cause damage to the occupants in terms of health, wealth, prosperity, mental peace and the growth rate. Different directions have certain favours and disfavours for the occupants of a house.

An error in construction towards east and the south-west direction of the house results in deficiency in age of the occupant. Besides, it might also cause oral, teeth, kidney, limbs, external sexual parts, paralysis and heart related diseases. Apart from this, an error in construction of a house or existence of a well or crack towards west enhances the possibility of sexual disease. Similarly, an error in northern part creates health problem related to heart and other organs around the chest. Southern part error of a construction indicates diseases related to left part of the chest, lungs and chest. Error in east direction of a house indicates problems related to eyes and paralysis. An error in Ishan kona of house may cause chronic problem related to eyes, while Agneya badly affects the knees and the left eye. Vayavya error adversely affects knee and elbow and Nairitya the ankles of both legs. Vaastu Shashtra is a practical science and by following the guidelines of this ancient art in construction of a house or selection of land plot one can not only keep away the diseases but also can detect any possibility of it in advance. There are several such instances in the day to day life in which occupant of a house has been benefited in terms of good health, wealth, prosperity and mental peace.